Kicking Off December W/: Hyundai, Kia, Ringless, Quitting, Metallica

December 1, 2022
December 1st doesn’t disappoint as we talk about Hyundai and Kia crushing November, illegal voicemails, people quitting on quitting, and Metallica’s new song (yep).
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Hyundai and Kia sales jumped a whopping 43% and 25% respectively as November deliveries set an all time sales record.

  • Hyundai inventory was up 12% over last month and has more than doubled YoY

The public and the FCC rejoice as ringless voicemails have finally been declared illegal, ending an era of phone spam that annoyed everyone without even letting them know.

  • The ringless calls are now covered by the same Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rules which condemn calls without explicit customer consent
  • Frequently used by telemarketers, political campaigns, and a good number of auto dealers
  • In June, a court awarded 2.5M in a class action suit against Moss Bros. Auto Group in Riverside, CA citing "aggressive unsolicited marketing"

Job quitting has just hit a 17 month low, down to 2.6% as fewer workers voluntarily left their jobs according to the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey

  • Recent layoffs and inflation could be affecting employee sentiment and security
  • Jobs market still remains historically strong
  • T0 the joy of rural service departments across the country, Metallica has released its first single since 2016. Just half a day after

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:23

is actually the first day of December today in December doesn't disappoint. You got a wild show today. I feel like I don't know why but we're talking about Hyundai Kia ringless calls people quitting or not quitting and Metallica. The people telecom isn't who I talked about Metallica today, you know? Repeat me what's your thoughts? I don't think this is Metallica. Metallica, Metallica, Metallica, welcome to December last month of 2022. Gosh, I'm trying to remember the month of 2021. And then the last week,

Kyle Mountsier  00:58

you know what I'm excited about? What about, you know, like that week before and right after Christmas when no news happens. And all the news is is just like urine reviews are gonna be so ridiculous this year. There's been some full tomfoolery this year in business coach, job.

Paul Daly  01:18

Oh, man. Well, you know, the nice thing is we knew that was coming. And so the last week of the year, we're actually doing a live show on December 20. Tuesday, we're having our year end extravaganza in Nashville, we're talking full production crew, our show producer actually produced the Emmys and New York Fashion Week for E network. So we're bringing you a Tonight Show style show. We dressed up in suits, we have people live guests flying in live studio audience, go to a Scroll down just a little bit, you're gonna see a little thing for it, click on it going LinkedIn, follow the event, we got some things to give away, including the PS five that's sitting right here in my office. And we're gonna bring you two hours of urine review looking ahead a bunch of surprises and you know, you know how we do kind of got to break the noise a little bit a little bit more than anything else. So

Kyle Mountsier  02:04

you may not have we may or may not have like, you know, some stingers music stingers that that you're really really that you're relying

Paul Daly  02:12

just strangely familiar. Yeah, by the way, we're doing full live band. We got like just the sick band out of Nashville headed up by our our very own event coordinator. And he's actually a musician first out coutry, musician, stop musician. Anything else we get to talk about first before talking about the news.

Kyle Mountsier  02:30

We want to thank the fam for for loud. Yes, we had a record all time podcast downloads, and that's a big deal when you got a short month, you know, Thanksgiving in the way and just thank you if you're if you're a listener, if you're a regular listener, it's a big deal for us.

Paul Daly  02:48

It is it is and we know the crews here also thanks for people that are in the live stream leaving comments. It's been a lot of fun to interact. And hey, the best part of fun doing you find some degree the best part is sharing it, sharing it. Share the podcast if you wouldn't want to be on your Spotify like meant all the things yes, smash things, smash things and like things and things like that. Speaking of smashing new things will segue. Some good news, I like good news. Hyundai and Kia sales jumped a whopping 43% for Hyundai 25% For Kia year over year as November deliveries set an all time sales record. So not only did they jump year over year, but November was an all time delivery record hunting inventory was up 12% over last month, and as more than doubled year over year. So obviously sales increase because inventory increase little data point here. According to Thomas King, president of the data and analytics division at JD Power says on the retail side demand continues to exceed supply as evidenced by continued strength and transaction prices, retailer profits, inventory turn rates and a minimal manufacturing discounting. However, as inventories and interest rates rise, these metrics will show signs of moderation or decline. So that'll be the future we're gonna regulate. But for now,

Kyle Mountsier  04:12

we know that kill here's the thing. Hyundai and Kia for me have just been this consistent brand play, they've consistently made their product better. They lean on brand first advertising and as inventory has come back with them earlier than a lot of other manufacturers. They're taking advantage of this demand that's still in the market. And I'm honestly not surprised at their lift, seeing what they've done with their vehicles, their quality, you know, the type of vehicles that they're putting out and the brand that they've played. They they they created a culture and a community speaking of like what we were talking about yesterday with some of the vehicles that have the best retain value. They've done the work to kind of like get into the ecosystem of cars people want, you know that it's not just Like the throwaway you know cheap car the one you had to get it's it's a desirable make model.

