How to Attract Top Talent to Your Store | The ASOTU Wheelhouse

March 19, 2024
Consumer Reports, Carvana and Cybertrucks, oh my!
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Do consumers pay attention to top car lists? What software is absolutely necessary for success in the dealership world? Does the general population care that inflation is still high? And how can you make yourself the place to attract the top talent in the auto industry?

On this fast-moving episode of the ASOTU Wheelhouse, host Daniel Govaer is joined by Colby Joyner, VP of Marketing & Strategy at Cavender Auto Group, Jarrod Kilway, VP of Digital Operations at Casa Automotive Group, Alan Brown, General Manager at Sam Pack’s Five Star Chevrolet and Jordan Cox from ASOTU | More Than Cars.

Here’s what we cover on today’s episode:

0:00 Intro and Disclaimer

3:02 Around the horn with today’s panelists

6:15 Is Carvana Selling Stolen Cars?

10:15 Ex-NFL Player Blocked from Buying Cybertruck by Financial Adviser

12:17 Inflation Is Up, People Are Still Spending

15:12 Is Consumer Reports Still Relevant?

21:02 What is essential software at a dealership?

24:23 Colby’s EV experience so far

25:38 How to make your store a talent magnet

31:09 Dealership Relationship Advice

Alan Brown: 0:00

Well, we break down the walls of communication and get it right. And everybody in the organization understands their importance. They understand what the mission is from one month to the next and what the goals are. And when the factory's showing up to one of these pep rallies, then they're pouring into the people. Guess what, all of a sudden, the culture takes off. And we know that pay is like number seven, and the top 10 reasons why we work somewhere. So what are you doing with one through six? That's my challenge their violent call?

Daniel Govaer: 0:28

Absolutely. All right, who's next?

Colby Joyner: 0:31

Do we have to continue?

Daniel Govaer: 0:37

Welcome back, everybody to the most action packed episode of the wheelhouse that we've had this week. Joining me today, of course, we have a little bit of a changeup in our cast of characters, which only helps us have even a better better discussion than we typically have. And I'll get to introducing them here in just a second. But of course, first off to remind everyone that we do have a proud status of being the only show on a Saturday that has its own disclaimer, and that the views opinions represented here are those of the individual speakers themselves, and not representative of the company that employs them, or their affiliates. Okay, so now that we've got that out of the way, up in your top right corner there, we got Kobe Joyner, who is the director of all things strategy, digital, and marketing and an Internet. Right, is that close enough with networks? Having your auto group right, Jared, Jared, kill way and I'm sorry, Jared, why don't you tell us what what your new role is that you get a chance to introduce yourself properly?

Jarrod Kilway: 1:35

So VP of Digital operations at Casa Automotive Group,

Daniel Govaer: 1:40

which has stores located in a couple of countries, right?

Jarrod Kilway: 1:44

Or my Texas in New Mexico? Okay, so

Daniel Govaer: 1:47

a newer version of Mexico, and then Texas got the New Mexico

Colby Joyner: 1:51

and a newer version of Mexico and an older version of Mexico.

Daniel Govaer: 1:56

Oh, yeah, I see what you did there. Right. Okay, and then, sorry. You might have made me think about the border wall. You're gonna have to and let me Yeah, so Okay, well, you guys can edit that later. But anyway, getting that I had a hole it gave me like a whole line of jokes. Anyway. Alan Brown GM at Sam packs, five star Chevrolet. And thanks for joining us, again, not a first timer here at the wheel house appreciate you decided to give us another shot. And Sir Jordan Cox ologists as his community, but we all know it also helps produce the wheelhouse but also manages the community at ASOTU. So thank you guys all for joining us. As usual, we'd like to hear a 32nd update from each of you on what it what the world looks like close to you what you're seeing this month, what you've noticed in automotive, from your guys eyes share with the rest of us who might be listening or watching. What are you seeing in your corner of the world and cobia about 30 seconds on the clock for you.

