Loyalty Awards, Fisker Producing, SNAP AI, Pokemon Sleep

February 28, 2023
The last day of February is full of surprises as we review the 2022 Automotive Loyalty awards, talk about Fiskers plans for the year, talk with AI on SNAP, and let Nintendo gamify our sleep.
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  • GM wins the top spot in S&P Global Mobility’s 2022 Automotive Loyalty Awards while Tesla passes Ford for the first time ever
  • As inventory levels continue to rise, GM was able to grab the top spot of overall loyalty to manufacturer as Tesla took the crown for ‘Overall loyalty to Make” from Ford who has held it for the last decade
  • Tesla also claimed the top spot in:
  • Ethnic Market Loyalty to Make, Most Improved Make Loyalty, Highest Conquest Percentage, Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make
  • Subaru made our friend, Tom Doll, and all of their Retailers proud as they took home the “Overall loyalty to Dealer” award. Maybe they can rename it now.

  • The stock price of new entrant EV maker Fisker jumped 30% yesterday as they announced their projection to produce 42,400 vehicles in 2023 with their manufacturing partner Magna International’s Austrian Division
  • An analyst from ‘Raymond James’ named Pavel Molchanov said the stock bump was  "a classic example of a relief rally," adding, "I think there were some fears that the production startup of the sport utility vehicle Ocean was getting delayed."
  • CEO Henrik Fisker said they are ready to begin producing 20 cars per day with a ‘strong’ ramp in Q2
  • Its Ocean SUV is very competitively priced at $37,499. Tesla’s Model Y  $54,990 after recent price cuts. Rivian Automotive Inc's R1S SUV costs around $78,000.
  • Thus far, Fisker has produced a total of 56 vehicles

  • Snapchat introduces its AI integration that will allow users to integrate regular life conversation habits with AI says CEO Evan Spiegel
  • “The big idea is that in addition to talking to our friends and family every day, we’re going to talk to AI every day,” he says. “And this is something we’re well positioned to do as a messaging service.”
  • Only available to 3.99/mo paid subscribers and will be pinned to the apps chat tab above conversations
  • Has been trained by SNAP employees to avoid explicit content and politics
  • Snap is one of the first clients of OpenAI’s new enterprise tier called Foundry, which lets companies run its latest GPT-3.5 model with dedicated compute designed for large workloads
  • SNAP has a total monthly user base of 750 million

  • Relax, it’s finally here. The new app from Nintendo that is designed to help you gamify…er…track your sleep, Pokemon Sleep. The new smartphone app and optional external device that looks like a

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:36

Y'all its last day of February. February was kind of a dud in upstate New York but we're not ending with a dead. We're talking about loyalty rewards Fisker finally producing cars snap AI and Pokeyman leave snap they found out there is this huge amount of time that no one is taking advantage of in the game. We got to talk about sleep

Kyle Mountsier  01:03

these people have to sleep you realize that what are we doing about monetization not to stick

Paul Daly  01:09

around to the end of the show for that we're

Kyle Mountsier  01:12

doing it wrong. You're doing it wrong.

Paul Daly  01:14

Hey, man, Happy Happy last day, February.

Kyle Mountsier  01:16

Happy last February selling season. I mean, shoot. I feel like February. There's like I'm telling you what there's like a little portion of the US that got some snow this this month. Right. But like normally you get at least now I just get wiped out for a week. Yeah,

Paul Daly  01:36

meeting you guys, didn't we? We had unusual heat. Oh, yeah.

Kyle Mountsier  01:39

I think it's gonna be 76 and sunny again today. Well, Stan,

Paul Daly  01:46

well, I'm looking out my window. Sorry about that. Oh, no, no, but we're excited to roll into March because that's really the beginning of kind of the asoto calendar. When it comes to live events. Live Events are ramping up and we are going to be in Arlington, Texas. April 4, and fifth circled on your counter. We're gonna be in town for two days. That its way soon, man. It is way soon. And we're gonna do lots of fun stuff for producing a TV show. We're going to do our live show tonight, we're bringing the whole band and have some amazing industry speakers. Time to hang out time to grow. We're going to be in the dirt on the ground at three different dealerships in the Arlington area. So stay tuned for details on that best way to stay tuned. Just sign up for email. It is such a fun way to start your day every day. I mean, I know the show is fun, but the emails a little easier. to.com get on the email list join 1000s and 1000s of other people who are just starting their day right with some some good automotive news and some good humor and some good natured making fun of people sometimes.

Kyle Mountsier  02:48

Yes, absolutely. I'm telling you what, lastly, ourselves. Yeah, one of the last things I do in my day is kind of like edit up the email, I'm kind of our, you know, it, like we were a small team. So still like the editor relationship and all that type of stuff. So I read it and I like it's the end of my day and I'm always just like there'll be a moment where I just sit back in my seat and I'm like, ah

Paul Daly  03:13

and then I open it up in the morning and I read it and some of the first things I do in the morning when I build the show. So we got that little synergy God just just trust us try it out, be alive. All right, we're gonna we got a number of stories we gotta get to the sleep story. So that's that's gonna be the grand the Grand Poobah at the end of the day. But this morning we're talking about GM winning the top spot in s&p mobilities 2022 automotive loyalty awards and Tesla has passed Ford and the throwning them from top loyalty to make so as inventory levels continue to rise GM was able to grab the top spot overall loyalty to manufacture get work there's there's a lot of loyalty rewards here so tracking us GM went over all loyalty to manufacturer number one Tesla won the crown for over all loyalty to make they took that from Ford who want it for the last 10 years.

