Crypto Enters Auto, US Gets Charged Up, Acura Goes Anime

February 10, 2022
Enjoy and lean into the work, into the process, not the goal. This week we have been obsessed with the work and hope you are too. The energy beginning to build around NADA is palpable, but the ground game of Automotive is rapidly changing daily.
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Pitch Tank Winner

  • Industry first Crypto financing via Crypto pledging

The US is charging ahead with a $5b investment in charging stations

  • Will prioritize interstate and other major highways
  • More guidelines being rolled out soon: every 50 miles, no more than 1 mile off highway, at least 600kw total capacity, must be accessible to general public

Inflation adjusted to 7.5% annual rate. A four decade high.

  • Of all categories, gasoline, used cars and trucks, and energy are 48%, 36%, 28%

Shout Out to Juan Rodriquez , Mullinax Ford of Olympia Sales Manager

  • When moving into his home, rallied his store to serve a UPS driver with a two-year-old daughter in need.