Colby Joyner: 3:02

Great men, you know, March for us has been big we are we are moving forward where we're pacing are our main goal, we've had this goal of 1700 units for I want to say about a year and a half of trying to get to 1700 units over the eight stores. December was our highest month in that and this month, we're pacing past that point, which is great, even mid month to be a case to be pacing that. Lot of customers a lot of activity, a lot of people coming in, you know, not as much, not as much. So it's been pretty good. Okay,

Daniel Govaer: 3:39

I'm curious if not as much negative equity is because we're seeing a bit of a rise in the demand for pre owned cars like the valuation thereof or this is just because these are the people that bought cars, right as COVID was not yet taking the big effect that it took. But that's interesting to hear, Jared 30 seconds on a clock. Anything that's coming across your field division. Yeah,

Jarrod Kilway: 3:58

no, absolutely. So it's been very interesting transitioning back from vendor space over to retail. And it's really interesting to take a look at it here. Based on what's changed. It's really interesting to see not only from the consumer side, but also from the dealer side of what's going on with really focusing on options of leases are coming back. It seems like APR offers are coming out of the woodworks and then really people are focused on the big rebates to offset negative equity to

Daniel Govaer: 4:31

and what brands are you representing just or for Jim

Jarrod Kilway: 4:34

for a GMC Buick, Mazda Hyundai. Toyota cdjr. Yep, that's good. Okay, that's everything.

Daniel Govaer: 4:44

If you have more Adam later Jordan Cox 30 seconds on the clock for you.

Jordan Cox: 4:50

I'll speak for everybody that is in automotive retail as a whole. And really what I'm seeing is a lot of dealers had a really great month in February and a lot of that steam is really holding tight in March. I mean, here we are the third week in March, the first two weeks had been strong for everybody. But I'm excited to see some people start to set some more record. We saw that a lot in February. I think that's going to happen a lot this quarter as well, compared to last year, whether it's in the fixed side variable side, and I'm just excited for us cars to come back as a whole. That's always been a passion of mine.

Daniel Govaer: 5:21

Nicely done and well done inside the 30 seconds there. So well, thanks know, Jared, just use it. It's not 25 seconds of preamble and then five seconds of an answer that's just gets the point across better Allen 30 seconds on the clock.

Alan Brown: 5:35

Continuation of February parts and services on fire, I think people will hold on to the cars a little bit longer based on current interest rates. Use cars is only a challenge. Based on inventory on the ground. We're at an all time low with inventory. So obviously, use cars is a hot topic. They're new cars, you know, hey, we've got some models are incredibly hot. And we've got some models that we're having to do deep discounts on so I think we and the factory have to pay attention to that.

Daniel Govaer: 6:05

Excellent points. All right. I'm glad I asked. Andre points. Thank you. All right, let's let's take a look at just a couple of headlines from the we scooped up from this this week. And this headline caught my attention because it says another Carvana customer discovers they bought a car that was reported stolen i the comment because that another meaning like we have we've duplicated this. Yes. And in fact, they've been clients have been contacted after purchasing these vehicles by law enforcement, letting them know that they believe there's an issue with the car. They come and they look at it. And they do believe that and they've given them evidence, it looks like that these vehicles were reported stolen prior to them being sold to Carvana. Of course, it's not saying you know that that was the transaction. But at least that saying that, yes, these were reported stolen, at least prior to the transaction date with Carvana. Clearly prior to yours, my favorite quote in the article from one of the clients, who was Unfortunate ly involved in this, as I know, on their website, they have 150 Point Inspection. But you would think that if they really did 150 Point Inspection, they would have caught the stolen Vin, and I wouldn't be in this situation today. I don't know if that would have solved it by certainly, maybe something I don't know. What do you guys, is this surprising? What do you guys think?

Jarrod Kilway: 7:13

I think it's something that's been going on forever. I mean, you look back at the automotive, it's been going on for rental cars back in the 60s and 70s that were taken to drag strips and raised and then turn back in. But I just think the industry as a whole it's something that's continuously happen. But now with the channels we have, it's just getting more exposure to it because of poor vana and what they represent.

