Customer Experience From Chipoltle to Baseball, A Streaming First, Ditching the Old Indicators for Nimble Insights

April 15, 2022
This Monday Morning we’re making TROUBLE by calibrating the Consumer Experience dial with real-world, real-time evidence. To quote the heroine Dorothy,“We aren’t in Kansas anymore.” We talk about a Rochester Chipotle rep, new rules for baseball, an Academy Award first, and a word from some friends at JD Power about how we should be treating the indicators we’ve been using.
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Chipotle forgets the chips and a call center rep in Rochester, NY saves the whole thing.

First ever streaming service Best Picture Award last night at the Academy Awards for “CODA” on Apple TV+

We have to change the way we consider ‘indicators.

  • “As a result, conventional indicators and benchmarks that once guided automotive decision-making will no longer be as effective in gauging key market trends to assess used-vehicle prices and valuations.”  
  • “Pandemic variants, supply-chain challenges and economic volatility have created a warped market for new and used vehicles and will continue to disrupt the automotive sector for the foreseeable future, according to a recent analysis from J.D. Power.”
  • Morgan Hansen, VPdata Science at ALG, J.D. Power Valuation Services. David Paris , Senior manager of market insights at J.D. Power Valuation Services

Savannah B-A-N-A-N-A-S. They’re making trouble by creating “Banana ball” and making their own rules…and the people LOVE IT

Paul Daly  0:23  

What's up? Kyles boxing already it is Friday, April 15. We have a lot of cool stuff to talk about talking about Amazon's inflation fee and electrified RAM and Gary V's drop in series to have an NFT we'll explain it all.

Kyle Mountsier  0:40  

I feel like somewhere in there there was a really good like New Rap Song drop or something.

Paul Daly  0:46  

You know, maybe that's what's gonna be I'm gonna start to write the subject lines. So That they ryme so we can get that yeah, they like land a rhythm that Yeah. I think that's a thing. I might give that a shot on Monday.

Kyle Mountsier  0:58  

There we go. Paul is a rapper.

Paul Daly  1:02  

I think it might in my greatest fantasy I would have. I would have been a hip hop artist and another life.

Kyle Mountsier  1:08  

His his his. His stage name is Pauly Jay.

Paul Daly  1:12  

We got we got one of the best compliments I think that I could have possibly ever gotten based on like our swag last night. So my daughter had she turned 13 So now I have a 13 year old daughter. And they're like twin no less than 25 teenage girls at my house last night. And Brooklyn's like, come here. Brooklyn's my daughter. Come here. Come here. I go into the room where they're all piled in. And they were like, your clothes are so cool. I was like, and then, like my dad makes those clothes. They were like Where can we buy them? I was like, I'm just gonna go take the rest of the night off. Kyle. I think we've done it.

Kyle Mountsier  1:52  

Like I've arrived I got 13 year olds on my side.

Paul Daly  1:57  

Buy the asoto swag.

Kyle Mountsier  1:59  

That's nuts even cool. Well, one of my one of my wife's friends legit last week was over. And the early mornings are for trouble mug was sitting out and she was like, where did you get this? This is the mug that I've needed all my life right and and so you know she's not nowhere close to automotive actually. Like is like conversation my wife is our there's like automotives is terrible. But she is a brand I would follow.

Paul Daly  2:32  

Let's go because that troublemakers are on the inside? Yes. So I mean, you know, speaking I'm gonna start with segway. Swag and stuff. Segway. All the energies here on a Friday. Let's go. So um, speaking of swag, R swag. Specifically, we are going to be setting up a pop up retail store, a pop up retail swag store. I'm not kidding. At the next live event. So on Monday, May 9, the next us so to family reunion remix, first night of digital dealer, we rented out a great venue again, same venue as last year if you were there, and we're setting up one of the cool things like last year, we did the hats, right, we had to show two hats, and we signed them. And it was it was awesome. I might bring mine and like display it. But we're going to set up a pop up retail store with all of our swag. And if you get tickets if you happen to be able to get tickets and you're gonna get some a soda cash. And you're gonna have to buy quote unquote, yeah, my soda swag included in your ticket. And so you get to should do a little shop and see what a mug, get a mug, you want a shirt, get a shirt, you want to get a hat. So it's going to be a lot of fun. So we're going to be releasing the information and the ticket signup information, doing some different things this year, but last year, sold out, sold out. And then we opened it up for more and then that sold out. We opened it up for more. And that's sold out in the end. I don't know how many people ended up coming through. I definitely think we're

