Dodge’s Roaring EV, Tesla Autopilot Increase, Tony the Tiger is a VTuber

August 22, 2022
It’s the start of another great week as we talk about Dodge’s noisy little addition to the EV race, Tesla bumping the price of Autopilot in a tweet, and your favorite striped cereal mascot becomes a YouTuber. And it’s only Monday.
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Dodge clears its own lane with the announcement of its first EV complete with signature sound, “The Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust”

  • “NASCAR-banned aerodynamics. A multispeed transmission. And an exhaust system patterned after a pipe organ. Put it all together and you’re looking at the battery-electric Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept.”
  • Tim Kuniskis, brand CEO said they did it “Because we can”. Also said in their Detriot reveal, "Dodge is going to get lost if we're trying to do the same thing as everybody else, so let's go, let's invent, let's create, let's do something different than [what] anybody else out there is doing,"
  • Looks nostalgic but feels fresh
  • Consumer responses on twitter range from embracing the aggressive EV to calling it ‘Woke’
  • Here is what it sounds like

Tesla’s Autopilot price will increase to $15k up from 12k per Elon Musk’s tweet on Sunday

  • The tweet read “After wide release of FSD Beta 10.69.2, price of FSD will rise to $15k in North America on September 5th. Current price will be honored for orders made before Sept 5th, but delivered later.”
  • A follow up tweet shortly after read “Note, you can upgrade your existing car to FSD in 2 mins via the Tesla app”
  • The technology has been under scrutiny as the NHTSA sent a letter to Tesla last week regarding the first of its two pending Autopilot defect investigations, posing several questions related to how the company is monitoring and enforcing driver engagement and attentiveness,
  • Many Tesla customers started posting their own videos showing just how capable the software is. The NHTSA responded to some advising against the use of real pedestrians
  • Musk has said the valuation of the FSD tech is essential to establish Teslas overall value

Tony the Tiger is the first mascot to stream on Twitch

  • VTubing is becoming a popular trend on Twitch where larger than life personalities stream their gaming setups and live games.
  • “This innovative concept taps into the growing popularity of VTubing on Twitch, where we saw VTubing content increase 467% year-over-year last year,” Adam Harris, Global Head of Twitch’s brand partnership studio, said.
  • The mascot also recently began a TikTok account in February 2022
  • Proof even 70 year olds (hehe) can make it in the virtual economy


Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:24

Monday. I think I'm ready for this week. I mean, it's about to happen. We're talking about dodges. Evie that makes a lot of noise and Tesla increasing autopilot on a tweet. And Tony the Tiger is a YouTuber now apparently. who just started throw that in there? Just kind of ridiculous

Kyle Mountsier  00:47

I never know sometimes when sometimes when we read the lead when we read the like the first hit, I think if, if someone from like, even 2000 Let's call it 2007. Right, clearly 2000 You don't have to go that far. Right? Maybe. Okay. 2011 If you read those to someone in 2011 what would be their reaction? They'd be like, Yeah, did you? Well, Colorado.

Paul Daly  01:14

Well, actually, no one would know what a YouTuber was in 2011. How about that? No. Yeah, they would. It was not popular language. I'm a YouTuber.

Kyle Mountsier  01:24

Oh, yeah. I mean, okay, so maybe it was vlogger vlogging. Vlog on you.

Paul Daly  01:30

Yeah, yeah, maybe log on. We got a lot of stuff to talk about. We're gonna hook you up with a quick shot show today because because a lot of stuff going on. And it's only Monday we got podcast recording meetings already. Two episodes of auto collabs are streaming today. We're going to two days now. Noon is Dr. Nikolas football season right. We got the we got the noon game. And then we have the afternoon game. Where are you playing? Dr. Nicole Lipkin is the noon game today. Her interview was unbelievably amazing. It was the first time Michael are called ever had a chance to talk with her. And we just got into it also wrapping up 330 With our man, Brian Singh, talking about some stuff and he has let me just say the best lighting of any podcast we've had so far. So if you tune in just to check out the lighting because it's worth talking about last week and Friday, all things used cars in the room. It was a throwdown we have a summary in today's email. If you don't get the email, you should get it because it's awesome. And it goes out every morning. You can get it at a so We're going to just skip the introduction and be like, Hey, if you haven't gotten your tickets to a so to conduct calm or asotucon, you should get them right now at a soda Especially if you're a dealer because it's eaten up, we're thrown down. Just check it out. You'll see if you go to the website. Alright, so this first story, dodge is clearing its own lane in EVs with a signature sound. So we're not talking like a little spaceship on backing up noise either. No, no, we're talking about making some heads turn Isaac, do you have the video clip? Let's just play this thing. Roll the clip. So this is a Twitter video. If you're watching if you're listening. I can't hear it. Which is critical, which is a critical part to this story is hearing it we could try and roll it again. If Okay, so we'll see if we can get that figured out so you can hear the audio. But the bottom line is the Dodge released it's called what is the F fret Zonic chambered exhaust it's like a speaker inside like a pipe organ chamber that gets pushed out the exhaust pipe and like who who quoted this this is a beautiful piece of writing I think it was from Ward's Otto I have to read it I just like I'm just sharing this straight up, says NASCAR banned aerodynamics a multi speed transmission. Yes you heard that right. And an exhaust system pattern after a pipe organ put it all together and you're looking at the battery electric Dodge Charger Daytona SR T Concept. I wonder

