Digital Dealer Preview

May 9, 2022
We’re giving our quick takes and must see sessions on the first day of Digital Dealer in Tampa, Florida.
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  • Expo Hall grand Opening at 11am
  • Community Generated Entertainment: The Future of Entertainment is Happening Now
  • 1:10-2p
  • Jodi Porter, Industry Director, Autos and Dining TikTok
  • Kevin Frye - same time
  • 4:30 Keynote
  • Tim Daher - Sr Account Exec, Autos, Amazon Ads


  • 9-9:50 : The Metaverse: The Next Frontier in Auto Retail: KRAMER!
  • 10-10:50: Profits, P.O.’s and closed R.O’s - Developing Business in the Service Lane With or Without a BDC: Erikka Tiffani Wells
  • 1:20-2:10 : How to Build Incredible Value Into Your Vendor/Dealer Partnerships: Kyle and Paul
  • 4:10 - 4:40 Ask the Dealers!
  • Amanda Gordon|Founder and CEO, GoJo Auto
  • Alex Flores|Owner, Bravo Auto Group
  • Jennifer Scarbrough|Vice President, Swope Hyundai
  • Matt Lewis|Vice President, Lewis Automotive Group
  • Paul Sansone, Jr.|Owner, Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall
  • Rick Ricart|President, Ricart Automotive
  • Grant Hocking|E-Commerce Director, Morgan Auto Group
  • Brad Wise|General Manager, Ferman Chevrolet Mazda
  • David Villa|CEO, iPD Agency
  • DD Party 8-midnight.

If you see us, come say 'hi' !

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Kyle Mountsier,Paul Daly


Paul Daly 01:08

It'sfinally here. It is finally here. Maybe it's finally here on the way. Tonight,we're gonna have a party but first we're gonna give you a little recap of whatwe think is gonna happen. Recap I said recap.


Kyle Mountsier 01:24

It's apreview. That's okay. Look, it's it hasn't happened yet. We weren't recap it.But right now we're doing the preview.


Paul Daly 01:32

So we'regonna do the recap. Like how good we wish it goes. Okay.


Kyle Mountsier 01:38

So it'sWednesday. And man, I tell you what Tuesday morning was. When that guy did thatthing.


Paul Daly 01:48

Oh, man,thanks for joining us this morning. It is Monday. And all types of people,hundreds, maybe 1000s of people are on their way to Tampa or already in Tampafor the digital dealer conference. I mean, we always get so excitable when weget to be around other people. Kyle, you couldn't go to nada, because you had ababy, baby and


Kyle Mountsier 02:09

stuff,right? No. Yeah. I mean, that was wonderful. But I was telling you, I thinklast week last Thursday, we're on a call. And it was just like, Man, I can'twait to be their husband next. And like, I have to, like I have to make it Iwas feeling a little down last week. But I'm back in the channel ready to go.And, man, we're gonna rock the ground running. We're gonna be there like we'vegot, we've got plans at the show. And then we're moving to preset, and thenwe're doing the doing the event. And then we go the next morning, it's like,we're gonna be on the floor engaging with people. We've got a session thatwe're doing. So we're just going to run that all down right now give you kindof like, what our heads up stuff is and what we think you might want to payattention to. Here's the thing. There's tons of great stuff. So if for somereason we leave you out and you're close, and you're friendly, we don't hateyou. We just know that there are some things right now that we're payingattention to.


Paul Daly 03:03

Yeah,very, that said we read the agenda. Yes, exactly. But look Monday


Kyle Mountsier 03:09

at11:30am. We Yeah, no, that's not


Paul Daly 03:13

thereading price. Look, by the way, if you see us, please, please, please stop usand say hi, right. If we're talking just tap us, we want to say hi, we want towe want to like interact in person that really is what what drives automotivestay. The union in general is the real world in person interaction. And if youdon't have your tickets, like this is the moment when they all go the rest of themgoes, we passed last year's registration. like days ago, the registrationamount. We got more seats, we got more space, we have more food. But you knowwhat's gonna happen like starting this morning? Everyone's gonna be like, Whatam I doing tonight?


