Conference Kickoffs, Lightning Powered Flying, and Skills for Social

November 14, 2022
We’re in Palm Beach with a whole crew of incredible operators, marketers, and industry partners learning and networking. Today also kicks off Used Car Week and the energy is palpable. We are also talking about charging ground to air and a shift in social media skill requirements.
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  • It's a big event week in Retail auto as MRC kicked off of CXO/MRC on Saturday in Palm Beach, FL and Used Car Week kicks off today in San Diego, CA

  • Ford F-150 Lightnings are set to power the first EV-Recharged electric plane flight for a high school football game flyover
  • “According to Remy Oktay, the electric plane (a Pipistrel Alpha Electro) comes with a 21 kWh battery pack. As per Federal Aviation Regulations, it must land with a 30-minute reserve, which gives about an hour of usable flight time.”
  • The electric plane will need 3 charges for a 2 city flight and has to have 30 minutes of charge left to land
  • A local dealer, Monaco Ford, has stepped up to provide one of the 2 Lightnings needed to power the flight.

  • There has been a big shift if the skills needed to hold the job of “Social Media Director” in the US since 2015 according to a new research report provided by LinkedIn Workforce Data Center
  • Report aggregates data from job posts
  • Seven out of 10 skills on the list in 2015 don’t appear on the 2021 list like blogging, event planning, and public speaking
  • New additions include Instagram, graphic design, and Cavna
  • In 2023 predictions by Social Media Today include Tiktok, video editing, video direction

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:25

Yo, what's up, it's Monday, November 14. As you can see if you're watching, we are not at home, we are in Palm Beach, Florida, the modern retailing conference. We got a few things to talk about just view.


Really want to know who isn't who I need to stay when they see me 

Kyle Mountsier  00:43

know what it is about today, but we got the new road test to get the new road

Paul Daly  00:48

tested. So this is like, you know, whenever you get like new equipment you have to set up for the first time you always I always underestimate how long it's going to take. Exactly.

Kyle Mountsier  00:57

Yeah. We're rolling like way longer way later than we thought we're going to. There was an issue with the camera. We got all frustrated with ourselves. It's okay, we're gonna

Paul Daly  01:06

hear me not through some things. We didn't throw anything. We didn't throw anything. But here we are. It's Monday. We've been in Palm Beach. Now. I showed up Friday. You came in Saturday. And we are in Palm Beach with several 100 dealers, industry partners, and

Kyle Mountsier  01:21

OEMs Oh, yeah. outtie hanging out last night. Yeah, check that out. And people are always so button. They are button. I know what's up. So, ya know, it's been it's been really cool. You know, there's been, I think a few people have talked about potentially paying playing some drinking games with things like GGA for CDP, all of that. But that hasn't happened yet. Although the the trend of the conversation is extremely technical. And, you know, I think that that's something that we're seeing in our industry, we're starting to see more people happening think technically on the marketing side of things and less like, what media do I buy? But how do I deal with that? How do I deal with, you know, consumer privacy? How do I deal with analytics in a new and unique way? You know, obviously, with Google coming out with GA four, it's a whole new way of looking at that a whole new way of understanding conversions, the industry is going to have to shift and change. So 2023 is going to be a wild year when it comes to automotive,

Paul Daly  02:19

you know, the the three letter CDP or readded an x over the last 12 months,

Kyle Mountsier  02:25

or CDEP. People, you know, throw in their flavor and

Paul Daly  02:31

a little spin on it right. But the CVP this, this conference last year, was probably one of the first places that I started to hear about it, you know, um, you said it from the stage last year, this year, it said in every conversation, absolutely. And it's amazing what a difference 12 months can make in a seismic shift to how people are thinking about owning their data. I mean, owning data, and moving data easily from one place to another has been a conversation for a really long time. First time I ever heard about it was Dale's book, like I see it when he talked about the siloing of data being something that's stifling innovation in automotive in a major way. Because it's so difficult to do. People don't play nice together. It's so expensive to do people charge a lot to move the data around. And we're in an era right now where I think, right that's, that's blown open. Yeah, exactly.

Kyle Mountsier  03:21

It is it's blowing open. And I think even, you know, as with anything new, I mean, you know, we talked about this were back in when websites were coming, people were like, oh, no, if I need a website, tell me why that's, you know, tell me why that's

Paul Daly  03:33

what you say this is that important? Oh, I

Kyle Mountsier  03:36

100% Yeah, it is it is that important. And I think that like contextually if we if we could go in hindsight and go, Well, why do you need a website? Well, it's like, it's like a newspaper, but the but you know, it's just where people are now. Right? Is that like if we could have gone back and explain that it's just a newspaper on a different place right.