Kyle Mountsier  04:04

you know, they haven't talked about like Have they put like rumble in the seats is there like oh like man if I'm hearing and it's like

Paul Daly  04:19

so weird for sure. For sure. And co2 He says we did it why? Because we can it's not just gonna get lost a quote if they're trying to do the same thing as everybody else. So let's go let's invent let's create let's do something different than what everybody else out there is doing. They've branded it the Banshee. Right so it's kind of a mix between what's the Hellcat and the demon right? Got a banshee. Right we're coming up from underneath. And they really talked about courting, both dodging Oh, we gotta try it again. We're gonna try the video one more time. Here it is. That is sick. What is coming up? Gotta come again, this is a Twitter video. And that's just listen to thing rumbling back there. I don't know if he's gonna read it again. So, basically. So it sounds, it is so wild. And there are lots of mixed reviews on this, right? Because dodge enthusiast or like, hey, they sold out. And so I've read through a bunch of the Twitter comments. And it was like everything from like dodge has gone woke, which is ridiculous to pay, like, as the industry is changing, and dodge has to change, so I fully support it. Personally speaking, I love it.

Kyle Mountsier  05:37

I think it's D love it. I don't I've been trying literally since I saw this story came come out. I've been trying to find there was a movie that came out late 90s, early 2000s. I don't really know. But basically, there was this concept Evie car in it. Oh, and do you remember? Are you remember? I do. And I do like it was a dodge something. I want to pull up some had like this ferocious sound too. And I had a ferocious sound. Yes. If someone if someone on the stream remembers what that is, please let us know. Because I'm like, I'm just having these flashbacks to like someone tried this. Right. And and there was this whole idea of maybe it's not, you know, that's not like what people actually want. So I'm still intrigued, obviously, there's a lot of attention on it. Right now that video has over a 1 million views just on Twitter. So I think I love the idea. And I feel like for a lot of people if Eevee is going to be the absolute mainstream and the only option which dodge has already said they're doing away with these vehicles in the internal combustion realm, then it's going to be necessary to have some of that feel. So I, I even think I think actually more interesting than the sound is the multi speed transmission. Because if you've easy, you have one or two gears, because it's just continuous. It's just power supply. It's not like having to shift through Gears of rotation. So I think understanding that the driving dynamics of a vehicle and vehicles feel not just a vehicle sound is something that we've got to figure out as a culture whether or not we want to keep it around.

Paul Daly  07:16

I mean, I drive driving like a Tesla whenever I got used to it pretty quickly. Right, the smooth acceleration, but I gotta say, like dodge their brand has always been about a visceral driving experience. You feel it, you hear it? Right. And so I love the fact that their state, they found a way to integrate their brand dynamic into the driving experience because everyone else you think about it, it's going to be pretty vanilla, right? All Evie motors kind of accelerate the same right? It really is taken out. A lot of differentiators that OEMs had how this is a transmission shift. How's the acceleration? What's the torque like now it's just like, full go. Right? So dodge is I love it. I absolutely love it. And when I looked at the car or the inside of the car to I feel like they got the interior better. I mean, I haven't seen it but like it's got some physical buttons in there. I was like that looks more familiar, but still advanced. And you think about like Gen Z years buying these things like what a Gen Zers like to spend a lot of time doing like gaming right GranTurismo all these these experiential stuff so if you feel like the the seat rumbles great idea, dude. The seat rumble rumble pack in the steering wheel with the sound like in the fact that you can turn it on and off probably right, right. Yeah. Why not? Why wouldn't you do it? You get it? Yeah. turning things on and off. Segue. So Tesla's autopilot price will increase from $12,000 to 15,000. And just like every other publicly traded company, how do you announce a price increase? You tweet it? You read it on a Sunday morning? Everybody got us on the lead? 40 1am Well, everyone's watching like NFL today where you're you're in church and Elon is they're tweeting out like hey, by the way, we're going to increase the price of autopilot which is like a substantial price hike. So he said that it follow the follow up tweet was my favorite. He's like note literally says note, you can upgrade your existing car to full self driving in two minutes via the Tesla app.

