In The Air, GM’s Nickel Defense, Apple’s Announcement, and Nashville SC

March 9, 2022
Even as the 2022 NADA Show fires up, the world keeps turning (believe it or not). We’re covering GM’s response to the impending nickel shortage, Apple’s new hardware and content announcements, and Nashville SC shows sponsors some Bitcoin latitude.
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GM says they are confident that Nickel supply chain will remain steady for the next 3-5 years despite Russia/Ukraine conflict

Nashville SC is taking Bitcoin only payment from Sponsor

Apple had an event announcing:

  • New colors for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.
  • A new iPad Air.
  • The Mac Studio computer with Apple’s new M1 Ultra chip.
  • The new 27-inch Studio Display monitor.

Paul Daly  0:00  
Okay, okay, okay, okay, we're finally there. It's like game day game day game day, Wednesday,

Kyle Mountsier  0:06  
March 9,

Paul Daly  0:07  
we have nada. But we're gonna get back to some regular news today because we've been nada all week and we got more to go. Go. The people really want to know who isn't who they stopped this deal with nice. I know, I know a lot of nada talk this week. I don't Yeah, let's get the pounds growing. What most of you don't know, if you haven't tuned in to the live stream, like when it starts. We have like a minute of the most like chill, spa like music playing The countdown timer. 30 seconds actually, it goes really quickly. But it really just helps get in the zone for a minute. Like just send to yourself.

Kyle Mountsier  0:41  
That's the whole mood kind of gets your day. It's like, okay, I can do this. And then all of a sudden, boom, we got up the beat. You got

Paul Daly  0:49  
us yelling in your face. Oh, man. So today, today is like boots on the ground a for so many 1000s of people in automotive are in Las Vegas are on their way to Las Vegas to prepare for the first day of the festivities tomorrow with Thursday. So if you're doing that Safe travels, if you're not doing that, which is most of you. Look, pay attention to us. We're gonna give you all the NADA coverage. So you can be literally everywhere, it's gonna be great. We're gonna be everywhere as much, we're gonna feel like we're everywhere. And we're gonna do our best not to get kicked out. And, you know, say it's not a party until the cops show

Kyle Mountsier  1:26  
up. So, exactly. Hopefully you don't get tired of us. I told my wife how much we were how much content we were already planning and she was like, people are just are they gonna get tired of seeing your faces? Like, oh, no, I think we'll be alright. We're like, there's enough content on the internet. Are you tired

Paul Daly  1:43  
of seeing my face baby? She's like, that's different. Exact that's different. So we're gonna we're going to talk about the NADA show. Go to a SOTU You can see all the scheduled live streams there. We're going to multiple live streams a day. We're going to do a little Anchorman in the office man on the street with the microphone like it's going to be a lot of fun. We're going to give it our best effort and if you can count on anything is that it's probably going to be unlike you think anything you've ever seen before.

Kyle Mountsier  2:11  
That's the goal. That's the goal. We hey, look, if we if we started out a year and extravaganza with a live band, you better believe we're coming in hot for nada.

Paul Daly  2:19  
I'm gonna try to be fun. Am I trying to find a band? Find some buckets, musicians or something like? Yes. Give me some planning rounding them up. Let's go.

Kyle Mountsier  2:27  
Tomorrow morning, you could be in for Friday morning. You should like go get a street band on Thursday night. Tell them hey, look, you need to be here. In front of the NADA sign on Friday morning at 8am. We're gonna bring it in and you got Bob.

Paul Daly  2:43  
That's a good idea. I have to bring like $100 bill with me. And just be like, this is yours if you show up and just rock it like you're rocking it right now. We'll see we can do. We'll see we can do. Oh, we've been so much nada news this week. So I know it could maybe get a little exhausting. Or maybe you're really excited. But either way, we thought it would be good to just like, let's talk about some news stock about some news. Yeah, yesterday, GM, Mary Barra said, Hey, we're very confident in our procurement team, we're very confident that we're going to be able to secure the nickel supply that we need for the next three to five years to do all the things that we're talking about doing and we want to do which is obviously a little reassuring. Didn't say how they're going to do it.