Kyle Mountsier  3:52  

crawling over like the bushes. They were like how do I get in this thing it was

Paul Daly  3:56  

Don't worry if you're in this community, we're going to make sure that you get in but you're going to have to move quick on the tickets whether you're a dealer or a vendor got some separation of those ticket ticket pools coming up. So mark your counter right now Monday, May 9, if you're within like a couple hours of driving distance to Tampa, I think you should plan on being there. We have some guests that are going to be there. Some people that aren't are just driving in for the event. So look, even if you're not going to digital dealer, it's worth coming and if you are going to digital dealer Why would you be there?

Kyle Mountsier  4:23  

I wouldn't you I mean it's Tampa look, I mean I know there's just not that much. I love templates, but nightlife in May is just kind of you know,

Paul Daly  4:34  

yeah. What else? Yeah, we you want it to the positive dealer stores. We haven't been talking about enough of them. If you have them go to a backslash positivity and let us know the good things that are going on in your communities, you know, and how they're connected to your stores. There is a deal what dealer is it? Oh my gosh, is Brian Ortegas dealer? Yeah, Valley High Toyota. So what did they do? gasps they're given I mean, gas cards. Come on.

Kyle Mountsier  4:59  

Yes. They got this whole competition, but they ran an ad set around it, which if you know Brian Ortega in the team there, they just have a whole bunch of fun. So it's him kind of grumpy at the gas station, you know. So that plant leads into the cultural norms that we're all experiencing right now, attracting a community around it, and then giving back based on it. So there's just I mean, like, multiple levels of execution there. So yeah, you can check that out. If you didn't get our email this morning, sign up for it. Or you can go to our forward slash push back, and boom, you'll be

Paul Daly  5:33  

there. Legit. I love what you just said, a really important point. This is a little bonus lesson this morning. All right, the internet is like a river. Right. And the river is basically culture. And when you create marketing, or advertising, you're trying to get campaigns out. Don't try to be a boulder and make the river stop, right? Because the water will find its way around you. What you want to do is build a little boat, and right on top of the river and use the momentum to carry you forward. That's what Brian Ortega did with the gas card. Right cultural moment. Everybody's grumpy at the gas pump. Well, let's talk about that. Let's contextualize that into our store. So remember, your marketing your branding, culture, the internet is a river build a boat that goes on top of it. Don't drop a boulder in the middle of it, because nobody wants that. Let's get into some news.

Kyle Mountsier  6:19  

So good. So good. All right, David Long said he asked to get his team start to posting all the positive we do. Yes, you do. And everybody that's listening. Get your team involved in this. And we'll celebrate them. We'll call them we'll get them interviewed all that type of stuff. Because it's going to Yeah, it's gonna be really good. We got some spam by spam.

Paul Daly  6:43  

No, we're making it someone's paid attention when we're getting spam. Folders. Good. All right, let's talk about some news, Amazon announced that they are going to drop a 5% levy for fuel and inflation fee is what they're calling it on sellers for the first time ever. So if you don't understand this, Amazon, a lot of the products you buy on Amazon are actually individual sellers that use Amazon as their platform for distribution. So Amazon, they pay Amazon a portion of the sale to you know, portion is that's, that's a

Kyle Mountsier  7:15  

light word for basically, Amazon maintains the majority of their business and they get a portion. Okay. By the way, that's established.