Daniel Govaer: 7:35

Yeah, I mean, we're half a century past the days of the drag strips with the, you know, so shouldn't and things shouldn't things have improved. And why is this? Why is this seem to be like we're seeing two in a row almost. And it's coming from Carvanha. And there's something inherent in their process. It's not inherent in what we have in the rest of the business.

Alan Brown: 7:53

Or there's something there's something broken in their process. And they've got to get their arms around it because, you know, unfortunately, they're getting a lot of bad press on this. And it continues to be a can that's getting kicked down the road for sure.

Daniel Govaer: 8:05

Yeah, I mean, I'm

Jordan Cox: 8:06

I think it's process for sure. And I would be curious how many dealers would actually fall under the same issue, right? Because it sounds like the VIN just didn't match on the door and the windshield based off what the actual VIN was on the module when they plug it in. So I'd be curious how many dealers actually wouldn't be able to catch that either, because so I've been at three dealers in 10 years. At two of the three dealers, we would have not caught that. Because we wouldn't check for that. Although, I guess the only thing is, I don't think the title matched the that didn't match the title either. Number correctly, Daniel, right.

Daniel Govaer: 8:37

And that's Yeah, so I mean, but you're right. I mean, this is something we should all probably take a look at, too. I guess my point of it is more from the customer service aspect of things. How did this make it this far, because I believe that anybody on this call, if I bought a car from you, and police came and told me it was stolen prior to you selling it to me, and I called you and gave you the wow, that's fantastic, but not really, I don't think that would I still be in the car would have made it this far. And that's what I think is different. I don't think that anyone on here would have let it slide like that and let it get to the press and get and get it to the point where somebody's frustrated, but moving on and in some aspects of customer service. Another story following another Tesla cybertruck, an NFL player that tried to buy a cyber truck for about $100,000 over its original price was blocked, not by common sense, but by his financial advisor. And I there's a lot of things that I find pretty interesting with this, but not least of all the fact that like is there any other car in history that has garnered this much attention to every time someone buys and sells one as the Tesla cybertruck has? Not that I can remember, but is there anything else that I'm missing that's unique here? And I think Kobe just might be on mute.

Colby Joyner: 9:51

Yep. I said no, I think the biggest thing is that it's been like four years since they introduced it and it's finally coming out. It's been so much hype around it all and And they kind of just like, drip it slowly into the market will, with everybody and cars in the automotive industry just being wacky over the last several years. They want some uniqueness. They want something unique and fun and cool. And, you know, people have money to spend, and they're just gonna go crazy with it.

Alan Brown: 10:18

If Yeah, I got drove that truck when I was in elementary school, you know, the truck. You know, for sure.

Jarrod Kilway: 10:28

I think the amount of people as well that actually did the pre orders now that just through the $100 into the wind, and now they're starting to see them and starting to see what the value of these are, is also creating that idea in their head that, hey, I have this much potential equity, if I actually do buy this then. So it's creating additional Ico space in the in the market too.

Alan Brown: 10:51

Yeah, I think just money manager was probably spot on, right? There's gonna be a short period of time where there's going to be this buzz and excitement. And then this trucks gonna normalize like everything else, you know, RZ Oh, six was out of sight for what about six, eight months there. And now it's back down to, you know, just a touch above MSRP? If it's the right trim, so I think the money manager was spot on, look up

Jordan Cox: 11:15

to people I could ask, and they would tell me no, about buying any car whatsoever, a financial advisor and my wife? No, every time

Colby Joyner: 11:21

on Dave Ramsey. That's right. Well, I think that, you know, look at look at all the different various coins, right, the coins out there, they fluctuate, so high, so high, high, low, high low, you're gonna take something like this. And immediately, as long as there's equity in it, they're gonna kick it out to try to get the money. So they're not screwed on it. Right? They're not going to get the truck hold on to it. I want to drive it for a year, and it just bottoms out.