Paul Daly  05:06

Yeah they're nice you love to get a free money with Kia just do so it's nice to celebrate that first day December

Kyle Mountsier  05:12

a lot for your money guy.

Paul Daly  05:13

Am I maybe one day I met oh yeah that's right we did talk about that they didn't they did really piss me off with air scription thing that I got free for a year and then couldn't start my car the Syracuse winter without a subscription. I started that car in the winter in the cold in spite I was like I will not subscribe to that. I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna disassociate from the brand.

Kyle Mountsier  05:37

I still Well speaking of things that will really piss you off.

Paul Daly  05:41

I think way. Like the FCC

Kyle Mountsier  05:45

and every marketer in automotive Well, at least the really strong ones in my opinion rejoiced. Yesterday there was a celebratory yell yesterday afternoon, when ringless voicemails have been declared illegal by the FCC, during an era of phone spam, that annoyed everyone without even letting them know. So now they are covered under the TCPA, which has a lot of calling and spam calling guidelines within it. But you cannot do ringless voicemail without explicit customer consent anymore. We know that a lot of politicians and telemarketers and a really strong auto dealers have been using this tactic for quite some time. So one is the heads up, just make sure you're aware as an auto dealer that if someone's trying to sell you ringless, voicemail they doing it wrong

Paul Daly  06:35

or if it's going on right now. Right? Stop,

Kyle Mountsier  06:39

shut it down. Yeah, a lot.

Paul Daly  06:41

I mean, look in June, court awarded a two and a half million dollar class action suit against moss brothers Auto Group in Riverside, California. And there are a lot of other cases actually. They call it aggressive unsolicited marketing. Here's the deal. If you ever feel like you're sneaking in a communication, you're losing, right? Oh, and they won't even realize that you put it that that's not a good idea. It'll

Kyle Mountsier  07:04

it'll hit that voicemail without bringing

Paul Daly  07:06

Oh, guess what? How? Like,

Kyle Mountsier  07:09

people hate it. That is consumer?

Paul Daly  07:11

No, no, no, people hate it. The FCC hates it. The lawyers hate it, or the lawyers might love it. But the judges hate it. Like people are making lots of money. Like, you know, just call me if you have a problem. Call me if you have a problem. But yeah, I mean, this is the bottom line that people like to be communicated with as people. And when you're feel like you're doing anything which show spam sensitive these days. So I have a three year old. And literally when he's watching YouTube, right? He watches these hamster maze things, which are something that's a whole different story. But when an ad pops up, right, because he goes, he got literally the word that he didn't say many words, and not many of them were intelligible. I mean, yeah, we understand what he's saying. But this is very clear. He goes, Oh, no, an ad. Literally what he says,

Kyle Mountsier  08:05

Oh, no time speaking the words of all adults,

Paul Daly  08:09

you know, I want to buy you to premium so bad and I can afford you to premium. I just still feel like if I do that, I won't be seeing what's going on in the ad world. I feel like I need to know. And then unfortunately, my family suffers.

Kyle Mountsier  08:23

I'll tell you I like like my father in law who runs a major ad agency. He's like, I watched him every year. Right? Every commercial.

Paul Daly  08:34

Right? Exactly. Well, hey, let people stick around for the commercials. They do. I mean, more than anything, the Superbowl But speaking of sticking around, segway check this out job quitting people voluntarily leaving their jobs just hit a 17 month low dropped down to 2.6% as fewer workers voluntarily left according to the Department of Labor's job openings, labor turnover survey, you know, recent there's, you know, people think leat recent layoffs. You know, inflation could be affecting people's like desire to say like, Hey, I'm getting out of here. I'm going somewhere else, right. And obviously, the temperature is changing a little bit layoffs are happening and, you know, people like maybe the place that I have isn't so bad. After all, the job market still remains historically strong. But I mean, this is definitely a culture and perception shift in what what it means to like, you know, check out the job you actually have.