Paul Daly  7:30  

If you sell a book on Amazon, I know, it's just like, why did you guys just write the book for granted? Okay, so it's actually they currently take a 34% cut of the sale. So say Kyle is a merchant, and he's got a widget and he wants Amazon to sell his widget, they will warehouse it, and sell it and store it and ship it for 34%. Right. So it is a lot. But I mean, hey, like, you can find your own way to store it and ship it. And you can do that.

Kyle Mountsier  7:59  

Exactly. They're covering the you know, what is interesting, this is interesting. I like this, because like, we're gonna tie this down, because I know that there's more there. But dealerships do the same thing. Right. But even actually better. We talked about, like, when I was in sales a lot we we would say this to salespeople is like no, actually, what you're getting is the cost of all your overhead of a personal business taken care of by working for a dealership, but you're not like a barber or a hair person, you don't have to pay for the seat, you just get all the overhead taken care of and you get to curate your business with innocence. Amazon does that it's just kind of a little bit different. Because they they they have those fees. So.

Paul Daly  8:44  

So basically, this this fee commences April 28. And so in an email, I'm reading from the article that we linked up here in an email sent to merchants Wednesday, Amazon said it's made big investments since the start of the pandemic, to meet surging demand, including doubling capacity, adding almost three quarters of a million employees and raising the Amazon average warehouse employee wage to $18 from $15. So they really did lay out like some justification like, hey, it's it's a 5% thing. But we've been working really hard to make sure that we can sell and fulfill your products and bring that value to you keep the workers happy. So they can do it. We've more than, you know, double capacity, like they've done a lot to justify the 5%. But this is just another inflationary tale. Right? Like it's 5% is going to end up in the cellar price, right? Like, what's the seller going to do? Now? They're going to raise that price to cover it.

Kyle Mountsier  9:35  

Yeah, but that's what is happening everywhere. So

Paul Daly  9:40  

well, right, and this is how inflation works. And then eventually, consumer pushback happens at a certain price level. And it's going to start with the most discretionary items first. So I mean, this is why you know, you hear all the talk of you know, are we heading toward recession likely? Likely, why because people are going to use the available funds they have on more central things and less luxury things. And so this is just I think just another indicator of that. But I mean, it's first time Amazon ever did it. So

Kyle Mountsier  10:08  

it's worth talking about. Yeah, it is. Hey, before we get to the next thing, I'm excited about the next one, actually, before we get to it, Nix, Nix those messages, boss. They're coming in strong this morning.

Paul Daly  10:19  

I don't hear. I don't hear dang say,

Kyle Mountsier  10:21  

I've got dings happening. It's okay. Well, we'll get through it.

Paul Daly  10:26  

I don't I don't hear them.

Kyle Mountsier  10:28  

So strange. I don't know. Maybe Maybe I've been maybe the baby keeping me up too late. He's got my head with random stuff,

Paul Daly  10:37  

your settings and cause like, Yo, I could hear your messages coming through today. That's really let me see.

Kyle Mountsier  10:43  

Okay, so it's all good. It's all good.

Paul Daly  10:46  

It might be me, but I don't even hear him anymore. So RAM announced at the auto show that they're electrified RAM is coming in 2024. I'm excited about this. We talked yesterday about the Ford lightning and having it like it kind of looks just like an F 150. Right, right. Yep, I'm thinking the wrong is gonna look pretty freakin

Kyle Mountsier  11:07  

awesome. Like, I would guess so.

Paul Daly  11:11  

Yeah. And so there are some concepts we linked up to they have a dedicated site RAM revolution site where you can see like a little bit of nuance of what it might look like. But it's heavily what I love about this is that it's being heavily influenced by what they call RAM real talk. So the cus the site that you go to, that we linked up in the notes you can go to, and you can actually join this community. And they feature feedback, and they're actually designing and putting things, you know, they're like, hey, like, whatever you say, we're going to put it out there. They're not hiding from it.