Daniel Govaer: 11:46

And at the same time, at the latest meeting of the Ford lightning project managers, I think it went something like this, why can't we be like that? As far as a deposit and delivery process goes, but maybe just my guess, I don't know, I don't have confirmation of that. Speaking of people just spending money left and right. Inflation is still there. And we see that and we hear it and it's like now is it a little bit more like is it falling on deaf ears because people keep spending? At least that's what I mean, we've heard a little bit let's expand a little bit of what you guys said and the around the horn, but that's also what the media is reporting is inflation is still there. But people are still spending a that what you're seeing and be any insights from your customers as to what exactly they're thinking.

Alan Brown: 12:30

You know, they're definitely still spending, I think they're a lot more cautious today than what they were 24 months ago, especially if you're trading a car deal that you did 24 months ago, and that that person was blessed with, you know, 4% and 75 months, and now you're showing them what nine and a half looks like. You know, it pauses the process and the in the conversation becomes a lot different than what it was 24 months ago. That's what we're definitely seeing. And I also think that's one of my parts and service businesses, people are starting to realize that you know, that three, four or 5%, right, that they had from two or three years ago, is worth hanging on to and servicing a little deeper.

Daniel Govaer: 13:11

Are you seeing any delays and actually getting vehicles in for repair? I mean, how far out or without, you know, being specific if you don't want to, but I mean, how are you seeing any delays in getting production through the shop? It's

Alan Brown: 13:20

a great question. It really is based on what the customer is coming in for, if it's a transmission or motor concern, we can be two or three weeks out, if it's trim, electrical, AC, you know, some normal type maintenance, we're within a couple of days. And we've we've really been really lucky with doing pickup and delivery. And that helps a lot, you know, with giving that customer that extra piece of, you know, confidence that we're going to come to them, and we're going to try to turn it as quickly as possible if it's a routine item.

Daniel Govaer: 13:55

Okay, anybody else seeing as far as what appointments are looking like on either sales or services is kind of indicative of the spending we're talking about.

Colby Joyner: 14:02

I mean, our say our sales appointments are going up our services is full. I think one of the biggest reasons that there's a lot of spend is that you have you have a fair amount of OEMs that are dropping these super low rates right now. You know, and so you have these people that got into a vehicle two years ago and 910 11 12% rate that can switch into a 0%. Yeah, the payment may be the same, if not a little bit higher, but they're more comfortable with that 0% rate. Yeah.

Daniel Govaer: 14:31

And the incentives are doing, I would think a decent job of counteracting just what the rate would eat because you know, you're getting first of all the rate, you don't have to drop the rate that far. I think that's what some manufacturers are realizing also, like you don't, you know, 00 is amazing, right? But you don't have to get to zero. And in fact, a lot of the special rates you have right now we're between like two, nine and four, nine for kind of looking across at the brands, and that seems to be doing it as well, which is kind of like a nice middle ground to be able to understand like we don't need it to be zero. It's nice that it's not 14 Right, like, the reasonable like, well, we'll definitely we can make a marketing effort out of it and it doesn't take that much. I'm talking to us a little bit about marketing. We're gonna move on to our next topic here. So as as every year, consumer reports listed there five best brands. Does anyone care? Let me ask you a different question. Does it influence any large number of people to buy a car on that list or not buy a car, if it doesn't show up on that list that doesn't affect NFL players going to buy cybertruck? Second, that's because it is, is this actually so my question is kind of two parts. Is this still actually influencing any group of people A and B? Who What does actually what is it? What is considered an influencer in the automotive world? Now? If not the old standbys of Consumer Reports, Farmers Almanac and Encyclopedia Britannica. I think there's

Jarrod Kilway: 15:56

a I think there's a generation, you know, it's it's funny, but there's an older generation, especially down here in South Florida, that still lean heavily on consumer reports, because that's all they've ever known. But I think the younger generation or our generation, per se, were more using Google and information and education to make decisions rather than a one party opinion.