Kyle Mountsier 03:51

Exactlywhat happens? Everyone gets out? Is not it's never like, what the firstquestion is never Hey, what do you what? What one o'clock? Are you going to?It's like, what are you doing?


Paul Daly 04:03

And I'lltell you what, I know what like 300 people are doing it seven, it's going to bethe asone every union remix is gonna be one of the 300 Because if not, it is aticketed event. And you won't be able to get in we want to follow up. So look,go to a so It is not too late, but it probably will be too late in justa few hours from now. So do it now. And there you go. Let's look at theschedule. Let's tell people what we're going to be up to what we're going to bewatching. The expo hall opens at 11 o'clock today. So um, there are somesessions beforehand. You know, we're not gonna be able to catch those Expoopens at 11. So that's kind of I don't know if there's gonna be pomp andcircumstance. Nada this year was ridiculous, right? Yeah, the drum likely is


Kyle Mountsier 04:45

justkind of everyone moseys out of the first few sessions. And here we go. The expohall is open and let's get some badge scanning underway. Right, there we go. So


Paul Daly 04:54

yeah, soI like to see it. Yeah, we do. Yeah, we do. One thing that I thought wasinteresting, I've never met Jody Porter but she's the industry director forautomotive and dining for tick tock. So I want to see if we can meet her inperson. I sent her a message on LinkedIn because I want to connect. But like looka lot of talk a lot of buzz around tick tock here we have a bonafide tick tock,employee caller, but um, you know, she's much more than that. And she's gonnago through the like the do's and don'ts and the how tos of tick tock, I thinkit's kind of a mystery for a lot of people. So I mean, who better to hear fromthen? The Tick Tock expert herself. Yeah. So


Kyle Mountsier 05:32

I wouldsay like, if you're a dealer, this is it's, it's not an easy place to be. Solike, just know that and it's still taking a lot of experimentation tounderstand like, the organic and even paid reach. But it's still a channel thatis just getting so much activity, and it's where buyers are at. And so, beingaware of that piece. What's unfortunate is our boy Kevin Frey, is that the sameexact killing me smalls, right? So that's the one thing about digital dealer,you kind of have to decide. But if you're bringing a couple people, make sureyou have a strategy where you're not in the same room, you're all taking notes,right? So you got to tick tock person you got in here Kevin fries, a geniusperson, you know, you got your, you got your if you want to, you know, just alittle bit later in the afternoon, you've got Jim Ziggler. So if you're like,Man, the old school, like bring it in, but he's got a lot of new school ideas.You got that person going, just, you know, funnel people out to make sure.Without a doubt, so


Paul Daly 06:31

italways shows up. Like he always shows up. And I he this is someone who reallyjust loves to give back. He puts so much time and energy into hispresentations. And guess what? He really doesn't get anything out of he's not avendor, is that selling anything? Isn't that right? Just wants this industry tomove forward. We featured the Wyler auto group last week because they decidedto accept all types of cryptocurrency and Kevin's like, this is an easydecision. Does it make the consumer experience better and easier? Give themmore options? Yes, well, then we will, then the answer is yes. So check himout. Or Jody Porter tick tock, one o'clock or 110 to 2pm. Today, and you know,this, then the keynote stage is kind of like, what we're like everybody kind ofgets together. So I'm excited about the keynote stage. Tim day. I don't know ifit's day heard. They're


Kyle Mountsier 07:25

gonnadie ATR. He's someone else, someone someone leaving in the comments, let usknow if you know, give us that pronunciation.


Paul Daly 07:32

Alright.Well apologize in person, Senior Account Exec of automotive for Amazon ads,another kind of new frontier for automotive advertising. And so I thinkthere'll be a pretty well attended keynote, and it'll be the first one in thebig stage. And, you know, I don't know, I don't I don't know if we're gonnamake it. I want to be there. But we're going to be like getting to that andsetting up the event tonight. So I don't know that but we're gonna have anawesome event. Tuesday. Tuesday is kind of a fuller day, right? It's the middleday. It's the only really full day of digital dealer. Look, Brian Kramer 9am.The Metaverse, I'm on the next frontier. I've heard. He's talked a little bitto us about what he's planning and what they you want to be at the metaverseone because they It's


Kyle Mountsier 08:14

experientialactually was Yeah. So cool.