Kyle Mountsier  3:24  
So right I mean, especially on the news a couple of days ago where it was like hey, could get dicey we've got you know, one of the largest nickel providers we talked about on the podcast supplying 40% of the world's access to whatever the I can't even palladium name of the Palladium right and so you know kind of interesting interesting take for GM to just kind of go nope nope, we're gonna be alright but

Paul Daly  3:48  
right is it like hopeful there is it like the general CEO rallying the troops be like calm down everybody? We're gonna be fine. I have no idea how we're gonna fulfill this. Everything's gonna be fine. We have a great team in place. You don't worry about it. All you worry about is don't sell. Right? Yes. So exactly. We'll see what happens if we don't know Look, maybe maybe we'll catch up with Mary Bart actually nada. And will like put one of those stickered up microphones right in front of me like Ma'am, ma'am,

Kyle Mountsier  4:17  
tell me about right. Yeah,

Paul Daly  4:18  
don't really mean that really

Kyle Mountsier  4:21  
thing to just see, you know, like, we because we've never had to deal with energy challenges. When it comes to EVs, and we you and I have had this question a lot, right. But we do we deal with oil energy challenges, right, when there are conflicts internationally, or can we drill can we not all that type of stuff. And this is kind of that first? I've well,

Paul Daly  4:44  
it feels like I know your shares has been saying

Kyle Mountsier  4:47  
Ilan Yeah. And we need more metals, right? But now that all the manufacturers are jumping in going EVs, the future EVs, what we're doing the man's way up. Tendency on these metals is so much higher the demand As up, plus, we have the first kind of quote unquote, energy crisis around that because of the conflict, it's going to be really interesting to see how a lot of these kind of either politicize it or, you know, jockey for position or resource from other places where they go and find these things. Because it's necessary to complete these plans that they put in place for, you guessed it the year 2030. Right, because everyone, everybody's

Paul Daly  5:24  
gonna dominate by 2030. I'm really concerned. I mean, you and I have talked about a lot of things around EVs, one of which was the power to charge them. But this is a whole nother level. It's like where the materials come to get there. Now, fortunately, or maybe it's in maybe it's an education issue, right? We're very educated, like, we know how we get gasoline, right? Yes, it's a very simple equation. This is where the oil is. This is how you get it out of the ground. This is how you get it to the cars. This is how you transport it around. This is the timeline from when you know, you pull it out of the ground to when it can power something battery's much longer timeline, much more complicated process. We know much less about it. And I don't know, I'm concerned that the momentum, we don't reconsider things, right. Right. Now when we're really far away, to say like, let's just make sure we're set. Because imagine right now, 50% of all vehicles were relying on or EVs. This is a major issue. This isn't like we just can't power them. This is like we just can't make them.

Kyle Mountsier  6:20  
Right. Yep. Yeah, exactly. And thinking, you know, I mean, just in Russia alone, right? 8% of the US oil. Capacity is from Russia, right? But 40% of the world's Palladium is from Russia, the world's that's totally different number

Paul Daly  6:38  
difference. So I mean, obviously, it was it was good to hear somebody mentioned it and say like, Hey, we have some confidence. How much confidence

Kyle Mountsier  6:46  
and we'll see. We'll see. We'll see. She seems great. If you can't. I feel like we're really in Wednesday, right now. Like every third every third frame was like, I don't know. Watching the video, you know exactly what we're talking about. If you're listening, you might be thinking guys, these really these guys are really headed to nada. They're a little bit sideways. They've been knee deep in spreadsheets for too long. They

Paul Daly  7:11  
don't know how to get out. Feel a little. Yes. So let's talk about two fun things. I don't know if you knew this, Kyle. But I totally missed that Apple had an event yesterday. I don't think that ever happened.

Kyle Mountsier  7:27  
Did I know this? Oh, please. Every email is signed up for the Apple events. I knew it was coming. I watched the second half an hour as I was finishing lunch. It was nothing like I miss mind blowing.

Paul Daly  7:41  
Right Thing. The entire thing. I didn't know it was coming. I didn't know what happened. I didn't know what happened till later. And I was like, oh, there's an apple. Oh, what? I don't know. I guess they're more important things to spend my

Kyle Mountsier  7:54  
time seeing because they haven't they haven't really come out. You know, the M one ship came out a year and a half ago, they announced it. Yep. And since then, it's just been like, and we're putting the M one chip in this and we're putting the M one chip in this right. And so it's just it that's kind of been the general theme of this or Hey, and we're making a smaller, cheaper version of what we already have. Right? So that's the majority of what happened yesterday. So but still, they put on a masterclass they just continue to put on a masterclass for to watch a keynote speech, like how to go about advertising, creating the energy around it. We actually put in the email this morning that there was a leaked Mazda. The the new 360 that x it was six years ago, there was a six in the hammer. Yeah, so it's it's a, like luxury style SUV, but they there was a leak right out there. And we've been talking about a long time. You know, Steve Jobs and Tim Cook TJ leakin. Yeah, yeah. It's like, is it really leaked, or was that somehow in that place? Because they wanted it to be right so they they just put on a masterclass for marketing and brand energy and all of that. So that's why I love following it, whether or not they dropped something massively new. They just put a masterclass on for wrapping around everybody into that energy. And I think

