Arming the Rebels, Hangin with Alex Vetter, and Clubhouse Heating Up

February 11, 2022
When you get the chance to chat with Alex Vetter, you do…no matter what! On reports of the CARS purchase of Accu-trade, we knew we had to get Alex’s perspective, and he did not disappoint. The Super Bowl is coming, and whether it be cheering for the Bengals or the commercials, we are ready!
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Yesterday’s Clubhouse room on Female Rivalry got deep

Today is All Things Used Cars is going to be All Things NEW Cars w/ David Long

Super bowl car commercial preview

  • Big year for Automotive: Toyota, polestar, BMW, Carvana, Kia, Nissan, Vroom, 30 sec Vroom Behind the Scenes, Wallbox

Interview w Alex Vetter from the Chicago Car Show

Tesla didn’t catch BMW…yet

  • “Experian said in a report this week that BMW had 347,453 new vehicles registered in the U.S. in 2021, while Tesla had 342,412 — a difference of just 5,041 vehicles.”