Introducing Some New Faces, How An Industry Fixes a Brand Problem

November 25, 2022
As we head into Black Friday weekend we’re excited to introduce you to a new voice from the frontlines of Retail Auto, Morgan McManaman, Senior Client Advisor and Brand Ambassador for Bozard Lincoln in Jacksonville, FL.
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Today we share a clip from our interview with her where she talks about being an advocate for working at Dealership to just about everyone she knows.

You can catch the full interview on our In
The Dirt w/ ASOTU Podcast here.

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly, Morgan Mcmahon

Paul Daly  00:00

Yo, it's Friday, November 25. We made it everyone's full turkey ready to get some shopping done. And we're bringing to you a little clip from an interview on what it means to be passionate about the job you have. The people really want to know who it is not just any job either, you wouldn't be passionate about a job in retail, automotive, to be specific, it feels really good. To say it feels really good to introduce somebody new to the asoto verse today

Kyle Mountsier  00:30

does I know this is what I'm really enjoying about, like, in conference season, us getting to kind of engage with new audiences and people that we've never met before, and then introducing that to asoto. And thereby, the broader automotive industry. And so we've, if you don't know, we've started recording these, this podcast called in the dirt with a soda so in the dirt with a soda, and you can catch I think we're, you know, close to 30 some ish podcasts at this point. And they're all super quick 10 to 15 minutes, but we had to make sure that more of an audience got to hear this young lady from Bozar Lincoln. It's Morgan. McMahon, man Morgan McManaman, she is adamant and your client advisor at at Bozar Lincoln, and we first got to catch up with, you know, one of her leadership team at Roberts. And then her marking direction, by the way, yeah, just like and the organization, the growth that they've seen, just following that organization and understanding what they're doing is, I think anybody should be doing that from the conversations we've had there. But when we caught up with Morgan, you know, we got to, you know, we got to kind of hear her experience her introduction to the business, she's younger in the business. And, and has only been a client advisor, their version of salesperson for three months at this point. But the passion she has for bringing people to the industry is like, is really, really fun to experience.

Paul Daly  02:04

Yeah, so hope you enjoy this little clip from the interview, you can check out the whole interview on the in the dirt podcast, but here's a little clip,

Kyle Mountsier  02:11

as kind of the younger, newer generation coming into the industry, maybe it's someone that's new in the industry as well. Or maybe it's someone that's never been in the industry that sees this, this piece of content, what are you encouraging them with? What's the thing that you would communicate to that person,

Morgan Mcmahon  02:25

I want to find a way to get it out there, that young people, and especially women, like you can be in the car business, like don't, don't be scared, you know, actually, I was able to when I got promoted, my manager allowed me the freedom to try to find my own brand ambassador, and hire them specifically for me to help me. And so I created this template for my Instagram. And it was a, you know, short, pretty short description, I wasn't going to get into all the details of the job. But listen, I'm looking for a and I wanted specifically a girl, I wanted to bring another girl onto the team. And I said, Listen, this is the job description. This is the best company I've ever worked for. It's an amazing opportunity. You don't need any experience. And I put it out there with all this collage of photos that Grace and I had worked on over the years, just pictures of us. And I got like one or two responses. And I was it's so frustrating because I'm like, if only you knew the opportunity that this is, and that it's but I think they're just looking Oh, I don't want to work at a car dealership. I don't want to work for Lincoln. You know what I mean? Like, oh, that's an old person. Brander you know, like, no, like, I just want to get it out there that like you can do it. And it's it's just, it's an amazing opportunity. And I can't speak for you know, every dealership and every position. But that was so frustrating. Because I was like, come on, like, just please like, what else do I have to say to make you understand, like, just take the chance like, you know, if you have any interest at all ask the questions, you know, coming from a young female in the automotive industry. So that's what I would love to get across. I just wish more young people and women you know, knew that they could just do it and they would just you know, I just love that get passionate about football. It's live Morgan, like most artists come on, she's like the embodies that

Paul Daly  04:26

so well. Okay, so coming out of that. I think it's very clear that she and Erica Tiffany need to spend a little bit of time together.

Kyle Mountsier  04:37

Get them in a room, put them on a podcast

Paul Daly  04:39

and watch it explode, explode. You know, there is an element of all of us in the industry and retail automotive, whether it's the industry partner side and especially the dealership side. There's this level of obligation to be a great brand ambassador for the industry. Right and you talked last week about you know how your cab driver I was in Israel were like brand ambassadors for Israel. And I think that now like during Black Friday, Thanksgiving holidays coming up Christmas, we all are spending time around people that we usually don't or maybe have limited exposure to. And I think it's a great time to just keep pushing that in to the narrative how great it is to work in retail, automotive, whether it's a dealership or an industry partner. So

Kyle Mountsier  05:22

I think it's just good for everybody. Yeah, I always said this. I said, like, as a store individually, you have 50 to 100 of the best possible brand marketers in your community on a daily basis. And so thinking about that just at a local communal store level, like what what do you communicate to your internal people to say, Hey, this is the narrative that we want to spread and share within our community just about our store. And then now broaden that out and think a little bit bigger as, as an industry, you know, our email yesterday was all about was it was a few of our investors and us just kind of sharing thanks for industry. And the real theme is that the industry has done so much for all of us, and sharing that vision that like capturing that with your people. Think about that, if 2.1 million people in our industry across a multiplet consistently being brand marketers to friends, family members, you know, people that come in contact with the culture of this industry that is so good, would make its way into into the perception of the broader culture much quicker. So that's our encouragement this weekend and through this holiday season.

Paul Daly  06:32

Yeah, shaping up to be a busy weekend of sales between the holiday yesterday and about today. Tomorrow, Sunday. Got some good headroom. Be a brand ambassador, make some fans just for the industry. It'll be good for all of us.

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