Daniel Govaer: 16:22

Like, was anyone here worried that their brand wasn't on consumers? Like did anyone have a right? No,

Colby Joyner: 16:27

and but I think with with information today, like just because Consumer Reports put out five top brands, there's going to be an article from someone else, it's going to lift list five different brands. So there's going to be this complete confusion on who should you actually trust, which then what they do is they end up leaning towards people that they trust, like family, friends, their neighbor, somebody that has a vehicle and says, Hey, how do you like that? I love it. It's great, cool. Nothing else is going to convince them otherwise. Because they have that personal relationship with somebody that says it's good, or it's bad.

Jordan Cox: 17:02

Yeah, that's the hard part is it's Consumer Reports. We're talking about old media. And just like you guys said, there's been this big switch now to actual people and influencers. And some of the next represents like a personal brand, like even Doug Demuro. From a while ago, people were so tied and connected to him that he replaced Consumer Reports almost overnight. And I mean, when I when I was selling, this would have been like 2013 or 2014. There were only two people that brought up Consumer Reports that entire year. And they were both related father and son. So I think it's more generational than than anything. Well, did

Colby Joyner: 17:35

you see that? Did you see that all the hoopla that went around the MKBHD and his review of the Fisker ocean Fisker. It became this thing where the engineer was calling the guy that owned the ocean and was like, Hey, did you sell that to him? Because we need to try to figure this out, like that kind of influence, or a guy that has millions of subscribers on YouTube that does reviews on EVs probably had more influence on whether or not somebody's going to buy Fisker then Consumer Reports,

Jordan Cox: 18:03

it changed their stock pretty quick, didn't it? Yeah. Which is, which is amazing,

Daniel Govaer: 18:07

because I've worked for a brand that has no shortage of software updates for their vehicles, and they've never particularly cared if someone gives it this review or that. So I give him a little bit of credit, actually, for being that proactive on it. Yeah,

Alan Brown: 18:19

I think, I think cost of ownership when people are searching for information. And you know, a lot of our customers are on forums, you know, they're looking at a Camaro. They're on a Camaro forum, whatever the case might be. But Cost of Ownership is probably what they're seeking out more than anything else, especially if they're buying a new car. And they know that it's going to have New Car Warranty for X amount of time, what was the true cost of ownership? And when you look at different types of brands that have very high level of cost of ownership, but yet a pretty low entry price? I think that's why they struggle with some of the volume. And that's why you see him coming out with maintenance programs to try to offset that perception.

Daniel Govaer: 18:57

No, that's for sure. I think even if I just looked at like what in the here's, let's look at it through like a modern day lens. So I look at I look at Consumer Reports on Instagram, is that slimming? A lot of my information, then I see that I really have. There's only three people that I follow a one's a company, and then to people that follow Consumer Reports, those two people haven't bought a car in the last 10 years. I know. Right? And that's who follows them. So if it wasn't Consumer Reports, if we're just looking through the lens of any other media company, then I would kind of disqualify them as being like, Yeah, nobody I know that in this field actually follows them. So like, why should I grant, you know, 494,000 followers, which is, you know, me, but still, I don't know, because we're

Alan Brown: 19:37

seeing forms help customers on the parts and service side, especially under recalls, and what does that process going to look like? How are you going to have my car? A lot of these customers already had that information through a good forum. And

Daniel Govaer: 19:48

wouldn't it be cool at the time expired here, but like, Wouldn't it be cool if any of the automotive would advertise your inventory, if next to the the SRP You have your vehicle they had in there any open recalls, but your ability to service that be like What is your service wait time? And how can you get, you know, like this much time for an oil change this much time for tires. And this dealership can do your tires within a day this dealership takes a week this deal, right, and let's reward those good and give you so let's tie that I know, this is crazy talk, I'm speaking. But I like bringing sales and service kind of forefront. And so saying like you're going to be purchasing the vehicle with in your mind, what it's going to take to be an owner of that vehicle and how well that dealership that you're buying that car is equipped to actually handle the service for now I get it, you might not be buying it from your local dealer. And that's fine too. But a lot of people still are. And this will definitely reward you for paying attention to your service department in parks department doing a great job with the efficiency in the shop. Now it's front and center when you're trying to sell the vehicle. Crazy. I know but you know, crazy stuff. That's what I asked that that in the 500 season for the bears is what I asked for Santa every year unclear what's going to happen first actually. All right, as we as we talk about things that we see on the computer, if you guys landed in a in a new territory, the new store, what is one piece of software that you cannot live without you deem essential to your success? In that store? One piece of software you that's it you got to have? That doesn't mean it's the only one you got. But that's that's the one Jared start with you.

