Dominic Sylvester, GM, Bob Weaver Auto & Laurie Sylvester, Bob Weaver Auto

March 3, 2023
ASOTU was on the ground during the 2023 NADA Show and caught up with Dominic and Laurie Sylvester.
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Dominic Sylvester is the General Manager at Bob Weaver Auto.

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Kyle Mountsier: 0:00This is In the Dirt with ASOTU.

Paul Daly: 0:05

This is one of my favorite things because I just said, Have you ever done an interview before? I knew I said, No. Okay, so I just said it's the Sylvester family. And they both looked up. I just noticed they both had the last name, Sylvester. So tell me a little bit about your stores your group, why you're here and just give us the background for a second who wants to go first?

Dominic Sylvester: 0:23

Well, we, we have GM products and we have Chrysler products. We're in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, home of Yuengling beer. And we're here to just learn more about the business like we do every year. So just trying to get a feel for what's doing out there in the market.

Paul Daly: 0:39

And so you are the dealer principals? Yes. And what is your role in the company?

Laurie Sylvester: 0:45

So I'm new, I'm new to the company. I'm part of the sales department and learning a lot of the business and how they're going to grow.

Paul Daly: 0:52

So tell me about the journey into being a Dealer. Has it been like, is it a generational thing? Is it a newer thing? How did we get here?

Dominic Sylvester: 1:00

It's kind of a new thing.

Paul Daly: 1:02

And where did okay, so your dealer now, what were you last?

Dominic Sylvester: 1:07

No, I've been in the business for 21 years. So just kind of moving into that role. So and what other roles have you served? GM, Service Manager, Fixed Pperations? So been around the dealership, sales.

Paul Daly: 1:19

And so what is your aspiration for the store and that now you're at the helm? A lot of things are changing. What are you staying focused on?

Dominic Sylvester: 1:27

People. Really,

Paul Daly: 1:29

that's the best answer people omand explain that a little bit. Like when you say people unpack it just for a minute.

Dominic Sylvester: 1:38

Best thing is to watch someone come become successful. And the more successful they are, the more your whole environment enriches. So it's all about the people and even the customers people. If they're happy, everybody's happy. So it's true. Yeah.

Paul Daly: 1:56

Okay, you're you're you say you're just getting into the sales part of the business. Tell me about that. What were you doing before you? Were you in the Automotive or somewhere else?

Laurie Sylvester: 2:03

No, I wasn't manufacturing. So now I just moved into the Automotive part of the business. Our manufacturing did work with parts for the vehicles. So I knew a little bit about the vehicles. And now trying to sell them.

Paul Daly: 2:18

Well, you're trying to I bet you are actually selling them though.

Laurie Sylvester: 2:21

We're working on it for sure.

Paul Daly: 2:22

What's your favorite car to sell right now? The one we have in stock, right?

Laurie Sylvester: 2:26

Yeah, that one? Yeah. No,

Paul Daly: 2:28

But do you have one that you that you enjoy presenting

Laurie Sylvester: 2:31

the one that I drive right now, Yeah, yeah. So when I always wanted so that's what I have now.

Paul Daly: 2:37

Okay, so you're at the show, you have a lot of things to see and do. It's there's just it's kind of like sensory overload. What is one thing you want to walk away from the show with besides an interview,

Dominic Sylvester: 2:52

just more information on social media.

Paul Daly: 2:54

Okay, so social media and kind of the marketing, right? Yep. Yeah. And how are you? Are you deploying social media? In your sales? salesmanship? Yeah, no,

Dominic Sylvester: 3:03

We have, we have managers that do that. So just trying to try to help them out. Just try to learn some stuff, have some ideas and just bounce it by everybody.

Paul Daly: 3:12

Well, very good. Look, first time interview New Dealers. This is really at the heart of what we do as an organization. So thank you so much for giving me a lot of minutes. Thank you.

Kyle Mountsier: 3:20

Thank you. Thank you for listening to in the dirt with ASOTU. We love the automotive industry and the people who make it run day in and day out. We would love to connect with you more through our daily dose of fun, a free email that you can sign up for at That's a s o t We put our heart and soul into it every day. Thanks again for listening. Join us next time for more Conversations in the dirt with ASOTU.

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