BMW Changing Roadside Service, Ford Trolls Musk & Mastering Multitasking

May 6, 2022
Only one weekend away from Digital Dealer and our ASOTU Family Reunion:Remix event! We are resting up to be ready to see all of our friends again. Today we take a journey around humanizing your approach in business. 
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Facetime-like roadside assistance for BMW drivers is a reality

  1. Leverages Blitzz platform to allow BMW drivers to have a live agent talk and sometimes literally walk them through troubleshooting issues with their vehicle
  2. One user called about a low coolant light and the rep walked (virtually) through the parts store aisle to choose the right coolant 
  3. Another helped troubleshoot plugging into a charging port
  4. Averaging 150-200 calls per month
  5. Blitzz  services companies like FedEx, Safelite, Sealy and more
  6. Take away: The human element of empathy is much better expressed visually. Know went to be quick with communication via text, email and when it’s better for the consumer to see another human

Ford Trolls Elon Musk in new commercial celebrating its workforce 

  1. “Right now, it could seem that the only people who matter are the loudest. Those who want to tear things down, and then fly away on their own personal spaceships when things get harder.”
  2. Agency Wieden+Kennedy created the new spot 
  3. Take away: Every dealer has a differentiator. Talking about it in the most relevant context possible is the way to stand out. 

Overcoming Multitasking’s impact on your already busy brain

  1. “Media multitasking is making us less productive, not more, according to neuroscientists and others who are studying this.”
  2. “Nonstop toggling between devices and apps slows our ability to process and retain information, decreases our ability to filter out extraneous information, shortens our attention span and causes us to make mistakes, neuroscientists say.” 
  3. Carl Marci, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston who has researched media multitasking extensively, says 2002  study showed American adults spent 40 hrs a week consuming media, in 2022 the number has doubled to 80
  4. Children suffer learning decrease when media is on in the background or when they are texting or checking social media during study
  5. Prefrontal cortex handles the ‘switching’ and is overly active in multitaskers. This translates to lower levels of sentence comprehension, accuracy, and judgment. 
  6. Not fully developed until age 25. 
  7. Suggestions to mitigate: Block out focus time, Set expectations for ‘offline’, leave your phone in another room (even in leisure activity like watching a move), teach good habits early


Kyle Mountsier,Paul Daly, YouTube Video


Paul Daly 00:26

Yo, it'sFriday, Friday, Friday, May 6. Boy, it's almost feels up time. But today we'regonna talk about a little bit of face time customer service, and Ford, taking ashot and little trolling at Elon Musk. If you really want to know whateverybody's got to stay with, nobody can do a good natured troll. Every once ina while,


Kyle Mountsier 00:49

you gotyou got to troll every once in a while. And it's the best kind of marketing inmy opinion. It's like, it's taking just a piece of what Wendy's does andexecuting it right.


Paul Daly 00:57

I'd likejust a wee bit a piece.


Kyle Mountsier 00:59

Noteverybody can be Wendy's, but when you can pull just a little bit of whatWendy's does down. Taco Bell.


Paul Daly 01:04

Yes,they're good stuff. So look, we're only a couple of days at this point from didthe remix event. Digital dealer. We're about to be wheels up and going to beboots on the ground on Monday. And look tickets. We surpassed last year'sticket total yesterday. So yesterday, it was like we have tickets left. Becausefortunately, we planned ahead.


Kyle Mountsier 01:26

We gotmore space and more food, more space, good.


Paul Daly 01:30

more food,more drinks, more giveaways, more guests. More fun. So Monday, May 9, if youhaven't gotten your tickets, look, we already surpassed last year's numberyesterday. It's ramping up pretty quickly. And I think we probably will sellout even though we doubled capacity.


Kyle Mountsier 01:47



Paul Daly 01:48

Whydon't you know what's gonna happen? Come on, you know, we're gonna startgetting those text messages when it sells out. It's gonna be like, hey, hey,man, I really meant to do it. I meant to do it, but I didn't do it. So look, ifyou are going to be there, make sure that you register your ticket today. Ifyou have a dealer dealer personnel, let them know that they get in free thanksto our friends at auto phi. Go to a banner at the top, click on it.Register your tickets. We'll see you there. Also coming up in just a little bitif you're watching the live stream on Friday morning is the all things use carroom run by David Long. And so many so many so many smart, smart people. It isliterally here.