Kyle Mountsier  09:30

Well, I think, you know, people are looking at a lot of these tech firms, a lot of the big a lot of the big companies out there laying people off. And so there's a lot more appreciation for the job that you do have. And so I think sticking around sticking it out, especially when times are kind of uncertain figuring out what's going to happen. You know, if you feel like you have any level of security at the company that you're at right now, I think people are willing to stick out even potentially some level of poor culture or anything like that just because of looming recession or anything. You don't want to be in a place So where are you potentially in a new job situation that you're not going to enjoy again? So it makes makes a ton of sense to me. I would be interested to to see like what the report on available jobs on the internet

Paul Daly  10:13

are still high. Is it still high? Yeah, yep. I didn't include that data point. But it's definitely it's not for lack of available jobs. Right. There's still there's still a lot more jobs historically listed. There a lot more positions than there are people to fill. yet but you know, people seem like they're getting a little settle. It's getting a little bit harder,

Kyle Mountsier  10:31

which according to Darren Doan, and a few other really really smart people is not going away anytime soon. So whether whether you are someone that is looking for a job or or someone that is looking for people make sure you take care of your people first because yeah, I love

Paul Daly  10:45

this comment just came in Charles Higgins all the more reason to focus on modified scheduled in automotive, work life balance, hey, this is a great opportunity to not just say like, Hey, people are staying like, let's just go all in, let's push the chips in and make it even better, an even better fit for people so that they don't want to go anywhere. If they're already feeling that way. Let's just it's it's much easier to make someone happier than try to convince them not to leave, you know, so much easier to do that incremental improvements over time. And then we start looking around. I don't know if the grass is so much greener over there. By the way, all the people leaving comments in the live stream right now. We're sorry, sometimes it's on a little bit of delay. So we have people weighing in about you know, politicians use, you know, voiceless or ringless voicemail, which is why it's outlawed. Thanks, Jim Elliot for that. Brian Neve says part of me enjoys watching ads on YouTube, I agree with you. Part of me enjoys it as well. But unless I'm watching with my three year old that I have to deal with his tantrum every no reason I put it on it so that he would be quite the reason why he's in front of the TV. Speaking of being quiet, oh, good way, or the opposite of being quiet. Being quiet.

Kyle Mountsier  11:58

This is all about being loud yesterday. To the joy of rural service departments across the country. Metallica has released its first singles since 2016. Wild just after after Luke's a turner dropped it is sitting at over 2.2 million plays on Spotify just alone. The new album titled 72 seasons will be released next year featuring the song and many more. And we had a little fun with this

Paul Daly  12:25

how little is it little internal debate? I missed the debate so I'm gonna weigh in today. But so this song was dropped. And you know, in the Slack channel lit up and like, Hey, everybody, listen to this. What do you think because it's included in today's email, all this feedback. So if you don't get the email by the way, just go to a and just pop in your email address. And you will get we guarantee the most fun and informative automotive email you will get every day in your inbox. It'll leave you laughing a minute or two and you're on your way, smiling a little bit more and a little smarter. So here's the feedback from our team. So miles my 16 year old son calls it absolutely hype that kind of surprised me, but I guess not really. Isaac says too much guitar needs more rap. I won't hold your breath on that. Okay, Nathan says hot taking coming it reminds me of the trash album Death Magnetic from 2008 Except this is worse so a flaming piece of

Kyle Mountsier  13:18

trash Oh my goodness. Brutal, harsh brutal charity

Paul Daly  13:23

aka char says I only made it three seconds and I'm trying to remember what three seconds and on that song is just like the drums she gets on the drums the song is a real headache inducing according to Diana who subsequently asked for 14 ibuprofen oh nice they finally replaced Lars with the drum machine comes from our resident drummer Chris

Kyle Mountsier  13:44

he's yeah that he called that one with I'll kind of want you give your own feedback here's my feedback see this this brings me right back to like 2004 2005 2006 When Guitar Hero was strong and for me this is like bring Guitar Hero back because all of them people that were good on the for the for buttons are just gonna be crushing this song.

Paul Daly  14:05

And for all you young uns guitar here was like beat Sabre but with a guitar. Same principle, same principle. So I listened to the song actually on my way home miles and I jammed it up and I thought so like I wouldn't listen to the song on repeat. I don't I think Lars as a drummer is insane is insane and the fact that you mistaken for a drum machine he's just insane but here's my real takeaway from this. But teleco release it's free first song in 1982 meaning the band members are between 59 and 61 years old and from a straight cardiovascular athletic exercise you listen to that song and tell me that you're not impressed that 60 year olds are rocking that out still put in there like the Brian Ben stock of heavy metal. Yeah, right. Absolutely. And I can see Brian benstock listen to that song.

Kyle Mountsier  14:57

Throttle song from start to finish like you have Have to be dialed in every minute of that song, every second of that song to pull it off.

Paul Daly  15:06

So there's always something to appreciate. So there you go a little Metallica for you. Look, it's December 1. We have a whole month ahead of us and a month where things are starting to look up. So get out there. Push the momentum forward, serve some people

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