Kelly Saunders, Kelly Sells Cars Consulting and Regina Woodard, Joe Lunghamer Chevrolet: In The Dirt

November 29, 2022
ASOTU was on the ground with Regina Woodard and Kelly Saunders during the 2022 NAMAD Annual Conference.
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Kelly Saunders is the Owner of Kelly Sells Cars Consulting.

Regina Woodard is the The Queen of Car Loans at Joe Lunghamer Chevrolet.

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Kyle Mountsier: 0:00This is In the Dirt with ASOTU

Paul Daly: 0:05

I'm here with Regina and Kelly it is so good to spend some time with you today we're in the middle of name ad after time here have been so far

Kelly Saunders: 0:10

so far it's been amazing. I've loved it just let the WOCAN luncheon. It was amazing. It's one of a lifetime type of thing to be in a room full of people who look like me who sound like me who have a passion for like me. And just to see the the levels and the experience everybody has gotten to it's just phenomenal. And I'm just I'm happy even just being a fly on the wall.

Paul Daly: 0:39

That's amazing. How about you so far? What's been the highlight?

Regina Woodard: 0:41

Well, you know, highlight was well can when I'm in automotive, but the highlight was this morning when I get this got to see Durran Cage of Cage Automotive a highlight. Yeah. Or Glen Lundy, like, I'm Sean Bradley. I mean, that was my highlight why is because they left me with nuggets, nuggets that I can take home. But nuggets I can take home to the automotive and work in my own personal world, but also in the automotive business. All right, give us know, give

Paul Daly: 1:07

us one thing from this morning that you're like, hey, that's stuck in my brain. And I'm gonna take that home. I know you probably had notes and stuff. Well, you

Regina Woodard: 1:14

know what? Brand, you know, I mean, you can't always go to work the same way. You got to be the change, you got to make you go one day, you might go in the suit. Next day, you might gotta go relax. But are you that same person?

Paul Daly: 1:24

Right? Because the brand is actually yes, the intent and the person, the

Regina Woodard: 1:28

brand is you whatever you do, that's your brand, lean into Kelly Kelly sales guys. She's a brand, but she also as a person, right? Let's

Paul Daly: 1:35

talk about your brand. And we're gonna get back and talk about your brand. So you're the queen of car loans? Yes. Why?

Regina Woodard: 1:39

Well, I'm Regina queen, new car loans, because I walk people through the process, you know, 60 or 70% of my customers have goose credit. And which means which means that there is a lot of people out there that have challenged credit. And it doesn't matter how much you make, you can be making 20,000 all the way up to 200,000 Doesn't matter. Right? Right. So life happens, but so is the know that you can still buy a car, you can still lease a car, but what do you need to do to get into that car? And people just want that special attention? I'm like the therapist. Right, right. Because

Paul Daly: 2:11

I bet people don't come to you. And think like Everything's just fine. And peachy they come to you with already carried a backpack full of baggage. Yeah, right? Yes. There's some like sadness involved. There's obviously something unfortunate happened to get them in that position. So you're, they're coming to you in that sense. So what is it? What is it that you do? Would you say that you as you walk people through? What's that special sauce?

Regina Woodard: 2:33

To let them know, you don't always have to be in that situation. You know, just how you start. It's not how you finish, just because you're driving that car, maybe that you don't want right? But what is it going to take it again, but you're gonna get out that car in two or three years. So I'll walk them through that process again, tips, I gave them advice on what they need to do. Is this not like wham bam. Thank you, ma'am. You serve them? Yeah, I started them. I'm there for you.

Paul Daly: 2:55

So let's move to Kelly. Kelly. You have a lot of people buying cars, and you spend a lot of time educating people. Yes, yes. Why do you why do you spend so much time educating? Why don't you spend more time just selling?

Kelly Saunders: 3:08

Yeah, no, because the education component. Unfortunately, black and brown people are disproportionately affected by predatory lending. But it's not 100% the lenders fault right? It's 100% The fact that we know better but we don't do better.