Paul Daly 08:17

Yes.When was the last time you were at an experiential workshop. I just can'tbelieve they didn't


Kyle Mountsier 08:22

put himon the stage, man, golly, that that is going to be dynamic.


Paul Daly 08:28

We'regoing to regret that we're going to be at that session, Brian Kramer, one ofthe investors in automotive State of the Union always pushing the boundaries,we'll be there. That again, the next one we flagged was 10 o'clock. Our girlErica Tiffany wells, she's gonna be bringing the heat. If you've never seen herspeak live, don't miss it. So literally, you gotta go from Brian Kramer, let'stell you what you're gonna do. You're gonna go with us. From nine o'clock,O'Brien Kramer. And then we're all going to high five handshake. And then we'reall going to move like a little crowd over and we're gonna be the ErikkaTiffany wells fan club for an hour,


Kyle Mountsier 08:59

andwe're gonna eat, we're gonna eat real good. Because we're going to be tired,right? We're gonna shove some food in our face. And hopefully the forks don'tbreak like they did last year at Digital dealer, right? Unfortunate. And thenyou're going to come you're going to take a nap because you got to be excited.And you got to come with us at 120 and hang out and talk about vendor dealerpartnerships, and how we really are expressing this idea of collaboration. Sowe're really excited. We always just like there's some tricks up our sleeve. Sojust watch out for what we got coming. For sure.


Paul Daly 09:32

Got acouple of things, a couple of things. So that's 122 10. So like, we basicallyhave your day planned on Tuesday. If you're not going to digital dealer, ifyou're not going to be there and you're still listening to the show by now listen,we are going to be live streaming we are gonna be pumping out content for thetime that were there so that if you're not able to be there, you still get toexperience some of the show you still get to take away some of the insightsdigital dealer, the crew there, they were cool enough to give us press passesso that we could come and cover Are the awesome things that are going on at theshow. I think they also have some virtual options available, but they won't beavailable until after the show. They're not live real time. Kind of closing outthere. There's a lot of other stuff in between there a lot of great stuff. Butthis last one that asked the dealer session, the main keynote the close it,they have 123456788 dealers and David Villa on stage. I don't know howanybody's gonna get a sentence. I


Kyle Mountsier 10:26

thinkit's a two hour, but I think there's some really incredible dealers in theirhours. Yeah. And so you've got like Amanda Gordon, Matt Lewis, you've got RickRiker onstage. I mean, hearing that guy talk. He's always just, he just anchorsit down. Right. Brad was such an incredible owner, operator. And so yeah, Iwould say, that's one to hang around for before you go out partying on onTuesday night and hanging out and rubbing elbows with people. So you'll deal


Paul Daly 10:56

a partyeight o'clock, Monday, Tuesday night, and then I don't, I don't know. Justgonna say it. I don't know who is going to be up and ready to go on Wednesday.


Kyle Mountsier 11:05

I know,Wednesday is always the last day is always a tough day, a digital dealer. Iknow there's some good speakers for sure that day. So we didn't kind of coverthat because we've got to get, we've got to roll out.


Paul Daly 11:17

Actually,we're working with the opportunity, we're going to bring in a bunch of the sodacrew. So for us, it's literally going to be the first time that have you evermet charity in person?


Kyle Mountsier 11:27

No, wehaven't met multiple of our teammates in person. So this is gonna be a really excitingtime for us to kind of, you know, be around each other and also businessdevelop a lot of the things that we're gonna be doing over the next next fewmonths. So actually, you're gonna want to stay tuned for that, just as a headsup, because we've got some big swings planned.


Paul Daly 11:45

Sowhatever you're doing on Monday, look, make this week, an amazing week, followthe stuff because we're going to be pushing you as much as we can. Even somelive stream from party tonight. So if you can't be there, you know, we've gotyou covered. But if you can be there, get your tickets now because they're notgoing to be there in a few hours.