Kyle Mountsier  11:41  

I see you ram I see you ram that is the essence of global focus grouping, and they're nailing it,

Paul Daly  11:50  

and they're not slowing it down. That's the cool part, you know, focus groups in general, right, as a marketer and having an agency like I don't really like focus groups, you get a random group of people and you put them in an environment that is not normal or natural in any way, right? You shove cameras in their faces, you have a weird proctor asking them questions with a bunch of people they don't know. And you're like, I just I'm not a big believer,

Kyle Mountsier  12:12  

you're always gonna get the canned answer that everybody's expecting out of that. Yeah, you

Paul Daly  12:16  

think that those answers aren't influenced by the situation and what what is socially acceptable to say, Now, you got to put it out there. You got to make it like Reddit where people can just say what they want, right? unabashedly. And then listen. And then listen,

Kyle Mountsier  12:29  

someone needs to build a car, based off a subreddit, that would be legit, because you know, people would vote like think about that, like this one got 1000 up votes, get this one got two up votes, apparently. 1000 Apparently

Paul Daly  12:42  

there's gonna be a Pez dispenser in the center console now

Kyle Mountsier  12:44  

done. Yeah, you know, someone's gonna throw something out and

Paul Daly  12:48  

then it'd be like it's gonna pile on. Everyone's gonna pile on it. So RAM CEO Mike Koval says the company is leveraging its later than competitor released to its advantage to include an enhanced features consumers want most? So they're like, Yeah, we know we're coming out a couple of a year or so after our competitors. But we're actually going to use that as an advantage. We're gonna see what's working, what's not working, what people are complaining about. And then we actually have the second to market advantage where we can like fix those first things like you don't have they already accepted like, Hey, we're not going to get the buzz of being first. But we can definitely make the splash of being right.

Kyle Mountsier  13:20  

I think yeah, I think if you own that and take take it as your responsibility, instead of just being like trying to copycat everything and going no, no, we're going to iterate on that and that's intentional. You can really win.

Paul Daly  13:34  

You sure can. Um, so RAM says it's gonna have a full electrified model for every segment in their portfolio by what your you know, way you got 2030 3020 30 Just wait,

Kyle Mountsier  13:48  

let's get shirts that say by 20 Meet and wear that out.

Paul Daly  13:54  

We need to like bookmark all these episodes. So when 2030 hits, we can do a review and see what actually happened. You know what, okay, we got a few minutes left. This is a fun one. I've been heavily involved in this project from the beginning, just because I'm a big Gary Vaynerchuk fan. And I've been pretty involved with him and his team. So his initial blockbuster, NF T project V friends, which is basically a combination of characters that he hand drew, and they all have attributes like kindness and patience and you know, all the things he talks about a lot. He launched this less than a year ago, and he's about to launch series two. I think one of the most important things about this is that he built an amazing community around these V friends. And he has a Discord server of like 350,000 people on a discord. It's like having 350,000 people on your slack if you don't know what Discord is. And the first series has so far done half a billion dollars in sales in 11 months, half a billion. So he initially sells them and then people trade them on the secondary market. And with NF T's you can actually write into the smart contract that the creator gets a percentage or a royalty for Every time it is traded, so do the math. Every time it's traded, Gary gets 10% of that. So in perpetuity for the rest of his life, and that's like an annuity series to is coming out a lot of demand around like, just to give you some context, Zero series one, the initial floor price was point five eath. At the time, it was about 2000. Right now, you can the cheapest you can buy one is $36,000 36,000 is the cheapest this series two is going to release, we've linked it up in the comments. So you can check out a little bit more. I know, it might be a little confusing, and we don't have time to go all the way into it today. But um, it's just kind of think it's indicative of, you know, what culture is paying attention to?

Kyle Mountsier  15:37  

Absolutely, yeah, I'm excited to watch it. And you should be watching it if your head is up at all. Because there's opportunity even for dealerships in that world. And watch out because we may be doing something similar. Here

Paul Daly  15:50  

we are. There may be some asoto nfts floating around the interwebs in the meta versus very soon that might look a little bit familiar to you. So that's it. If you're listening to the live stream, we're about to jump in to the All Things use cars on clubhouse, you can go to clubhouse and just search all things, use cars, and you'll get there. We'll see you there. Have a great weekend. Sell hard tomorrow. We'll see you on Monday morning.

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