ASOTU CON Sessions Episode 10: Anthony Jingoli and Brendan Jackson

October 14, 2022
Anthony Jingoli and Brendan Jackson sit down with Kyle Mountsier to chat at ASOTU CON 2022.
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Anthony Jingoli is Regional Director of Automotive at Effectv.
Brendan Jackson is Sr. Director of Automotive Strategy & Partnerships at Effectv.

Thanks to
Effectv for making ASOTU CON Sessions possible

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Paul Daly: 0:03You're listening to the ASOTU CON Sessions by Effectv recorded live in Philly.Kyle Mountsier: 0:13

All right, this is Kyle Mountsier, with actually my first ASOTU CON Session. So you guys, you guys get to hang out with me. I've got Anthony. And Brendan, from Effectv a Comcast company guys. Thanks for joining me today.

Brendan Jackson: 0:27

And thanks for having us. Appreciate it. Awesome.

Kyle Mountsier: 0:29

Hey, so here's here's my first question is because I always have this question, and it's been a burning desire of mine is Effectv. It Do either of you know, the root of why that that because I know that there's the TV in there. But is there a route as to why that's kind of been the brand move for the media side of Comcast at this point?

Anthony Jingoli: 0:52

Yeah, I think where it stems from obviously, you mentioned that TV piece, but it's also about TV, that works video that works. And it wasn't enough to just provide a video for a dealer or a customer that, you know, directed their brand message and had to be what was the effect that that video had on the consumer, it reached that consumer taking action afterwards. So it wasn't, we had to become really transparent around not just delivering video, but making sure it had an impact.

Kyle Mountsier: 1:21

That's awesome. So you are an Effectv media company, which is great. That's really even

Brendan Jackson: 1:25

within the logo itself, too. It's a half frame. And the reason for that being, we see ourselves as true partners with clients. So we bring kind of half the frame that our clients bring the other half to,

Kyle Mountsier: 1:36

I love the thoughtfulness and I love that, like I you know, I know that you all have some, you know, a role where you manage people and are supposed to know that, but that that kind of is disseminated into the organization is really cool. So I'd like to hear a little bit Brendan a little bit from you, like, within, especially the of the automotive ecosystem right now, where do you see media playing maybe a new role in the way that that we're communicating with customers? And even with within the automotive industry? You know, where are you seeing media Take, take a larger role and impact even in the in some of the moves away from some of like, linear TV and things like that? What's What's the new role that media is playing?

Brendan Jackson: 2:18

Yeah, I think it's still at the root is still telling a story, right? But but the way that we do that the strategic nature, the various tactics, audiences that we can target, and then the measurement on the backside, really comes full circle and has evolved TV into a multi screen solution, that we have true insights and actionable insights that we can continue to evolve and enhance our solutions and, and strategies with. So I think from from our perspective, you know, you look at how much the auto and media industries have evolved over the past five years, two years, even right, well, even with COVID out of that. And, you know, you can continue to innovate, if you don't, then you get left in the dark. Well, one of the ways you do that is by developing new solutions, but it's also through partnerships, right. And we see partnerships as a way to accelerate innovation, whether it be with other industry vendors, those that have complementary solutions to us and add incremental value to what we bring, but also on the client side, those clients that are willing to, to engage with us walk alongside us, and test new solutions and strategies and provide honest feedback that helps us guide that innovation agenda and take us to into the future.

Kyle Mountsier: 3:38

You know, one of the one of the things that we've been talking about a lot in the soda world, and even in our conversations with the team at effect is just that innovation right now is less segmented than ever, right? Where we're typically what you looked at is like an innovator or someone knew putting out a product was like, they were living in a silo and they were doing it all alone. And they weren't, they were kind of like we did a thing. Everyone want to use it or every way, you know, like use our thing. And what we're seeing in our industry in a lot of industries, actually, you know, I think Nike was the first one to do it like Nike buy X, right, whatever that thing was. And I think we're seeing that take it take place in a lot of different ecosystems. So, you know, for a media partner like yourselves that has so much access to data, especially because of the the number of users that touch your your ecosystem every single day. What are you doing to innovate and move faster for dealers and your media partners that allow some of that data to cross and cross pollinate the ecosystems that are that are around you?