Jarrod Kilway: 21:23

So in terms of what software I would choose, it would be something what regarding analytics, most likely Google Analytics to be able to really track what is happening, I think now is in days time in place, having the understanding of what consumer behavior is online, is critical downstream from online to in store and actually post sale as well. So I would align myself with analytics to be able to really track the consumer experience from start to finish.

Daniel Govaer: 21:52

Okay, all right, call me.

Colby Joyner: 21:55

You know, I'm looking at it from my point of view. And what I'm doing in a store Monday, Monday for Monday for me is, if I did not have that I probably would not be employed here. Just Jared knows me, Jordan knows me, in terms of, I have a hard time focusing. So I need to make sure that I'm keeping things in line organized. And I'm knocking the task and items out. And without that with the eight stores. And I have six people on the team and all this stuff that's going on all the time, if I cannot stay organized, and I'm not doing my due diligence for the organization. So if if you gave me nothing other than, then I could I could do what I need to do.

Daniel Govaer: 22:41

Bang Monday. And project management got it. All right, Alan, how about you?

Alan Brown: 22:49

You know, I could go in so many different places, but I'm gonna say social media, I cannot do without social media, I can cut a lot of things in advertisement, and still get the message across still be relevant, and still have a lot of fun, open up the windows to our store on social media and let them know the fun factor and the quality of individual that's here. I think it's priceless. And I couldn't do without social media.

Daniel Govaer: 23:18

All right, Jordan, take us home.

Jordan Cox: 23:20

Oh, man, I gotta keep it well rounded now between like and social, both of those are excellent options. So I gotta pick something basic. I would not go anywhere without a good CRM system. And that and I don't mean that way as far as tracking someone's tasks, really just tracking engagement for customers. That was one thing that was really important for me. It was just tracking that seeing who was responding and having those top of mind awareness. There's some really good CRM providers out there. And everybody's got their favorite. But man, that's that's what I would go nowhere without a good CRM system.

Daniel Govaer: 23:52

All right, I'll let you off the hook from naming a specific one.

Jordan Cox: 23:55

I wish I the point. All right. What everybody else name their favorite.

Daniel Govaer: 24:02

For me, I think for me, it would be reverse. Reverse risk or excessive depending on who you can get to answer the phone. That would be Yeah, that would what I would want for dealerships. So I don't know where we're being successful. All right.

Colby Joyner: 24:14

It's always up on my screen. Okay, great. Great lines, man

Daniel Govaer: 24:17

just right. Did you by the way you have you You told us last time that you traded into an Eevee how's that experience going?

Colby Joyner: 24:24

So far, so good. I'm loving it. I got a charger in the house. So I'm not having to stop anywhere or charge anywhere. Obviously I work in a dealership so if I needed to I could. Overall it's been great. I haven't even missed going to the gas station or trying to do any of that stuff. It's fun to drive. I didn't the only thing I regret is not getting the GT version. That was a little bit quicker. But it's still quick. When I'm on the highway and I want to punch it I can still pass anybody easily. And I love the blue cruise the Mustang maki b i drove up to Rocco. Which one of our stores is up there? I drove out there, this last weekend is four and a half hour drive. And about 90% of the way I didn't touch the steering. Well,

Daniel Govaer: 25:08

that's cool. Okay, and then you trade it up front was you had a siesta or No,

Colby Joyner: 25:13

I had a bronco.

