Jarryd Carver, President and Owner and Justice Mccoy, Senior Sales and Marketing Representative, Winner's Circle Automotive Group

December 1, 2022
ASOTU was on the ground with Jarryd Carver and Justice Mccoy during the 2022 NAMAD Annual Conference.
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Jarryd Carver
is the President and Owner of Winner’s Circle Automotive Group.

Justice Mccoy is a Senior Sales and Marketing Representative at Winner’s Circle Automotive Group.

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Kyle Mountsier: 0:00This is In the Dirt with ASOTU. We're here at NAMAD. I've just met some incredible people, we just had a conversation that I wish we would have been recorded. So we'll try and roll that back for you real quick. But I've got Jarryd and Justice with Winner's Circle Automotive Group out in Newport News, Virginia, right? I think I got that all out owner and senior salesperson, this is what I love. You said, I think this is the only salesperson level here at NAMAD, what's your reasoning for bringing someone along like that to a conference like this.Jarryd Carver: 0:36

He earned it. He demonstrated care for the customer care for the brand, care for his own personal reputation. So my goal is to enhance his his opportunity and put them in front of the best available opportunities in the business. And NAMAD the conference has such a versatility, that he can bump into gatekeepers, you know, people that can help him get to the next level. Yeah, so just really given him the ability to experience a new awareness. Well, I

Kyle Mountsier: 1:04

think that's what's interesting about this conference, you know, you've got big conference, NADA, then you've got somewhat like the digital focus conferences and some of the alternate. But this is one of the few conferences that small that has representation from dealers, OEMs. Banks, industry, it's like, it hits every single layer. So I think that's a big thing. I ask you like, what have you gained from coming to a conference like this from engaging with the people, the personalities, the thoughts in the in the workshops, what have you, what are you taking back to the store and to customers and other people that you're engaging with?

Justice Mccoy: 1:41

So the confidence that is possible, you know, seeing a lot of people and these positions of high level ownerships, and, you know, these OEMs and manufacturers just knowing that it's possible for somebody like me, that looks like me, at this age level, being, you know, exposed to the experience is definitely a lot that I take back because it is possible, you know, that's the biggest thing that I take away from it. I think a lot of people my age don't even see this far. And being that I'm the youngest here, knowing that that door, you know, Jarryd opened it for me, you know, I plan on doing the same for someone after me being that just being consistent, you know?

Kyle Mountsier: 2:15

Yeah. You know, I think that that's a that's a, like we add ASOTUactually think that that's a big issue in our industry that that people don't get exposed early on to the opportunity in the industry both like locally and broadly, right? Because career paths can take a bunch of different journeys, you know, and not just like salesman, straight to GM in a single location, like it can go a lot of different places. So are you doing things on a regular basis in your stores, and in your group, to expose people outside of just conferences to what's possible in the industry, both inside your stores? And then outside of that as well?

Jarryd Carver: 2:51

Absolutely, that's, that's really our business model is as exposure. So, you know, we don't pay attention to just car related topics, were always on the cutting edge of exposure, what's going on in a business, but also what's going on in the world? And how does it impact your next decision? So information is, I would say in the top tier of of things that fit into our business model. I think with information, people can make more intelligent decisions. So we're always looking to pull other justices and other people that's interested in using that information, and getting a step further in their career.

Kyle Mountsier: 3:30

Let's introduce you to the new spokesperson for Automotive State of the Union. No, that's I mean, like man after our own heart, because I think that that's like, that's the opportunity that our industry has, and especially I'm sure it helps you be just a better retailer, right? You make better decisions from a retail mindset, because you're looking outside of them. Were something that you've that because of the information that you've given your people access to yourself, outside of the industry, where you've been able to make a better decision for yourself as a retailer, where can you point to one of those,

Unknown: 4:03

I think that our charitable contributions, help us make better decisions, we're more conscious, when we can see through the lens of the folks that we're helping. So I'm here, I get a Rising Star Award at our gala a little later. And one of the charities that we're going to donate $5,000 to is the Sharon Carver Foundation, who happens to be my aunt passed away on 9/11. So being able to help through her foundation and other foundations, the next generation of folks that are younger or comparable in age but just working to get to that next level, they helps us make better operational decisions. And to me the best business decisions are the best human decisions that an app yeah so are you know we we focus on the give the giving back aspect to help us create business, business decisions and down, you know, we've been very successful. So to date we gave, we've given three scholarships. So a local college Champion University, and we're getting ready to start on a project to go into underserved communities, the SAR teaching financial literacy, through the shark, our foundation.

Kyle Mountsier: 5:16

Amazing, amazing. I'm gonna ask you one more question. And I think I'm gonna put you on the spot a little bit, but to other people, because, you know, I think, to hear from like, someone that's doing the same thing as them, because we have a lot of salespeople in our ecosystem and people that are, like, not just managers, what's your encouragement to, like, you know, you can, you can have your eyes up a lot, right? And you can go, I want that that's what I'm thinking, but what's your encouragement to someone that's going into a Saturday, you know, are going into our daily work? Like, what what are the practical things that they need to be doing, to take them to take the logical next steps to see a future toward them, like what you're looking at?

Justice Mccoy: 5:55

I would say the three things that you know, I do daily, you know, that I've spoken with Jared on the he's been mentored me on is consistency as one, you have to show up consistent in the workplace ready to work, everything from when you wake up in the morning routines, you know, they help out a lot, being emotionally intelligent, you know, coming into a Saturday, everybody else is off, usually, you know, working a nine to five, but you know, in the car business, as an everyday business, there's no days off, you know, you got to show up every day ready to work, ready to help, ready to educate, you know, and another thing I would say is stay hungry. You cannot lose the hunger. You know, when you come into the interview, you want that job, you know, you're thinking about the income and how it can better help you financially. I would say, keeping that hunger throughout the whole process of your career. keeps you on the edge. Keep you on top. Awesome.

Kyle Mountsier: 6:47

Oh, guys, Jarryd justice really appreciate me. I'm glad that like you pulled me aside last night. And then we've gotten to to interact because y'all are just like you're giving me Yeah, like I'm ready to run through a brick wall, because the encouragement that you're given myself in the industry. So thanks for everything you're doing. Yeah,

Unknown: 7:04

thank you. And we appreciate the chance to talk to you and your audience. And we're just looking forward to being able to continue to do great in a community and a business. So thank you for giving us a chance to talk about it. Absolutely. Thanks, man. Thank you.

Kyle Mountsier: 7:18

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