From Linear TV to OTT: The Future of Targeted Automotive Marketing with Anthony Jingoli and Brendan Jackson

June 20, 2024
Glenn Pasch sits down with Anthony Jingoli, Senior Director of Automotive Strategy and Partnerships for Effectv and Brendan Jackson from Effectv
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In this episode of ASOTU CON Sessions, Glenn Pasch sits down with Anthony Jingoli, Senior Director of Automotive Strategy and Partnerships for Effectv and Brendan Jackson from Effectv to explore the intricacies of content strategy and the evolution of targeted advertising. Anthony and Brendan shed light on the confusion surrounding OTT, addressable advertising, and the overall TV ecosystem, providing clarity on how these elements fit into a comprehensive marketing strategy.

The discussion delves into the benefits of addressable advertising, which allows for specific targeting at the household level, enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns. They emphasize the importance of integrating linear and digital advertising to create a cohesive strategy, and highlight how modern measurement techniques can provide deeper insights into campaign performance. The episode wraps up with a forward-looking perspective on leveraging first-party data and the future of personalized, data-driven advertising.

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0:00 Intro

1:08 Overview of Effectv's role and services

2:55 Explanation of addressable advertising

3:53 Integrating linear and OTT advertising for cohesive strategies

4:58 Measuring effectiveness of advertising campaigns

6:33 Evolution of measurement techniques

8:29 Future capabilities in data integration and targeting

9:27 Collaboration and industry partnerships for better audience insights

Unknown: 0:02

You're listening to the asotu con sessions by Effectv, live from asotu con 2024

Glenn Pasch: 0:09

this is Glenn Pasch, and I'm here at the asotu con podcast stage in collaboration with Effectv. Sitting across from me is Anthony jingoli, Senior Director of automotive strategy and partnerships, and also Brendan Jackson from Effectv as well. Great gentlemen. So we were talking about content our previous guests, we were talking about content creation. So now we're talking about, what I'd love to talk with you about is this idea of a content strategy and where your company fits into it. I think there's a lot of confusion around what you know the strategy is through OTT addressable, like you hear all these words. So just to level set expectations, walk the audience through what your company does, and where you hear the confusion points from your dealer clients about what you do, and how do you address that to make them understand

Brendan Jackson: 1:08

Yeah, so as part of Effectv we live under the Comcast advertising umbrella, and our solution set is really the premium video ecosystem. Spans the entire ecosystem from live traditional television to video on demand through to streaming, and so we partner with dealers to to connect, essentially, their their brands, with consumers in a meaningful way. And one of the things that we're most excited about as it relates to the TV ecosystem. You know, when you think about Effectv, you hear Comcast, you think oftentimes, just a cable company, live TV, very static, spray and pray, whatever you want, however you want to call it, with new capabilities that we are now deploying through addressable advertising. We're able to target specific messages and creative to specific audiences at a household level, and being under the Comcast umbrella. Again, the benefit there is that we are ultimately, then able to stitch that ecosystem together across under one singular campaign, one impression, goal, deliver advertising to those households across live TV, video on demand and streaming.

Glenn Pasch: 2:22

So, so let me touch on that, because you again, said the word addressable, yep. So some folks are going to still go, I'm not quite sure that what that means, but when you're saying I can deliver specific content to a household, is that, based on my assumption is that if I watch certain channels, my ads going to be to me, targeted to me, what I want to see on that, where maybe my wife is going to see a different messaging because she's on a different set of channels. Is that something that I'm correct when you say addressable, or am I completely off base?

Brendan Jackson: 2:55

To some extent, you're correct, but it's at a household level, okay? But so let's just say, for example, you may be in market for a Toyota truck. Anthony might be in the market for Toyota SUV. I'm not in market. When we deliver an addressable campaign, you'd receive the truck, you'd receive the SUV ad unit, and I wouldn't receive anything.

Glenn Pasch: 3:16

Okay, great. So Anthony, where when you're talking to dealers, because this, even though it seems like this has been around for a while, or in some way, as you said under the Comcast and every, every time I see you at shows and we talk with your company, there's a new iteration, no expansion, more capabilities. So where still is that confusion for a dealer when they're going Ott, well, I don't understand and how do I use it? So it's so it's a two part question, where's their confusion and how do you recommend this in their marketing strategy?

Anthony Jingoli: 3:53

Yeah, I think what's happened is dealers have been kind of told, Hey, go do your linear, your television campaign, then go do your OTT campaign, which is digital. And the way we look at it is, no, these are one thing. This is all TV. This is all video, and we're trying to deliver your audience to you. So as a dealer, you sit down and say, Who do I want to reach? How often do I want to reach them? How do I want to reach them? And then we put that plan together so it could be top of the funnel, broader reach. Here's your campaign across many audiences. And then as we work down, we get closer towards addressable, into streaming, where we could say, Okay, let's get in a one on one environment. Let's talk specifically to a customer set and deliver the content you want that is specific to them at the moment they want it. And why it's so valuable is because we could stitch both of those platforms together and measure it. And right now, what a lot of dealers are doing is they are measuring their OTT independently. Maybe they're measuring their linear maybe they're not doing linear at all anymore, right? And they can't reconcile all these things together, and we think that gives us a unique advantage.