Daniel Govaer: 25:16

And so all right. But that's not I mean, you're not having and there's no, you don't have any anxiety about your range, or you're not

Colby Joyner: 25:23

at all now that I have a charger at the house? No, not at all.

Jordan Cox: 25:27


Daniel Govaer: 25:29

And so in this new place where we've just landed, and you've taken your favorite piece of software, what are just in the store that you're at now, actually, that's probably a better example, what is something that you can do, and I love that expression about opening up the windows of our store to the man that's same, you hit him with some diamonds, what is something that you can have? So if I'm listening to the show right now, and I want to actively make my, my place of employment known as a place where others should come work, you don't work here now. But these are this is something that I have that is known, that would make me a place that would attract talent. And in you know, in, for example, like if, you know, if you guys have recently switched jobs recently, like, what was something that attracted you to where you work? And and that could be too, but what is something if I'm listening to show right now, and I want to have something at the dealership that will make it known to talent out there that we're the place to be? What would that be? And Alan, I'll start off with you, because you hit us with such a great quarter earlier.

Alan Brown: 26:21

Yeah, you know, it's displaying your your culture, right. And, and there, you can, you can go into all different types of discussions when it goes to that. But, you know, our, our backbone of our culture is wrapped up at the end of the month in a pep rally. And it even made Automotive News in how we celebrate the employees of the month, how we go over the financials from the previous month that we go over forecast of the next month. So if you're a porter, a GSM, or somewhere in between, you walk away knowing what the mission was, how we did and what the mission is. And you know, when we when we break down the walls of communication and get it right, and everybody in the organization understands their importance, they understand what the mission is from one month to the next and what the goals are. And when the factory's showing up to one of these pep rallies, and they're pouring into the people, guess what, all of a sudden, the culture takes off. And we know that pay is like number seven, and the top 10 reasons why we work somewhere. So what are you doing with one through six? That's my challenge, thereby on call?

Daniel Govaer: 27:26

Absolutely. All right, who's next?

Colby Joyner: 27:29

Do we have to continue? Yeah.

Jordan Cox: 27:35

I'll go next. So I would say it's really about, at least for me, it was always about mentorship and development, where I'm going, where I'm working, is there really that opportunity to continue getting better at what you're doing? And is there someone that can mentor you in that role to help you improve that? And then are they also giving you opportunities to be a part of, you know, not necessarily to go hang out at events? But are they giving you the opportunity to continue your education through content? And I'm looking forward to the next few months? You know, there's Sean V. Bradley event that they have going on, there's a David Cain event they have going on in May, there's ASOTU CON, there's 20 groups that go year round. And it's just it's things like that, where you get in with other people and really learn from them. So mentorship and development, that's where it's at for me. Absolutely.

Daniel Govaer: 28:18

And see you at Kane automotive, if anyone else is going to that, see you there. That's right.

Jarrod Kilway: 28:23

For me, it's for me, it's community, I think community is a really big piece to it. And you Daniel, you and I both worked for a previous company that was very heavily involved with peloton up in Columbus. And that, you know, that's always a great feedback. And that really brings the community together up there in the Columbus market, but also with what we just did at Casa Autoplex. Last week, or last month, excuse me when we did the car giveaway. And it happened to be a you know, a veteran whose car broke down two days before and he is now pouring into the community of how just his appreciation, and what that's really doing for our personnel. It's not just about doing your tasks and doing this, it's about providing a service to the community and helping others. That's