Kyle Mountsier  04:05

So just so everyone gets that in their head GM has multiple makes inside the manufacturer so they get benefit of like cross make Palan

Paul Daly  04:14

Chevy Butte right like Buick Cadillac there's a lot of stuff in there they got they got a lot of things. Here's some other categories Tesla also claimed the top spot in s ethnic market loyalty to make most improved make loyalty that makes sense, highest conquest percentage, alternate ultimate power train loyalty to make so that's not a surprise either, but are very very very favorite award. Very favorite. Give it Subaru Subaru made our friend Tom doll and all of their I won't say dealers their retailers proud as they took home, the overall loyalty to dealer award. Maybe we'll rename it maybe they'll rename it lead to retailers, but like, hey, they said when they were like hey which dealer you go back to Super Representing the dealer loyalty is, that's a good word.

Kyle Mountsier  05:03

And I get that. I mean, you talk to any Subaru dealer. It's like they have a whole different vibe about oh man. No, I'm a Subaru dealer.

Paul Daly  05:12

I'm a super retailer.

Kyle Mountsier  05:13

They don't say I'm a Subaru retailer and we love our community. We love people we you know, like love promise is in their veins. It's incredible.

Paul Daly  05:22

You know, when you ride a motorcycle, every time you pass another motorcycle on the road you like wave? If you have a VW Bug every time you pass another one you wave if your Subaru retailer every time you pass another one Do we understand each other? It goes speaking of New Dealers though. We will call the dealer

Kyle Mountsier  05:43

you're gonna get in trouble for that one ball,

Paul Daly  05:45

your column a dealer but we're not really right but okay, the stock price. We'll call them a new entrant stock price of new entrant. Evie maker Fisker jumped 30% yesterday as they announced their projection to produce 42,000 V or 42,400 vehicles in 2023. With their manufacturing partner magnet internationals Austrian division and the analysts from Raymond James named Pavel Mulk. Enough much more. I'm gonna say mocha Nuff said the stock market was a classic example of a relief rally saying I think there were fears that the production startup of their sport utility vehicle the ocean was getting delayed CEO Henrik Fisker said they're ready to produce drumroll 20 cars a day with a strong ramp up. Alright, with a strong ramp up in q2. So basically there's like we're about to start making cars not only cars, but 20 cars a day, and we're gonna go with 42,000 you can do the math and realize how optimistic that is or isn't. The ocean SUV is competitively priced at 37,004 99. That's a really good price for Evie SUV. Tesla's model Y by comparison is 54,009 90. That's even after the recent discounts, and reviens just trying to say we're just better than you because there's cost $78,000 But thus far, can

Kyle Mountsier  07:08

I give him the kicker? Can I give him the kicker? Give it

Paul Daly  07:11

to him? Tell us why we should believe all this news tell us has

Kyle Mountsier  07:14

produced a grand total of 56 vehicles. To which GM said we shut down our plant for an hour yesterday and didn't produce 100.

Paul Daly  07:30

Days like we produce 56 vehicles before the show was over.

Kyle Mountsier  07:34

Yeah. Yeah, you know, I it's a new entrant. It's tough, it is tough. Jump into the auto manufacturing space, there are a lot of supply chain things that have to line up and to say that they're gonna produce 42,000 vehicles this year, like you can do the math on 20 times 365 Whether or not that adds up. But you know, there's still there's still a lot of people that are bullish on this manufacturer, you can see that from the stock price jump branding, that's for sure. Exactly. And look at when it's when it's right now, when when it's a voting machine on on the popularity of things, you know, big announcements can spike, big, big hits in the stock price. And so we'll see, we'll see what happens. I'm sure we'll follow the story.

Paul Daly  08:21

I'm sure we're not making any friends at Fisker right now. Not at all. But that doesn't mean we don't want to be friends. Because once you get to know us, you realize oh, we make fun of the people we'd like speaking of people that you'd like. So very good segue. It's a pretty good

Kyle Mountsier  08:35

one a little a little bit a little bit tongue in cheek, but I needed

Paul Daly  08:38

that Snapchat introducing is AI integration that will allow users to integrate regular life conversation habits with an AI Chatbot. So CEO, Evan Spiegel, the big idea he says is that in addition to taking our talking to our friends and family every day, we're going to talk to AI everyday to and this is something we're well positioned to do as a messaging service to only be available to their paid subscribers. Right now it's $3.99 a month, but they do have 750 million monthly users of the service overall, little chat tab pin right above the conversations. And Kyle, what service are they using to integrate

Kyle Mountsier  09:16

this do you know you wouldn't you wouldn't believe it, but they're using the enterprise version of open AI is chat function, which is chat, which is basically what we all know as chat GPT or GPT, three and a half 3.5. And basically what what it's called, it's called foundry, which is their enterprise version of the API. And it allows for these like large workloads where things are constantly moving back and forth. There's limited downtime, there's high, you know, the uptime on the SLA, like there's all of these enterprise agreements that you and I have to have to battle with when we log in and it says weighted down and based on service people, you No, I haven't paid the 20 bucks. I

Paul Daly  10:01

think I think it might be time we need a company account. Maybe?