Kyle Mountsier 02:31

Ifyou're there on time, or you're not there on time, you should be downloadingthe clubhouse app. And listening back to that, at least every week. It's sogood. And there should be 1000s of automotive personnel listening to that everysingle week. It just should happen.


Paul Daly 02:47

Withouta doubt I don't I can't think of one area where you get more meaningfulinteraction with real time practitioners in one place at one time anywhere inautomotive literally nowhere. So David's be


Kyle Mountsier 02:59

Zack andBrian Ben stalker COMM And so you know, it's gonna get fired? Yes,


Paul Daly 03:02

todayit's preparing for the hurricane warning. So there's a lot of indicators sayingthings are about to get real sporty, we're going to talk about him in the room,and you're gonna have some real experts leaving you through. So don't miss thatroom. We're gonna talk about a little news. No, break it. Well, a littlebreaking news kind of ish. But um, we're gonna just kind of give a littleoverview. And today some of the stuff we're seeing I came across a FaceTimelike roadside assistance that BMW drivers can have so smart. It is prettyawesome. Like, you know what it's like when you have car trouble. It is one ofthe most unnerving situations. Now a lot of us on this podcast in thiscommunity, right? We know a little bit more about cars, because we spend timearound them. We spend time fixing them spend time in service, dealing withcomplaints. But look, most consumers are like, I don't know, I put gas in it.


Kyle Mountsier 03:48

Right,exactly. I mean, I was that way for most of my life for sure.


Paul Daly 03:52

And sothe service, they partnered with a software company blitz BL it ZZ who isn'tjust an automotive they also work with companies like FedEx and Safelite Sealythe mattress company like to help customer service happen, basically, theypartner with BMW, so you have a little issue, and you can call the number, thenthey text you a link, tap on the link and all of a sudden you're on a FaceTimecall, you can see a person that's there with you then right somebody that knowswhat they're doing, you know what that feels like? It's like, you know, when


Kyle Mountsier 04:22

likeunionizing the experience, I'm telling you what, like, that's what people need.They don't need like texts, works great email works great, you know, for makingthe phone call works, right? But what works really, really good is engagingpeople with facial expressions and learning from having that engagement. That'swhy you know, that's why so many people enjoy a zoom call over just a phonecall, right because it's a it's a way to have a deeper meeting with someone andthis is just like that real time anxiety ridden space that you get to enterinto and have like, accompanies entering into that anxiety ridden space andhopefully quality In that anxiety


Paul Daly 05:01

so inthe article we reference in the show notes they mentioned one scenario where aBMW drivers coolant low coolant I came on, right so they pulled over like, ohmy gosh, what I do? person shows up right on the screen. Okay, Mister Misswhoever great oh, what's gonna show me the light, right? Show him the light.And now you feel like when that happened you feel like alright, somebody's gotthis and it isn't me. It's somebody else. literally walked the guy through theaisle at the parts store. He was FaceTiming him? Should I get this one? No,he's like, No, you want to get that coolant way. Right. But that showed him howto put it in the vehicle, right? No, this way that way. And like another onethey mentioned, like someone didn't know how to charge like plug in the port.And so literally the person sends them is like showing them on their screen,like drawing a little circle around like, Hey, you want to put plug it in rightthere? And I'm just like, boy, I can't believe it's been this long for this tocome.


Kyle Mountsier 05:52

Yeah, Imean, this is something that I feel like dealers can execute on pretty quickly,like have


Paul Daly 05:57

freeservice. Yes.


Kyle Mountsier 06:00

Don'tYes. Right. I mean, minimum minimum viable product here is email is sendingeveryone a video of what's happening in service. Right,


Paul Daly 06:10

right.What if?


Kyle Mountsier 06:11

What ifthe technician actually interacted with that person? Holy cow.