Colby Joyner: 29:10

called a sanctuary. Let me seven seconds. So I champion Alan on what he was talking about when you know the utilization of social media really pushing out there the culture. I think having a visibility of professionalism across the board, from your content to the way your stores look to cleanliness and all that's just constantly putting that out there and every piece of content or copy or anything that you have, it's professional, but entertaining, educating and you know, it feels like you. I think at the same time though you have to champion the people, you have to show that people can be highly successful there. And they're going to be you know, mentored to to grow in that area. But you have to create a little bit of FOMO you have to create a little bit of it. feel like I'm missing out by not being involved in that organization. Because you're at an organization. Now, what's the difference between your organization and the one that you want to go to? Well, there's something that's pulling you there. It's either going to be the people that are that you want to hang around, it's going to be the potential for promotion or, or advancement, it's going to be the surroundings. It's, there's so much stuff, but you have to create that little bit of FOMO. And I think that can be put into every piece of content that's pushed out there. Anything that you push out, it's about, you know, getting your brand out there. It's about trying to capture more customers and trying to capture more people in general, people that are going to be, you know, future employees of yours, or people that are going to be champions of yours in the community. It's not just hey, I'm putting this ad out there because I want to sell a car. Hey, that ad may also get me a new salesperson that really likes the way that we did business.

Daniel Govaer: 30:54

Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. 100% does, we should do that more often. Because guys get some great responses out of that. Thank you. Let's go to the flip side of that. Let's go to the exact flip side of that, as part of a segment here that we do have some relationship advice for people not emotive, there's our theme music. Right. That's right. So I'm gonna be talking about having a landing page for a successful campaign. We've talked about having your alright, because that's where we're, like, useful for automotive but kinda right. We're basically the elliptical for automotive. All right. If give me some signs that you're working at a dealership that's just not that into you. I think Kobe, you've been a part of this before. So you can't reuse one. Although if you did, we maybe wouldn't remember. But it's not just something I worked at a dealership, what's the sign? And we've gone over some things, right? Like, you know, training gets cut, all of a sudden, there's no training. There's no, there's no meetings, there's no huddles, there's no quarterly recognition, things like that. We've kind of gone over that. Give me something else. What's a red flag that maybe your dealership and you might just have to break up with that dealership?

Alan Brown: 32:00

Yeah, if that values are gone, you know, we're gonna make a deal no matter what, and we're gonna bend our values, we're, we're going down the wrong path now.

Daniel Govaer: 32:10

Absolutely. You're

Jarrod Kilway: 32:14

deviating from process, you know, similar to what you said, but it's really, you've had process and you've held people accountable to for so long. And all of a sudden, the processes go out the window, and it becomes the Wild West, that puts you in a pretty scary place as a salesperson. Right?

Daniel Govaer: 32:32

We'll give Kobe a second to think about it. Because the second time appearing in this segment.

Jordan Cox: 32:38

I think there's two, there's one red flag that happens a lot even during the interview process, which is we're all just like family. And anytime you hear that line, you just run the other way. And then the other one, anytime, switch. I think accountability is a two way street, because you have accountability for yourself from your manager, but also to your manager. And if your manager says they're going to do something, and they don't do it, then that continually happens. That's a huge red flag. And it's almost like they're willing to bend to whatever you're asking for now, but over long, the long term, they're really not willing to be bought into what that is.

Daniel Govaer: 33:13

Yeah, hypocrisy tears down. How long it took you to build a hypocrisy. We'll break it down after time. That's right. Kobe final final thoughts.

Colby Joyner: 33:22

When there's more eyes than wheeze. Okay, it's D. Yeah. When when you're when management or anybody that you're surrounded with surrounded by is saying, I did this, I did this, I did this, versus we did this, or you did this in positivity, when it's when it's a failure. I failed. I failed you. Right? When it's a win. It's Hey, we won. And so if that if there's more eyes than wheeze in winning, then that's the wrong spot.

Daniel Govaer: 33:59

See, like, why wouldn't you want to work for you to you guys, honestly. So it actually reminds me of a quote from one of my one of my favorite providers of quotes, other than Alan Brown is Winston Churchill who said that something something to the effect of defeat is always a bastard, but victory has 1000 fathers. And, you know, read into that about Winston colored history what you'd like but I think he's pretty accurate with that. So anyway, COVID joining Winston Churchill to kind of wrap up the wheelhouse for this week as we as we do here. That's the place where we make those kinds of sandwiches. Thanks for joining us this week. We'll see everybody in another two weeks right here on the wheelhouse. Thanks, everybody.

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