Hertz Missed the EV Mark, GM Goes Streaming, & Check Your Valentines

February 8, 2023
We are wrapping up a Texas tour with some fun things from around auto and culture. We check out how Hertz came up short of their Tesla targets, GM vividly explains their marketing plans in a marketing thing, and we throw the penalty flag on Valentine’s Day AI mastery.
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  • Hertz and Tesla miss the target for fleet vehicles in 2022.
  • “That implies the company's fleet has 48,344 Tesla EVs, or less than half of the 100,000 electric cars the company decided to order from the automaker by the end of 2022.”
  • “Hertz's fourth-quarter revenue rose 4% to $2.04 billion.”

  • GM, Netflix, Will Ferrel and millions of dollars come together for an ad in this year’s Super Bowl.
  • Popular Netflix shows Bridgerton, Stranger Things, and Army of the Dead are all featured as Will Ferrel moves through various scenes while driving or featuring a GM EV
  • This is a precursor for a deal that will have GM EV’s placed in Netflix programming and an effort to normalize them in various scenarios

  • Seems like Valentines Day, Legal Drafts, and Letters to the Teacher are now being brought to you by AI generated text.
  • “42% of U.S. men plan to use AI to write a Valentine’s note this year, compared to fewer than one-fifth of women.”
  • “McAfee also asked respondents to say which of two short love poems they found more romantic—one written by E. E. Cummings or one written by ChatGPT in the style of E. E. Cummings. ChatGPT’s poem won by a landslide, with 67% of U.S. respondents saying it was more romantic.”

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:33

Hey, it's Wednesday, February 8, we're still in Texas. The Texas Tour is going strong. We're talking about hurts missing the Evie March em going streaming and check your Valentine.

Kyle Mountsier  00:44

Check those Valentine's we'll get to it. It's a little dicey.

Paul Daly  00:48

It's been a while since I had to check my valentine. Yeah. But hey, we are just real fired up, because we've gotten to spend now two days in a row with two different auto groups of different sizes, but both very, very engaged in becoming better,

Kyle Mountsier  01:03

man. I'm telling you like, the questions that auto groups are asking right now, whether like the past two days that we've talked to them or others that I'm trying to do the questions that everybody's asking, are detailed dialed in. There are different variety than then I've heard in a long time. Like, there are some really cool things that are going to come out of automotive in this year. I think

Paul Daly  01:24

troublemakers everywhere full on trouble for lunch trouble, you're gonna have trouble comes a friction. But we're excited because people are starting to get unlocked. Yes, in this industry. And it's something that we hope for work for every single day. And now we're seeing it at the ground level. And those of you in the asoto community, you know, you know who you are? Well, we got a lot more trouble making the due date news to talk about, hey, what real quick,

Kyle Mountsier  01:46

on the ground level thing. Yeah, if you listen to this show, and you know, some people that are on the ground level reminder that aren't maybe tuned in or dialed in to what's happening in auto, or, you know, they go to Worlds, they're not gonna they're not checking out the asoto world or anything like that, forward on the email for it on the podcast, bring some more people in the ecosystem, it is no fun to just like, keep all of this amazing auto stuff to yourself. So it's not just self serving, like we really want to serve the industry with insights and content and things that might help them progress in their career, share more in the community, all that fun stuff. Well,

Paul Daly  02:23

the thing is true that when people get in the community, they find each other Yeah, right. Like minded people are gathering here. So don't leave your friends. Don't leave the frontline workers out, please. Because we know that our audience is largely not frontline workers, right? And they have the most incredible insights if you just take some time to listen. Speaking of listening, that has nothing to do with nothing to do and we don't even have a trigger button. We don't know a set it but you heard it in your mind. So hertz and Tesla missed their target for their fleet of EVs and 2022 basically implies the company's fleet has 48,000 Tesla EVs are less than half of the 100,000 electric cars they decided to order from the automaker by the end of 2022. That's

Kyle Mountsier  03:06

a lot. I don't know if you caught that number, but that's over half. I like when they said they only have 48,344, right, which is still larger, like you think about 48,000. Tesla's look like, that's a lot of Tesla's Yeah, yeah, that's moving around the country, people able to rent them, but charging, and we're seeing that that 100,000 mark, and, like, I think that there's probably a few things at play, there might be some supply chain things that might be lower demand that's still trying to catch up to the demand of rental cars. I mean, hertz really made a big play. You know, Tesla saw a 10% jump in their stock price when that was announced that they were going to do 100,000. So I'm wondering how this news might impact like, their man, you know,

Paul Daly  03:46

I know it's interesting. Hate is hertz isn't eligible for credit, or they

Kyle Mountsier  03:50

know, not commercial.

Paul Daly  03:52

I watched I wonder what price they lock those Tesla's in that. Right. Now, we're not taking delivery and I think they just weren't made they probably wouldn't they probably got to deal they probably got to deal. But again, it's just another step into the kind of the electrification future, talking to some executives, some hearing board doubt. Yeah, and I've ever heard before, like people saying, like I was really in in the beginning. And the more I learned and the more I see, the more I doubt, so it will be very interesting again, from that kind of like executive auto frontlines people that we're all for it are starting to question a little bit Mr. Toyota sitting back from his chairman of the board seat, like I told

Kyle Mountsier  04:33

ya, was speaking of interesting things from the executives. Oh, this is very, very good. Very, very good. All right. If you haven't seen it yet, you're gonna see it come this weekend around the Superbowl ads, but the ad is already out GM Netflix and welfare owed have partnered to come together for an ad in this year's Super Bowl. It's a isn't a 62nd ad. It felt

Paul Daly  04:55

like 60 seconds, which is unfortunate. You can

Kyle Mountsier  04:58

click the link in the show now. It's, it's linked up there. But basically what they've done is done like a tour with him around shows like bridgerton Stranger Things army, the army of the dead, everything that's like the main Netflix stuff making fun of the fact that they are going to either put in GM EVs or not put in GM EVs, which was really funny. It was like Bridgeton probably not a good product, please Stranger Things.