Paul Daly 06:15

Yep. Imean, I've heard some things that come in, like using like, you know, the RayBan, the Facebook Ray Bans and special glasses where now the technicians underthe car. So that's coming, you know, a real takeaway behind that is like, thehuman element of empathy, right is much better expressed visually than viawords, right? We, I can't imagine how many fights actually happened becausesomeone misinterpreted a text. Right? What do you mean by that?


Kyle Mountsier 06:38

Younever What do you mean by that again, and that's exactly nothing with you.


Paul Daly 06:41

So Iguess the point is really knowing when is the best time to use whatever methodof communication like sometimes when you're talking about numbers, a lot oftimes people don't want to be face to face right can be uncomfortable, it's alot easier to text. Would you take X amount of money, you know, like, is thisprice, good? That kind of thing. People probably prefer texts, when they're insome level of like duress, or there's some questions to know that there's anempathetic human on the other side, read the body language. I think it's betterfor


Kyle Mountsier 07:07

everybody.So good. So speak,


Paul Daly 07:10

I don'thave a speaking. It doesn't really work. It


Kyle Mountsier 07:14

doesn'twork. It doesn't work. But this one's fun. This one's just fun. I am so proudof Ford. Because they've come out with a commercial it did is celebrating theworkforce of like, the the manufacturer, and just trolling Elon Musk likecrazy. And look, whether you love Elon or you hate Elon, any or


Paul Daly 07:39

you'reindifferent, it doesn't have to be either or you can decide it.


Kyle Mountsier 07:43

throwingdown the gauntlet on some sort of like really passionate really, you know,really ingrained like deep feeling American feel video so good.


Paul Daly 07:54

Sotapping in here, we're gonna play for you. So here is the the one minute commercial,the agency Why didn't and Kennedy and they make a ton of stuff that you've seenall over the place, they produced a commercial, and we're gonna roll it foryou, then we'll talk about it for a minute. So let's roll it.


YouTube Video 08:08

Rightnow it could seem like the only people who matter are the loudest, those whowant to tear things down, and then fly away on their own personal spaceshipswhen things get hard. But we've got 182,000 people and they're building bigthings, new things, things that will change the way we do things, assemblingmore vehicles in the US than any other automaker things. $50 billion committedto electric vehicle things. And you might not know their names. But thesepeople get up every day working together to move us all forward


Paul Daly 08:57

allright. That's the Ford commercial. You know, here here's the here's the lineright? Here's the troll if you missed it in the beginning, right now, it wouldseem that only people who matter are the loudest those who want to tear thingsdown and then fly away on their own personal spaceships when things get harder.


Kyle Mountsier 09:16

Stronglove that, that the selling proposition is the people. We keep saying this todealers, industry partners, all of this type of stuff. It's like, well, whatmakes you unique and every time it's like, well, we do this this and this orour technology does this or enables this? It's like no, there's there's likehundreds of 1000s of other people that can say that. But they don't have Sue inaccounting. Right? Right. They don't have Sue and accounting and love soonaccounting. She's incredible, right? They don't have Bob at the sales tower.Right. And that's that's the that's unique, right and how those people cometogether to form community. That's what Ford is saying is like, these are thepeople that are doing this that like yes, we've invest did a bunch of money?Yes, the electric vehicles are happening. But the emphasis is on the uniqueselling proposition, which is we believe in the people of America doing this.Wow. Come on now already awesome.


Paul Daly 10:10

Prettyawesome. I mean, we're gonna let it slide, that the whole platform that they'rebuilding their future on happens to be the one that Elon Musk developed andbrought to the mass market, we'll let that one slide. Because, you know,everyone can always say some,


Kyle Mountsier 10:24

andwe'll also let it slide that they've kind of like taken some knocks at thedealers and may or may not have an invoice price the same as MSRP on a newelectric vehicle, like, what was


Paul Daly 10:34

a littlebit of gripe was because a lot more people work at the dealerships than appfactory. There it is. But, you know, we're trying now for right now we'll letit get it out. We're working it out. Because everyone's waiting to see whatwe'll let slide and what we want. Let's