Paul Daly: 3:26

Well predatory practices usually happen when there's a lack of education, right? One person has all the knowledge one person doesn't. And therefore it just literally sets itself up to be an advantage taking situation. I

Kelly Saunders: 3:38

need a gap, Bridger. And that's me desperately. I see myself as a gap. Bridger.

Paul Daly: 3:42

What are the things that you talked about most financing and leasing? No, no, but what within financing and leasing? What do you think are like the first few building blocks that subprime? Let the subprime borrowers just need to hear? Yeah, like, what are those things you find that are common themes? So

Kelly Saunders: 3:57

number one is the research. They don't know what car they even qualify for. They don't know what they like or

Paul Daly: 4:07

the process and you might be going down the wrong path from the start. Right? And not only is that not going to help you get what you need, but it's also going to bring a lot of frustration and a lot of stress into the situation. Absolutely. What are the what are the first steps in the finding notes assessment,

Kelly Saunders: 4:22

but you have to do a personal needs assessment that kitch the same way we have a kitchen table budget, you have to have a kitchen table needs assessment.

Paul Daly: 4:28

Well, what are the what are the components of that?

Kelly Saunders: 4:30

First? What is the purpose of your vehicle? Is it just for family use? Is it for business use, is it you have three kids? Do you have one kid? Do you need the minivan on the way? Do you have one on the way exactly did you try and see if the car seat will fit in?

Paul Daly: 4:51

And ahead it doesn't fit backwards in a Volkswagen Jetta. A friend told me

Kelly Saunders: 4:57

stroller fit in Oh boy. Okay, are in the hands. Did you try it out? Right? So it's those type of things first, before you ever get to anything money, you have to look at the vehicle itself, you have to look at your family situation and your personal situation. Let's look at your credit profile. Did you go to my annual credit? Did you pull your own profile? Did you highlight the things that are maybe a little bruise that now needs to be tweaked a little bit?

Paul Daly: 5:22

What's the biggest surprise that people usually find when they pull their credit?

Kelly Saunders: 5:27

That they have things on their credit they didn't know about did not know about why

Regina Woodard: 5:32

did they know about it? Because why didn't they know about it? Because they didn't check. They don't go to it once a year or they don't have a credit monitoring on

Kelly Saunders: 5:43

a credit report and Credit

Regina Woodard: 5:44

Karma is not because Credit Karma just got sued right now. I think the FTC actually got with them. Well, they actually they watched it they slapped him with a big lawsuit, right? First of all over 3 million $3 million million dollars. Why is because the world now believes that Credit Karma is the best thing since sliced bread. And it's not

Paul Daly: 6:05

what is the best thing I gotta say into this, what is the best, what is the best place will give give a last tip so

Kelly Saunders: 6:12

if it were me, I would go to my my will link it up. And so the reason that I would do that is because especially if you're looking for a car, it pulls your FICO 245 and eight scores which most dealers use when financing or leasing, right when they submit to lenders. And so if you know what your auto Fico 245 and eight scores are for TransUnion, Equifax and Experian that and what your profile looks like for each of those bureaus. You have the leg up.

Paul Daly: 6:42

Well, Regina Kelly, we're really thankful for the work that you do. Really. It's an under discussed topic. And so thanks for sharing some of your wisdom with the ASOTU community and thanks for being supporters. You guys

Kelly Saunders: 6:54

are the

Regina Woodard: 6:56

You know what, we love them?

Paul Daly: 6:58

We absolutely love it. And we have a band forming Yes,

Kelly Saunders: 7:01

yep. And the band for me on the Download

Kyle Mountsier: 7:09

Thank you for listening to In the Dirt with ASOTU. We love the automotive industry and the people who make it run day in and day out. We would love to connect with you more through our daily dose of fun, a free email that you can sign up for at That's a s o t We put our heart and soul into it every day. Thanks again for listening. Join us next time for more Conversations In the Dirt with ASOTU

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