Anthony Jingoli: 4:39

Yeah, I think it starts with unlocking it. And that was the first piece is how do we get this data back to our clients so they can use it in an effective way back to your original, I got him. But that's what it was. Let's take this data and let's use it in a very privacy compliant way. And let's get these insights to advertisers so they can make some mortar decisions and be more efficient. One of the things we we dealt with through COVID and other things was driving efficiency. And now we can get more direct audiences both on linear and OTT and merge those together and deliver that in an effective manner. And we feel we can do that at a pretty wide scale that a lot of our competition doesn't. So it's a matter of unlocking that data. And we're just starting with that, and then bringing that to market so that dealers can be far more efficient with it.

Kyle Mountsier: 5:26

You know, I think that, you know, I see Effectv in any media partner as a data driven industry, but a lot of people when they think about TV or video, they struggle to see the data side of it. And, and so explain a little bit, you know, you said we have all this rich data, maybe explain a little bit, Ron, what is that data? Where are you finding that? And how deep does it go into understanding the types of audiences or the type of communication that we can have on on a closer to one to one basis with a with a given customer?

Brendan Jackson: 5:57

Yeah, so we have, you know, our own Comcast viewership data, which is a very large set within the set top boxes that we capture. And that really allows us to take other audiences, whether it be in market, from audiences from poker experience, or a or a dealer's own first party data, match them up against our Comcast households, the viewership data, aggregate viewership data to then understand how those audiences are consuming content. And then from there, you know, what networks they watching? What time of day, are they watching it, what devices they watching it on. And that all helps to inform the strategies that then our, you know, our reps go out and speak with dealers about or ownership groups about to help craft that strategy for the dealer, what

Kyle Mountsier: 6:41

amount of because you said the dealers can bring their first party data, which is the data that's housed in their ecosystem, their DMS or CRM, that they can bring that to you? What, what percentage? Or if you can speak to this, what percentage of those are getting matched to households or to or individuals within the Comcast ecosystem at this point?

Brendan Jackson: 7:00

Yeah. So it's a good question. And this is still we're still early on in this in this phase of actually taking a dealer's first party data, their audiences, matching it up against our Comcast households, and then being able to, to gather those insights. But through that, we do it in a very privacy compliant way, as Anthony mentioned, through an identity operating system. But it's, it's, you know, it depends on how clean the data is within the dealership CRM, right. So if it's a, you know, already refined and cleaned down to a Comcast footprint, then it's a much higher rate than if they're just saying, Okay, you're, you know, he's everyone, everyone's data, yeah, and sends it over to us. Gotcha.

Anthony Jingoli: 7:45

The other benefit of it is, and I'm kind of channeling Dan more from earlier, we're not just looking at the customers that that dealer already has, we can look at the attributes of the people that tend to buy from that dealer, and then make some assumptions about what, what tendencies they have. And now we can understand, okay, the people that buy from you tend to do these things. Now, let's go build that look like and let's go talk to them to so now your campaigns getting much more strategic, because you're focused on the people you already have. And now maybe the people you don't? And how do I get those and bring those people in? And then get down to that people and process part where you can start? So

Kyle Mountsier: 8:20

would you like in that set? You know, a lot of people know about Facebook and audiences? Is that kind of like your version of look alike? Audience? Yeah. Yeah, that's awesome. So, you know, I think, you know, one of the things at here at ASOTU CON and doing ASOTU CON Sessions by Effectv actually, and one, thank you for partnering with us, because it's by what you guys have done and what your company has done to support and say, hey, look, we're gonna partner up. So I just want to mention that, and thank you for that. It's a big deal. But when, when you when you think about the industry as a whole, and, and kind of the trends that we're going through them, especially some of the macro trends, I always try and tie like, macro trends to micro moments. And so when, when Effectv is thinking about some of these macro trends that are challenging dealers, how is, you know, I mean, even things like the FTC and direct to consumer and, you know, market shifts because of new entrants into their spaces. How is Effectv being a partner to the dealer in a way that allows them to meet the customer or meet these demands head on and utilize the platform and the system to make sure that we're that we're, that we're delivering around these macro trends?

Brendan Jackson: 9:37

Yeah, so you mentioned it, right. The the industry is so fragmented. One of the things that we feel like we've done a good job of stitching it all together in a meet in a meaningful way. And by doing so, understanding what a dealerships goals are, what their strategy is, trying to get them to think a little bit more of a consultative standpoint, outside of just price payment and really about the lifetime value of that customer. And then with that, working with them on creative and making sure that we're deploying a really strategic strategy that, that enables us to meet their customers or potential customers where they are, regardless of what platform or device or when they're watching. Nice, awesome.