Paul Daly  04:01

So this is this is a back the CDP life is a back end this

Kyle Mountsier  04:05

this was this is just a DMS more flexible and clean, right and so don't don't, don't get too scared about you know, CDP or something. Right. Just know that like right now outside of, from what I understand to DMS is the DMS isn't equipped to handle what's necessary from a CDP perspective. So really just think about a CDP if you're going in or you're prepping for nada, or, you know, you're getting the new calls and everybody or

Paul Daly  04:35

you're about to shut the show off because we got too technical on a Monday morning, if you're thinking

Kyle Mountsier  04:39

about that, just thinking about your data clean with every data point. So it's not just the service record or the sales record or the lead. It's the website interaction. It's the all the duplicates, I now see them over here. It's it's, you know, records, you know, record It's unlike email opt outs and phone opt outs because we've got all these platforms that are communicating with our customers and we need to have a central source of truth for a unique customer.

Paul Daly  05:10

So you mean to tell me that it's like customer a Bob Smith came in seven years ago for an oil change. And he just showed up on our website, they are looking at a 2020 to fill in the

Kyle Mountsier  05:21

blank. Yeah, and good chance we can find we can figure out that data just because of you know, you know, once you once you ingest a bunch of other data points, like point poke data, Oracle data, anything cleaning that does cleaning to it could all line up and then it's pretty long his buying habits are Yeah, and we can actually send him marketing messages. So now you can go a lot more one to one, and then we can know if that works. It's huge. Yeah, that

Paul Daly  05:44

sounds pretty amazing. Well, so we're here over here in Palm Beach talking about that. We hit the stage last night with Darren Dawn and Allie Pinyon. Nathaniel, Greg click, and we kind of felt a little more like a hip hop concert. I think it kind of shook everybody in a good way. They were like it was kind of chaotic. And I loved it. Right? Because the essence of the data conversations are like very buttoned up.

Kyle Mountsier  06:03

Well, and I'm like super nerdy. And then I just said ads suck three times on.

Paul Daly  06:09

Ads. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, whoa, so many of our friends are at the used car week in San Diego, which is kicking off

Kyle Mountsier  06:17

today. Yeah. And use car week has a ton of energy around it. I mean, I've known about it for a few years, but I don't you know, I

Paul Daly  06:23

never really paid a lot of attention. I

Kyle Mountsier  06:25

think there's a new energy. There's a lot of people headed out there. You know, Steve Greenfield has really who's a good friend has really pressed into that event. And I think just like that used car operations are so important. Yep. So important to franchise dealers these days, that people are going okay. What's the new strategy? What's what's making us tick? How are we handling us car operations? It's a big thing.

Paul Daly  06:48

I think Greenfield is going to be here. I don't know he's on the list, but I wouldn't put it past him. He's the dude who just flew to Vegas just for dinner.

Kyle Mountsier  06:55

Well, he shared his flight plans for this week on LinkedIn last night. They are it's like seven cities through this week. It's Delta. Yeah. Unbelievable.

Paul Daly  07:05

He's the he's like the unassuming Rockstar. Yeah, right. Imagine him showing up in the camera start flashing. He's like, Oh, no, no, no, no. Oh, speaking of things flashing, I don't know if segway Okay, new road caster. I missed the I missed the beginning button. Ford F 150 lightnings are set to power to new Evie recharged claim for high school football game flyover. Yeah.

Kyle Mountsier  07:31

So essentially, the story goes like this. This, actually a student wanted to do an electric plane flyover. But the charging infrastructure actually isn't in place for him to get from one airport to another to

Paul Daly  07:44

another since the pilot. Yeah, that makes it so much. Because they realize that

Kyle Mountsier  07:49

he's gonna fly over the high school football game, which is like the plane. Yeah, this isn't like, you know, the Jets and the Giants and like someone's flying over. It's like a high school football game. And you miss it. And they couldn't figure out how to get him from place to place because the charging infrastructures.

Paul Daly  08:05

The planes got to come from Hartford, Connecticut. Yep. And it's only got to get to New Jersey. Yeah, right. It's like Far East 200 and facing which is near Allentown. Yep. So it's about halfway down in New Jersey. If you can picture New Jersey in your head. It's about halfway down in Hartford. Connecticut is just really close to New York City. Yep, not too far. And it's gotta recharge three times three

Kyle Mountsier  08:24

times. Yes. Yeah. So they gotta use two F 150s. Right, because the plane is going to travel fast fast. drive without Sharjah loop over one. Right? So it's this whole you know, I love this. This is like early.

Paul Daly  08:38

We wouldn't do Yes, exactly. Right. take so much effort to do one thing. But you just had to be the one that did it first. Yeah,

Kyle Mountsier  08:44

it's, it's absolutely cool. And it's interesting because the like, one of the things that we didn't think about is you have to the plane has to land with 30 minutes of charge, right? Like that's like you would want gas leftover in the tank. But you got to think about like, what how much time is acceptable?