Glenn Pasch: 4:58

So on that point, because I know. The dealer sitting here are going, ha, how do I measure it? How do I know it's working? Now, my thought sometimes is, well, how did we measure before, right? How do we measure a TV commercial before? Oh, I had someone tell me that they saw the commercial, so it must be working. And I think the problem with digital is that we were sold a half bill of goods that, oh, with digital, you can track everything. And that's also a fallacy, so somewhere in between. So when someone says to you, Well, how do I know this is working? How do I measure it? What are the metrics that you're sharing with them? To say, this is an effective, aha, sorry, effective way to to execute marketing? Yeah, I

Anthony Jingoli: 5:45

think it comes down to there's the standard KPIs that come with any kind of television or OTT campaign in terms of delivery time spent things like that. But what we're doing more of is matching ad exposure back, so we know who saw the ad. We could share that back. And now you can take as a dealer, look at your own metrics, look at your Google Analytics, look at your organic direct search. Did it increase? Did it go up after the campaign? But now I can tie that back to the people that that came and say, okay, this person came and I know they were exposed to an ad. I can draw some correlation that I helped drive that person there. I'm not going to take full credit, but we're getting closer to this world of being able to show the value of video across all screens and what it does to a dealer's other KPIs, like their website

Brendan Jackson: 6:33

and to your point, right? TV, linear TV and streaming have for a long time been measured very differently, right? There have been ratings points on the linear side, streaming has been much more of a digital currency, impression currency. And like with the targeting capabilities of TV, of what continuing to evolve measurement has as well. And so that's one of the kind of continued evolutions is now there is a common currency of impression across linear video on demand and streaming that allow us to understand how these different strategies are complementing one another, what's happening at the creative level, the platform, the device level, so that it can truly be optimized in a much more of a digital fashion. Yeah, and

Glenn Pasch: 7:16

what I like, what both of you were saying, especially what you were saying in terms of, yeah, I'm not going to be, maybe be able yet to draw that direct line, but I can show that influence, right? I can show the fact, and what I really like is the fact that if my ads are running and I'm seeing tracks into my website moving up at a similar time, you have to believe that that's the influence, right, that they're seeing this multiple times, and people are now moving through this, what put your, put your, you know, long term view on and maybe you can share something with us. Where are we going next? Because now, like you said, this idea of stitching, and that's what I like about your company, is the fact that you have both hands where someone who just is a OTT player, that's all I'm going to measure, versus something that's integrated through this. And you all have done a very good job to say, well, I want to be help you integrate through an influence. I want to show you how this connects to all of what you do through content and effectiveness, but long term, like, what's next? What's our capabilities? What's our ability to measure influence, to be able to even get more granular, potentially more specific. What's coming down the pike?

Brendan Jackson: 8:29

You hear a lot about in the past day and a half, or a lot about CDPs and the importance of first party data from a dealer's perspective. But then also in the Comcast world, the first party that we have around AD exposure, and I think they're all going to continue to see more the of the ability to leverage first party data from dealers within our platform in more automated ways that still, you know, again, we think about the bottom of the funnel. There's a place to be, but there's also it's a part of the overall mix, and it's important to also be thinking about more broadly. How do you also influence consumers, potential consumers that are three months out, six months out. So to answer your question, I think it's one, one component of that is the ability to more easily transact on dealers data and activate dealers data,

Glenn Pasch: 9:18

I mean pulling it in to your ecosystem. Correct, yes, correct. And

Brendan Jackson: 9:23

then continued measurement and enablement of that data across the ecosystem,

Anthony Jingoli: 9:27

yeah, I think what what we know is what we don't know, right? And there's a lot of great companies here at this conference all over the place that do tremendous work in sort of measuring what, what dealers are doing to drive more sales, to drive more conversions. So I think we're leaning into, what can we learn from the industry? Who can we partner with to help give us a richer richer audiences on the front end and then richer measurement on the back end, so that we can rising tide lifts all boats and help dealers really eliminate waste in their spend and be much more. Effective in their campaigns? Yeah, and

Glenn Pasch: 10:01

I think, I think what you're what I'm hearing is, is that idea of connecting with people and wanting to be open to collaboration. But to your point is, if I can import data of people who've who are your customers already, that also now my brain's going well, I could run different campaigns for them, different campaigns for the people who are not but in your market who are higher funnel, whatever it allows you to become, to leverage all of your tools in a more effective way, to help your dealers. Because now I'm not just pushing data. I'm pulling into this ecosystem of of the CDP, and even have it, I can go in and bi directionally update and things like that. I really like that. All right. Well, like I want to thank you both for being here. I appreciate and let's give them a big round of applause.

Unknown: 10:54

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