Kyle Mountsier  09:17

Red note, in three minutes, you can spend 15 grand go seriously guys, seriously, people are paying 15 G's for an app download that they can upgrade in two minutes like talk about and and excitement and accessibility and it just like ticks so many boxes. It's unbelievable. Well, it

Paul Daly  09:44

does a lot to I think to just kind of like forward the conversation that we've been having recently about OEMs going the scripts subscription service. Obviously we gave GM a little heat for their for subscription of OnStar. We also talked about like about two or three weeks ago we were talking about turning On and Off features in your car view subscription, heated seats and all this other stuff. I think that Tesla is doing us all a favor by showing us like, Hey, you can actually this does work, people will use it. And obviously an extreme example of a $15,000 upgrade for your car just toggled on and off. They did say they're going to honor any order at the $12,000 price point. And here's another thing, like there's been a lot of heat to autopilot, right, the National Highway Transportation, something something. And it NHTSA, you know, they were, they were saying like, hey, we were investigating autopilot and Tesla consumers our show, pretty much. I don't even know what the word is to use. There's so fanatical to show that autopilot works, that they're shooting their own videos showing how great it is. And then, you know, like the response from the government is like, hey, we advise that you don't use real pedestrians or your people when you're testing. We just told you we think it might not be safe enough to like, watch

Kyle Mountsier  10:59

this even is this. Yeah, and Tesla owners defending? Like, how right do you have to get it to on a Sunday morning? Tweet, a software upgrade? Three grand price increase? And also have your owners battling the government via online videos for your honor.

Paul Daly  11:23

Oh, but hey, look, if you can do that, and you have consumers they're doing something right. That's something right is definitely brand let's learn and take cues from it. And just like kind of move forward and speaking of brands, segue. Kyle, you need to talk about this. Okay, when

Kyle Mountsier  11:42

I read this, first of all, there were eight words in the article that I didn't know before I read the article. And so now I'm much more educated. Okay, maybe it's an exaggeration. But Tony, the tiger is now the first mascot to stream on Twitch becoming a V tuber. So this is something that's a little bit different than just like a regular YouTuber. And obviously, the trend has switched from not just YouTube, but over to twitch as well. And the idea is that it's a virtual tuber allowing people to have brands other than like themselves, their person and typically it's a Japanese trend. So a lot of the a lot of the YouTube or a lot of the Twitch streamers and V tubers actually look like anime characters and are super computer generated and people are usually utilizing you know, heat seeking cameras and special gloves to basically animate themselves well, this is the first time that a mascot a brand a larger than life brand has come from outside into the streaming service. And the the note from the head of twitches brand partnership studio said this innovative concept taps into the growing popularity of V tubing on Twitch where we saw V tubing content increase 467% Last year over year last year meaning people are flocking in droves to this type of content creation and now we see literally and this is the thing that I think is funny. Who knows even 90 year olds can get it on the game.

Paul Daly  13:27

i My mind is going nuts right? Like we need Kylo Ren hosting we need like you know like an insecure Kylo Ren hosting of YouTube and people throwing shade in the comments. Like this is like waiting to just explode. I like the fact that they can integrate stuff like some brand elements into like Tony The Tigers like super computer streaming computer is actually cooled by milk. Right? Makes sense. You can see it there. If you're looking at the photos, the water coolers milk cooled computer. So look, even if you're not the streaming type brands have an opportunity today to just differentiate themselves and you cannot stop technology you cannot stop culture. So stop trying to stop it. Right if you're a dealer stop trying to stop it. Right don't put a rock in there and like make people watch your thing just build a little boat and say okay, that sounds right. Yep, exactly the boat and float along top. We told you it's gonna be a quick show. So it is you have work to do. We have work to do. Head over to a show to conduct calm. We would love to spend some time with you in person in September, just three weeks from now, three weeks from right now Kyle, we're going to be rocking in Philadelphia.