Paul Daly  09:03

With if there's an emergency? It's crazy, right? Right. Because you don't land on empty No, right? But still like whatever the charge is for the plane like with a car you're a lot more comfortable like get to like 1020 miles which is already like getting close on an Eevee right? Because you don't really know but this is like this is like we're gonna It's a plane we'll leave 100 miles in the tech right we'll make sure we can go

Kyle Mountsier  09:25

it's awesome too because so they needed two trucks one is coming from a local just you know owner that is that Intel owner just a retail do it. The other one Monaco Ford, good, good. dealership, stepping up, throwing in a lightning and and pressing in. If they're not making cotton on this was my next question. I'll get sideways. That

Paul Daly  09:48

was my next question is like, do you think they're gonna make any content over this? I don't know. But speaking of making content segway was a good one. Yeah, so there's been In a big shift in the skills needed for the job title, well, what was the job size social media director, big shift from 2015 to 2021. This study shows and basically LinkedIn Skill Share or skill research platform, whatever it is, they pull all the data from the listings. These are the skills that people listed the hey, we're hiring for social media director, and here are the skills we need. Well, seven of the 10 that were on the list and 2015 are no longer on the list. And twice, twice. So seven out of 10. Let's read some of these. So this makes sense. Blogging. Right. When was the last time you were like, Hey, we know what blogging skills? Yeah, like you let me think of that.


WordPress page.

Paul Daly  10:44

Blogging is one of them. Event Planning? Well,


because back in 2015, it was like, oh, you can't just do social media. There's no way there's enough for you to do we're gonna have you do event planning. Right. Right. Yeah. Event

Paul Daly  10:55

coordinating event planning. Right. Those are no longer on the list. New additions that are on there now. Instagram, naturally, I guess. So. Canva? Yeah, right. People are saying the camera. Oh, there's one more graphic design. Yeah, that makes sense. Like, hey, if you're a Swiss army knife, if they've come in with Swiss Army, you need to be able to make some stuff. Yeah, right. We're not there. Just directing. I think it's a real blend of this thought, especially smaller companies. Like you need a practitioner, not a manager. Yep. Right. Anyway. Now granted, as your team grows, you need someone with management skills, we just lost light, that's awesome comb. You need someone with management skills. But aside from that, like you need someone who's willing to get their hands dirty, and make stuff which I think is a good fit, because a lot more people are coming up organically creating stuff, right? My kids are making stuff as early teens or even preteen, right? They're used to designing stuff, the 2023 predictions, what people are going to need, right? You know what platform is gonna be on there this time? You gotta get some tick tock gotta get it and then like to add the next layer of graphic design people are like, Oh, video production and here's the one instant video directing.


Ah, so there needs to be some creative like direction and and some set deck some understanding of like, what are we doing when we start? Yeah, and not just like holding the phone up. There's a there's a creative, which again, if

Paul Daly  12:13

you're just watched tick tock or Instagram reels you realize there are a lot of video directors now. Absent let me just think of the Think of the cuts that are happening. The changes the cuts the coordination. Yep. Right when you make that was, you know, the did you ever get into Vine? When it was? Really no. Okay, so vine was what was the eight seconds seven seconds thing was seven second videos. Yep. The best vines that made it great that people loved. They were experts at directing, because you only had seven seconds to Yeah, so you had to squeeze the laugh in, or the punch line in or whatever it is in seven seconds. And I think that the the true winners on Vine were great directors. And then they moved to YouTubers, which went the long form. And now we're squeezing it back into Tik Tok, which is kind of like, how long can Tik Tok be? Two minutes, three minutes?

Kyle Mountsier  13:02

I actually have no clue. I don't tick tock.

Paul Daly  13:04

All I know is that guys are Instagram reels. We'll just we'll just pretend that this is it. 60 seconds, maybe it's 120. In some instances, I think tick tock can be longer. But either way the skills needed to be a social media professional,

Kyle Mountsier  13:17

professional. Well, this is crazy. We were talking to Darren Jonas here with us a modern retail conference. And he was like, I just need you to know that right? Now, you can probably find this type of person for anywhere between like 60 and 100, depending on where they're at their expertise, all that type of stuff. In two years, good luck finding that person for under 250. I was like, Yo, I don't know if that's exactly the case. But I do know that it's going that way it's going up. And the you know, the capacity to find that person, the number of people that are willing and able to do that at a high level and understand the analytics, understand how content changes can do things like graphic design, Canva and video editing. Yeah, they are gonna go and understand the platform, it will be tough to find that so get get in while the getting's good and career paths, someone right now,

Paul Daly  14:05

you know, I'm going to start adding some stuff to my resume. Say 250. There you go. So I mean, I think that the broader picture is, is that content is that important? Yep. And that's what we tried to speak to the audience about last night. It's what we're going to say to you today. Whether you're a dealer or industry partner, the game is exactly the same. You have to make things you have to think about the humanity behind things when you make them and apparently, the skills that you need are kind of laid out. You know, they're laid out there. And the nice part about this is that just about every teenager, is now going to organically develop the skills they are before they even hit the workforce. Yep. So I don't know. We'll see what happens if it's hard to find them. If it gets easier to find them. You know

Kyle Mountsier  14:48

what, you know what people should do? They should go to their high schools. If they have someone that's doing social media right now. And do an after school or an in school class with high schoolers about how To create social content that higher than than higher than

Paul Daly  15:02

or less than $250,000 Well, there you go. Um, we're gonna be making some more content today from auto retail conference. We're gonna get some new podcasts out in the dirt. Regardless, it is Monday. You have a full week ahead of you to go out there, make some content serve some people. Let's move this industry forward.

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