Paul Daly  05:25

No, it was it was mildly humorous. We'll probably do a reaction video after but I mean, I like when when Will Ferrell can be involved in the auto industry. I think it's a fun thing. But I mean, that's a lot of millions. It's a lot of millions. And I'm gonna be honest with you. The link is in the article in the show notes today, we'll probably do a reaction video. Like I said, the whole time. I was trying really hard to like, I want to laugh out loud. I want us to be so funny and probably 30 seconds and I'm like, I haven't laughed yet. And then my 45 seconds. Like there's

Kyle Mountsier  05:53

the same. Okay, here. Sorry, you

Paul Daly  05:56

can't you can't want a wall. But I mean, people will love it. There's some nostalgia in there. And I think part of it

Kyle Mountsier  06:01

is like they're literally calling out their marketing plans in their marketing. Yeah, it's very, very tongue in cheek. Yeah, it's kind of a fun play on that. So all right, speaking of tongue in cheek, weird.

Paul Daly  06:21

Better than I thought, it's really good.

Kyle Mountsier  06:26

You see the first layer of it, it's like tongue in cheek. Okay. That tongue in cheek.

Paul Daly  06:33

Sees I don't know if you've ever laughed this transit back from this. Valentine's Day legal drafts and letters to the teacher are now being brought to you by your favorite AI generated text chatbot chat GPT according to I don't know where the data came from. But 42% of us men plan to use AI to write a Valentine's note this year compared to fewer than 1/5 of women.

Kyle Mountsier  06:58

It's unbelievable. Yeah, it was a it was a study done by actually zimfest company. It was in Fast Company McAfee, who's well known as like an internet security safety type thing. But they just wanted to kind of see like what people are going to be using. It was interesting, because like, six, seven of the respondents said, Hey, I would get highly offended, or 67% highly offended if I knew that that was happening. But like, way close to half are going to

Paul Daly  07:27

do it. No, that's gonna be an awkward question. Because you know, that love notes gonna come across now. Like, the person that got it's gonna be like, that's way too good for you. Yeah, it's like a double insult. Like, this is way too good for you. Did AI write this? And you were like, Nah, not Well, I mean, I, I prompted it. Yeah, totally your name? Yeah. So I mean, things are changing. People are using chat GPT for all types of things. Yeah. We've talked to

Kyle Mountsier  07:50

people they like I've drafted legal stuff. I've drafted array responses

Paul Daly  07:54

today. Somebody said I had him write a letter to the State Department requesting a visa for my in laws. Unbelievable. And it wrote like the perfect legally, you know, accurate visa request. Couple of

Kyle Mountsier  08:05

days ago, someone was like, I had to write an angry letter to a teacher and everything I typed was real, real mad. So I asked chat GPT to write it

Paul Daly  08:12

is so smart. And they were like, it was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted to say. So I don't know. I mean, tying that back. Right. There are a lot of uses for chat. GVT is just seeping into pop culture. It's becoming now a very ingrained part of pop culture very quickly. It's the first piece of software to 100 million users. fastest ever unbelievable, like a lot faster than tick tock.

Kyle Mountsier  08:32

Oh, yeah. Like four years faster? I think it was or some good grief. Yeah.

Paul Daly  08:36

And so Microsoft just announced today, this article is not in here. But Microsoft just released. Its chat GPT driven search on their new Bing on the new Bing experience that you can get where they just pop into the AI and they're like, Hey, we think this is better than Google search results? Of course, they're gonna say that, yes. Because until then, they were like Microsoft, who?

Kyle Mountsier  08:55

Yeah, well, so what they're doing is they're aligning. They're like, they have like the regular search results. And then right next to it, they got the open AI search results, which is kind of like a tween thing. They're using the API to draw that out. So I think that that's a really cool, kind of, like, I've noticed that, you know, I mean, I've been saying this a lot to people is like, hey, search is so often zero click. And that's why, you know, Google presents a lot of information on the homepage, or like the search page, because most people actually don't click in search, they're searching for the information, they find it, and they leave. And this is just a way to drive straight to the information a lot quicker. You know, instead of going like the Progressive Web App way, which is kind of the way Google saw it back three, four years ago. This is a lot quicker way to the information. And whether you're writing Valentine's Day, legal drafts, letters of teachers are getting quicker information, hey, it's a part of culture

Paul Daly  09:44

and you better be paying attention because this is going to change the automotive marketing landscape. It will as well. Well, look counted. I have super early flights because apparently that's all we do anymore. So we're going to be the airport in the air back in the office and doing the whole thing. Thanks for spending a few minutes with us. And don't forget when we said at the beginning of the show, if you know someone on the front line, someone who's in sales or fixed ops, please just take a second. Share the email with them, let them know we try to make this podcast for them every single day. Thank you for being here and we'll see you tomorrow.

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