Anthony Jingoli: 10:18

I think the other piece too, is a lot of times the commercials the first introduction to a deal or for consumer rights, the first impression, so we're allowing them to tell their story. And I think it's more important than ever, that they tell a really good story. Because of all these other factors weighing against them. They do so much in the community, they do so much further people, they provide so much resource that to the areas around them, that we can help begin to tell that story far beyond price point, that they also support the YMCA, or that they give back in so many other ways. So I think it's allowing them to go tell a story and to think differently about how they communicate their brand to the community.

Kyle Mountsier: 10:55

That's awesome. So Anthony, this is the the non Effectv portion of this. You're you're from Philly, right. All right. Are you from Philly? I'm not. Where are you from?

Anthony Jingoli: 11:04

I'm from originally from Vermont. I live in Connecticut. Now.

Kyle Mountsier: 11:07

There's nothing special about Connecticut. From what I understand. I have zero questions I've wished to ask you about the culture or relationship with Connecticut. Fairly, maybe I'll ask but all right. So talk to me. I got to know the best Philly cheesesteak Okay, in Philly, where am I? Where Where do people need to go if they're in Philly? Dallas Sandra's della Sandra, where's dellosa? Is it a single or is a franchise it? Or what is it single?

Anthony Jingoli: 11:33

It seems? I guess technically it's Roxboro would be the town but it's it's in Philly. It's on the outskirts of Philly. But for me it is the best

Kyle Mountsier: 11:41

why? Why is it because the bread isn't because of the steak is because of the way they do the cheese what is so it's

Anthony Jingoli: 11:47

everything because it has to be the complete package in Philly to even be in the conversation. So it's the bread but it's a chopped steak and I'm a chopped steak.

Kyle Mountsier: 11:54

I once I once saw someone eating a Philly cheesesteak, and they were eating the cheese steak, the steak out of the bread. And I was like autofilling people would be shaking the hands at. You got to eat the bread though. Yeah. All right. That's part of it. All right. So is that so am I like, outside of the UConn Huskies? What does Connecticut offer the United States from a culture perspective?

Brendan Jackson: 12:21

Ah, I've only been there a couple years but I'd say that the lake that we live near is paradise. I mean it's a it's a very beautiful lake it's great to get out on family friendly. The rest of what is there for the rest of the world but not a lot. Not I'll be I'll be very there

Kyle Mountsier: 12:39

and go to the lake I'll be honest so I another just personal question. What's like when you're because you all both work with you. There's a lot and you and you you're in especially Anthony. What's What's your encouragement right now outside of Get Get your head out of you know, the the game of like, where you're where you're selling? And what's your encouragement to them right now as you're interacting with them as you're hearing friends and family members buy cars and the conversations? What's your encouragement to dealers right

Anthony Jingoli: 13:05

now? I think it's their resiliency. And it's been said a lot, but they fought through all these things. And there's more coming at them. But they're constantly looking for ways to evolve. And they want to get to this place where they can deliver a car very seamlessly and having an instant sale, so to speak. So I think they've all this desire to get there. And then it's up to us around them to give them more tools to do that. But that's when I see that's what I'm hearing today. I'm so inspired by everybody talking about how they're they're so eager to get there and all the ways they want to get there. It's not just process, it's people. It's all it's all these things. So I think that's what gives me some hope. And I and the more dealers that show up to things like this and convey that message and next dealer is gonna go, I need to lean in a little more, I need to do things a little bit differently. And that will be contagious.

Kyle Mountsier: 13:53

Awesome. What's your encouragement to the in the broader industry, the dealership,

Brendan Jackson: 13:57

to the dealers, but also the vendors? I think we too and we need to think differently. We need to figure out how we can work together to accelerate innovation. And I think it's it's about removing those barriers that we've heard of silos a lot right over the past 24 hours, and how do we remove those so that we can truly put our assets together in the benefit of the dealer to help them accelerate their businesses.

Kyle Mountsier: 14:20

I love it. I love it. Well, Anthony Brendan, thank you so much for spending a few minutes here at the ASOTU CON Sessions by Effectv on behalf of myself, Kyle and all of our other moderators. It's just been a pleasure to hang out with you today.

Anthony Jingoli: 14:32

Same view car Thank you.

Paul Daly: 14:33

Thanks for having me. Thank you for listening to this ASOTU CON Session by Effectv if you want more content like this you can check out our other podcasts we have a daily show called The Automotive Troublemaker Monday through Friday. Here on podcasts also live streamed on YouTube, and LinkedIn and Facebook. We also have a long form podcast called Auto Collabs, Auto Collabs and if you just want to go little different in this community. You should sign up for our regular email we put our heart and soul into it. You can get it for free by going to We'll see you next time.

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