Paul Daly  9:10  
like, like real studio nerds like it or like our people around the agency are incongruent. It's like they did release a new version of the M one chip. And it's like, one of the big announcements from my perspective, was they they announced what the heck's it called? MAC studio, MAC studio or MAC studio. And basically, it's bigger than a Mac Mini, right. But it's like if you have stack like two Mac Minis on top of each other, it's like that size, but it's like it's a workhorse. It's got an M one Ultra chip, which is the new version of the M one, you know, and it's really built around like creators and makers, people that use Premiere a lot or heavy duty it can power like four 4k monitors, production mindset, and you know, they have this new 27 inch display. What else with a new iPad, it's probably iPad with them on chip, and yeah, some new

Kyle Mountsier  9:58  
and the little brick is It's only two grand. So yeah,

Paul Daly  10:02  
that's it. That's it. That's a little break. My phone is two grand. Right.

Kyle Mountsier  10:07  
That's true. That's true. Yeah, I

Paul Daly  10:09  
kind of use it for they also, I think, finally, the being 5g technology to like the smaller phone like the iPhone miss.

Kyle Mountsier  10:15  
So you know, which is necessary. Yeah, for sure.

Paul Daly  10:18  
Especially now that all the 5g is on. I haven't heard of any plane incidents. Kyle, have you?

Kyle Mountsier  10:23  
No, I haven't now. They still haven't. And they still haven't come to all I think it's the summer that they have like a break on some of the major airports but in all the others nothing, right?

Paul Daly  10:34  
Yeah. Not Not a one. Right. It was like, it was selling the news for weeks. Like, my mother lives. She's calling it all over. Now. My mother in law was calling me she was like, Oh my gosh, you're traveling. What are you gonna do? I'm like, I'm pretty confident that those pilots, those pilots are not going to try to get in that plane. If they really think it's going to be an issue. Like there's no like, United airways, taskmaster. Like you will fly a plane. You know what I mean? Right.

Kyle Mountsier  11:00  
Exactly. Those guys are not going in the air. Exactly. So yeah. Okay, last last one. Last one today is I'm most excited about clothes. So this was crazy. Because I knew about this yesterday at 930 in the morning, right? And then well, you kind of the inside track. Yeah, cuz I have an inside track. We have a Slack group and all around soccer. And so you put this in the show notes. And I was like, oh my goodness, we're gonna talk about it. So

Paul Daly  11:27  
I was like a Scooby snack for Kyle. I was like, I'll put this in the show. So good.

Kyle Mountsier  11:31  
So Nashville, SC my hometown soccer team announced yesterday that they were going to take Bitcoin own only from Valkyrie investments, right? So to to be a sponsor, which is pretty cool because Valkyrie is a is a crypto based trading platform. And so the the club that actually said, yeah, cool, we'll take Bitcoin as your payment for our sponsorship. So there's a lot of energy around Nashville for that, you know, we've seen that in, you know, MBA and, and, and like the the big five as far as the sports are concerned, but for it to come to soccer, and specifically for me to see crypto comm local,

Paul Daly  12:12  
and national just always doing cool stuff. And you were just I was just showing me like couple days ago, he's like, I gotta show you this. And it's like a, like an insider's photo. Like from inside the stadium, someone snapped the new grass that they just installed. And so I'm excited this season, I'm going to get out to Nashville, and go to a game and figure out what this soccer club thing is all about. Because I didn't grow up in soccer, on soccer around soccer. But I feel I feel like a growing affinity for it.

Kyle Mountsier  12:38  
So it's your people. I'm telling you, I believe it's your people. I

Paul Daly  12:41  
believe I'm easily excitable and you get me. You're the

Kyle Mountsier  12:44  
kind of guy that rolls up in a pirate ship out fright out front of nada. You're a soccer

Paul Daly  12:50  
dude, I'm gonna come to a game with you. I'm gonna lose my voice like I've always been a Nashville SC fan. That's just how that's how I roll at sports man. I'm in the home team unless, you know it's an Eagles thing. But aside from that, I'm in it for the home team. And we'll go. Oh, man, I think that's enough for Wednesday. There's a lot to do today.

Kyle Mountsier  13:08  
There's a lot we had some sideways times on Wednesday morning. But there's a lot to do today. There's a lot of people traveling again, like we said, Stay safe. And definitely keep an eye out. So do And we'll make sure and keep you updated on everything that's happening through the week out in Vegas. Yeah, we

Paul Daly  13:25  
will. Well, we hope to make enough content that you get sick of our faces. That's when we know our job here is done. Until then. You gotta tune in next time you see us one more time.