Kyle Mountsier  10:04

Maybe we'll do that.

Paul Daly  10:05

I know. Well, just so you know, like when you get content from us, it's, it's not really written by Chet GBT right now. No, maybe it will in the future. Maybe we use it to help us in the future. We're not saying we never will. But we're saying right now we're too cheap to use it. Matt? No, no, we're joking. Aren't you good to use it? Well, here's,

Kyle Mountsier  10:25

here's my commentary on this is, I get it. That is novel. And it's experimental. And everybody's trying to figure out how to integrate it into their company. But to position yourself as a social media platform, and literally come out as an executive team and say, You be social, we're going to talk to AI every day is like AI. How does that position them as as a as a company that is forward thinking, like, how does that get you in the mode of

Paul Daly  11:01

forward thinking? I don't know, I guess think of the market and demographic? Well, they have the snap employees actually have spent a lot of time training the model, giving it additional training, so that it's not going to talk about explicit content. It's not going to talk about politics. Right. So so maybe they're onto something here. But I just I just see this. I don't know. I see it going in. I'm not going to comment on it. But it's a thing. No comment here.

Kyle Mountsier  11:27

It's a thing. It's weird. Maybe you'll try it out. Maybe your kids will try it out.

Paul Daly  11:32

We'll go in there. But here's the one thing that I did think about the opportunity now, for people to keep their online behavior within one platform for SNAP, incredibly increased because now you don't need to go to search. Right. Now you can ask the chat bot. And I know you're not just getting like Snapchat advice. You're getting everything on the internet advice as long as it's been update. So now they really can keep people in their ecosystem a little more as it can help with more tasks, and basic things like search, and then they can share that quickly with other people on Snapchat. So I don't know. They've been doing pretty good so far. They probably don't want it to things that we don't they go. Okay. I don't I was gonna say, speaking of that have been doing pretty


good. Oh, wait.

Paul Daly  12:16

A moment you've all been waiting for. Here. It's finally here at the new app from Nintendo. Yes, the friendliest video game company is designed to help you gamify and or track your sleep. One of those two pokemons sleep is here, the smartphone app and optional external device that kind of looks like a 1990 Simon Says game you remember those? We like Google, you press the buttons, it looks like that. And the Pokeball decided to have a family. It sits on the bed next to you and tracks your sleep to gamify the results. So basically, they announced it two years ago, but now there are two trailers and you can go check them out. They're linked up in the show notes. And like as you sleep at this vide sleeping to dozing snoozing and slumbering, they activate different creatures. And like in the trailer, they see people like, get these best practices. All right. Go into bed. Right after you're messing with your phone. We know that's really good for your sleep patterns. And the second you wake up, you get right back on your phone. It encourages that behavior. So you can see what things happen while you were asleep. That is

Kyle Mountsier  13:20

unbelievable. Like, every every like sleep study on the planet has said that is bad for sleep. And walking to it. I mean, but this is this is what I'm waiting for. I'm ready for an I just want to be in a workplace somewhere. Some day. When on Monday morning, everybody walks in and it's like, Yo, I'm number one on the sleep leaderboard.

Paul Daly  13:46

I got ya know, was bragging about that or someone sleeping at work? And they were like, set up on the market research. I don't know there are a lot of questions about this specifically how in the world does that thing No, in the in the video I chose like it knows your sleep cycles. How does that work? Like I have to wear something so that things know my sleep, like how does it know?

Kyle Mountsier  14:10

Movement breathing all that. I mean, that's the way originally like sleep tracking was done through like Apple devices. You could leave your phone next to your next to your bed and then it would track your sleep.

Paul Daly  14:26

Well it says you don't need the pokimane external devices as you just need your phone. So why don't we have a Fitbit


data gathering.

Paul Daly  14:38

Show producer Isaac's like I need looks like I need to figure this game out. I get into this. But But I will say that Nintendo has a history of health facing games, right? Like, what was what was the balance? Was it called the balance board? Yeah, yeah, I remember the balance board. I was on that thing. I was like doing tree pose and positioning and like feeling like I was running Jump in. So, I mean, I guess if I'm going to trust a video game company, Nintendo would be the one I trust. If, if it was just a video game company, well, it's tying all this back to the industry that we're in retail, automotive, like aI gamification of life, these are things that the retail consumer is paying attention to it is like it or not agree with it or not the river and the river is running in that direction. So really just understanding the context of that is going to help you understand your customers better, especially your Gen Z customers.


Thanks for coming. Well,

Paul Daly  15:39

it's been an amazing February. It's been amazing January and February. Make sure you roll it up strong. A lot of people closing out the month a lot of salespeople and back office people and fix apps people getting their hustle on today. So just know we're in the hustle with you

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