Kyle Mountsier 10:49

writethat everyone's pins and needles. Here's our


Paul Daly 10:53

takeaway.Look, every store every dealership has a differentiator, right? Ford took theirdifferentiator, and they put it front and center and they said, This is why wematter contextualize to America contextualized to the working, man and woman,right? So what we're saying is like, Hey, you find the most relevant thingabout your stores and talk about those. You have a lot of competitors too,right? So put the differentiator out front, people are seeing a lot of stuff,right? They're seeing a lot of stuff, seen a lot of information, you need tohave the differentiated that breaks through the noise. Speaking of having a lotof stuff going on stuff, segue. Wall Street Journal article came out this weektalking about overcoming multitasking impact on your already busy brain. Thisis relevant to everyone listening or watching or reading the transcript of thispodcast. They're saying media multitasking specifically, right? So if you'relistening to this podcast, or you're watching this live stream, and you haveanother video going, or you're surfing the internet, right, that's what you'redoing. They're saying it's actually making you less productive, not moreproductive. You've heard nuances of this before I have anyway, the neuro theneuro scientists who are you know, paying attention to this stuff, say nonstoptoggling between devices and apps slows our ability to process and retaininformation, decreases our ability to filter out extraneous information,shortens our attention span, and causes us to make more mistakes.


Kyle Mountsier 12:21

You knowwhat? I remember this Brain Games episode, and you know, I love brain games.Oh, it's awesome watch at a time, right? It's a great and there's this episodewhere they actually prove it is legitimately impossible for your brain tomultitask, do two things at once. So actually, what you're doing is when you'reattempting to quote unquote, multitask is context switching every few seconds,because your brain is going from this to that from this to that. And contextswitching is one of the hardest things on your brain. I mean, we deal with thisall the time, we've got multiple things in the air, we're trying to keep theplates spinning, right, and we do a good job and we have people executing allthose things. But the more that you context switch, the again, the thingsthings get dropped. Intention and focus on the things that are most valuable ishard, right? And so really making the inroads to to to align yourself with thething that you're doing right now and focus on it is so important.


Paul Daly 13:17

So CarlMarci, a psychiatrist in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, he'sresearched this extensively says in 2002, a study showed Americans consume 40hours of media a week. Well, in 2020, who gets what it is 80 hours of media aweek, two full time jobs worth of media consumption per week for every Americanadult. It's your prefrontal cortex that handles this switching back and forth.No, it's true. handles the switching that you were just talking about. And allof that it literally some of the tests in this article. It's linked up you can readit, like sentence comprehension. People couldn't comprehend. It was like sevenwords versus like four words to the people that were doing a lot of switching.It's pretty impressive, personal and another disturbing thing is that theprefrontal cortex isn't developed fully into your 25 Show kids and 15 secondvideos, my kids, I see him doing it right there's TV show on and they'rescrolling. Right really bad even leisure activity is bad to have two thingsgoing on at once. So they gave us some suggestions to medicate what and listensuggestions. Number one block out focus time. I know that seems very simple.And in this world, we're all running fast in the dealership world and theindustry partner world blocking out focus time to work on something. One practicalthing is setting expectations for offline letting everyone else know whenyou'll be offline. So you don't feel like you need your devices reallypractical. Leaving your phone in another room. I know it can feel weird, butthey're like even she didn't say hey, I'm gonna watch a movie for two hours.Leave the phone in a different room. Because even when that phone's buzzing andyou're watching Star Wars because yesterday was made for the two days ago,guess what? It's bad for your brain. It's real. innings your short term memoryand teach kids good habits early. I know you weren't expecting such a greatlesson on Friday. Such good stuff like I feel it every day like I do feel likebecause I'm doing more than ever at the same time. I can totally feel like mymemory is suffering like what what? What was it was it so that's all we got forFriday. We got one day to sell tomorrow. Maybe some of you have two days, buteither way, we're gonna be on our way to Tampa. We can't wait to see you there.Enjoy your weekend. Get out, enjoy some sunshine and get ready to join us nextweek. Digital dealers coming in