Matthew Marchiori, Regional Fixed Operations Director, Ciocca Dealerships

January 6, 2023
ASOTU was on the ground during the Ciocca Dealerships Flemington and Southern Region Fixed Ops Celebration Dinner in December 2022 and talked with Matthew Marchiori.
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Matthew Marchiori
is a Regional Fixed Operations Director for Ciocca Dealerships.

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Kyle Mountsier: 0:00This is In The Dirt with ASOTU.

Paul Daly: 0:05

We're here, you know where we're at. We're at the fixed ops, what do you what do you call on this,

Matthew Marchiori: 0:08

we call it our Fixed Ops quarterly dinner bash. So it's basically a recognition dinner for all our top performers for a parts department, service department technicians BDC, just to kind of recognize those that stood up and did a great job for the company in the last three months, we do it four times a year. So it's, it's nice, especially around Christmas time, we've got some couple gifts to give away, along with some money. So just to tell people or people that we we thank them.

Paul Daly: 0:32

Um, so we don't talk a ton about fixed ops, or we don't talk about it enough. Can you just share what your role is within the sealcoat? Organization? Sure.

Matthew Marchiori: 0:40

So I I oversee 13 stores with Ciocca, for fixed operations service in parks operations. Report to this gentleman. Yeah, Yas Beganovic. And what are you on a second? Yeah. And, you know, we basically pride ourselves in taking care of our people, our employees come first more than anything, and we want to make sure that our employees are happy. So therefore, they're happy coming to work, they do a great job, and our customers are happy. So the scope of things that just basically make watching, you know, daily operations of fixed operations and service and parts,

Paul Daly: 1:09

there are a lot of groups that are kind of going through a lot of the challenges that you are right now, where they're acquiring a lot of stores, they're having to onboard a lot of different ways of doing things, a lot of systems, you are over 14 or 1613. Right? Yeah, of course, what do you see is one of the biggest challenges of stepping into a region and trying to get it all moving in the same direction,

Matthew Marchiori: 1:30

the biggest challenge is building trust with your employees. And the first and foremost, most important thing that I can say is that you have to get to know your employees first, and what their what their, what's important to them, once you know what's important to them, they can help move with you. So that's the biggest thing is you're coming into, you know, eight to 13 stores with people that you've never worked for before. And you're asking them to trust you. So at the end of the day, you have to walk slowly. You know, I don't

Paul Daly: 1:57

know if you've noticed this, but technicians are a little suspect of people.

Matthew Marchiori: 2:02

They are very suspect that people you know, you know, and that's the mindset that a lot of people in the automotive industry have as we're being purchased, you know, what's being taken away. So we have to come in and just prove ourselves and just show that we're there to help and it takes time. Yeah, that's the biggest challenge is building trust with the employees and making sure that they know we have their best interests in mind.

Paul Daly: 2:24

Well, thank you so much for sharing some of your time and your wisdom with us. I know it's gonna inspire some people to do the same.

Matthew Marchiori: 2:29

Absolutely. I appreciate it. My friend. Thank

Kyle Mountsier: 2:30

you for listening to In the Dirt with ASOTU. We love the automotive industry and the people who make it run day in and day out. We would love to connect with you more through our daily dose of fun, a free email that you can sign up for at That's a s o t We put our heart and soul into it every day. Thanks again for listening. Join us next time for more Conversations In The Dirt with ASOTU

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