Mazda Dives Into the EV Pool, GM Stores Maintaining Teslas, Mr. Beast Goes to College

November 22, 2022
It’s the Tuesday before turkey day and we’re talking about Mazda’s plans to zoom their way into the EV race. We also talk about the thousands of Tesla’s being maintained by GM dealerships, as well as the new college course by…Mr. Beast?
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Better late than never, Mazda is the latest OEM to lean all the way into an EV future as they commit over $11B through the year 2030 to a number of partnerships to develop hybrid and BEV products including potential North American manufacturing

  • CEO Akira Marumoto said the company is partnering on motors, chips, batteries and more in an effort to speed up development to stay competitive in the developing space, noting that US manufacturing may happen as soon as 2025-26 to take advantage of recent tax credits for Evs
  • Mazda expects 25-40% of sales to be comprised of EVs by 2030
  • Expect 60% of the market to still require combustion by 2030 “We are not dismissing internal combustion vehicles,” Marumoto said. “We will have to respond flexibly.”
  • Mazda currently has one hybrid and one BEV
  • A 5% profit margin is targeted throughout the transition

GM President, Mark Reuss, surprised some investors when he announced that a small number of GM dealers have been providing maintenance to thousands of Tesla’s since 2021 at the recent GM investor day

  • Since 2021 Reuss reported that over 11k Teslas have been repaired by GM dealers citing their EV expertise from the Chevy Bolt as one of the reasons they are familiar and qualified with the tech, and chuckled as he said “It’s a new business, and it’s great.”
  • Customers seem to love it too as they have a physical location to bring their vehicle with an established system to schedule and fulfill appointments
  • According to Reuss, Tesla is investing millions to build more service facilities near GM dealerships
  • There are several example of Tesla owners being quoted exorbitant prices and waiting months for service like a $16k repair a local EV shop was able to do for $700

The recently crowned most popular YouTuber in the world, Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson, is growing up and has teamed up with East Carolina University (ECU) to offer a YouTube creator course that teaches the fundamentals of YouTube creation

  • Course will not require full enrollment and will be the first practical vocational training to prepare a more professional level skill set for the content creation platform
  • Donaldson, who employees over 100 to operate the Mr Beast empire is looking forward to the prospect of the course preparing new hires for him as opposed to spending 6 months training new recruits
  • His primary channel currently has 113M subscribers and growing

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:00

Hello it's countdown time. It is Tuesday before turkey day everyone's waiting for it but we have some news to talk about Evie is diving in a Mazda is diving into the Eevee pool, GM servicing Tesla and Mr. Beast going to college. Go got it

Kyle Mountsier  00:38

to middle school has been watching me for seven years.

Paul Daly  00:42

I'm gonna take care of more than seven man he's about to flip. I can't wait to talk about that story because they're a few little details that I read up about on the side. You know,

Kyle Mountsier  00:50

did you know that yesterday? When the President which it happens every year now for like 50 years or something when he parted? Yes. Pardon? Yeah, he's the names of the turkeys. Catch this. Chocolate and chip. You got chocolate and ship? Turkeys. Yes. Hardened yesterday for being

Paul Daly  01:14

a nose big. Listen, whoever. I know it wasn't the president. I know it was somebody on his staff. And I'm sorry to be a pessimist. But that's terrible. That's just messed up. I feel like they gave it to a four year old What do you want to name this turkey? You know how like you get kids that name? Chocolate. You want to name the turkey chocolate? Right. That's how I feel. So maybe it was

Kyle Mountsier  01:42

a part in Turkey? Because it's China. Okay, now. It got all weird. It got sideways.

Paul Daly  01:48

That was a hurt day story. They do eat turkey at the White House though. Or like for Thanksgiving dinner? Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah, what's

Kyle Mountsier  01:57

weird thing they're like, Well, what are those fat?

Paul Daly  02:00

But we're gonna so that's that's just like a quintessential picture of politics in general across the board. Let's pretend we're going to pardon the turkeys. But really, we're killing the turkeys and we're eating them in a couple of days. Oh, man, we could go all day. So brutal. Oh, I'm excited because we have some new in the dirt podcasts to release in the dirt is one of our podcasts where when we're on the ground, and we're just talking to people grabbing them, pull them aside out of conferences or out of their store. And we're like, can you talk to us for like five to 10 minutes and they reluctantly sometimes say yes. And then we get there. So we got what did we drop? Kevin fry, Brian Pash, Jason Monahan are all now available. So go to your podcast platform search in the dirt with ASOTU and it's gonna pop ups got a really, really seriously thing

Kyle Mountsier  02:47

at one and a half times these are like six or seven minute episodes, it is a ton of time, but you get some insights into the way that people are thinking, acting, moving, doing business, and I wouldn't miss them. They're just not just really good evening.

Paul Daly  03:01

They're actually many of our probably my favorite content.

Kyle Mountsier  03:04

I know, I don't even listen to many of our podcasts because I'm a part of all of them, right? But I actually go back and listen to these because I'm like, There's something interesting back in there. So I do too, you should check them out

Paul Daly  03:14

because of the speed of them. And like when we record record like 10 at a time, I definitely I realize how much I miss during the interview. Because I'm in the moment doing the check them out. I think if you listen to one or two, you'll be like these are really good. And then you can go back and download all the other ones because realize the other ones are that good too. All right, we got some news to talk about. So here, I love the story better late than never. Mazda is the latest OEM to lean all the way into an Eevee future as they commit 11 billion. That's a lot of money. Yeah, we'll say that again. $11 billion through the year. Oh, he's gonna hit them off on the trip. I wish we had one for this 11 billion through the year 20 through 2030 number of partnerships to develop hybrid and BV above products including potential North American manufacturing like oh and buying my own things in North I wonder why they would do that. Oh, no tax credits and stuff and have a little something to do with that CEO a Curie a cure. Akira mera mera Mota. Let me just say Mira, Moto America, the word Moto, the word Moto is in his name. I mean, that's just a fit. He said the company is partnering on motors partnering on chips, batteries and more to speed up innovation and development. So they're going in partnership route to get going eventually they'll make things on their own. They expect 25 to 40% of their sales to be comprised of EVs by the year

Kyle Mountsier  04:44

2030. Well, here's, here's what, you know, a Toyota and Mazda have actually partnered on engine technology. So it's from you know, Toyota basically once the engine technology that Mazda has capacity for on the gasoline powered side and my Oz is definitely interested in the hybrid electric vehicle capacity that Toyota has. And you see, they're mirroring the like electric hybrid, quote unquote, race of each other. And I think that it's a really measured approach. You know, it's interesting because Mazda was actually one of the earliest hybrid vehicles to ever come actually battery electric vehicles ever to come out in the early 90s. Back in California, they sunset the program, and then they brought it back, they sunset it, and now they've brought it back. Now, I will say, I've been really really underwhelmed as like a Mazda aficionado. And Ben,

Paul Daly  05:40

if you don't know, Kyle has been with the brand for quite a while. So he knows what's up with Mazda,

Kyle Mountsier  05:45

they, you know, they spent so much time trying to get diesel into the US so much time trying to get this SKYACTIV X engine, which they still haven't brought to the US. And now they have a BV yet. It's only available in California and as like an 80 mile range. So they, you know, that true,

Paul Daly  06:01

they have one that's only

Kyle Mountsier  06:03

only available in California. So this low range. Yeah, it's it's like a small crossover. So but also, it's interesting, because when you look at this, and now prior to all of this, Evie push, and the new political actions on like where it needs to go, Mazda didn't have as much worry, on the Eevee side, because they don't have trucks, their EPA averages are higher than any other manufacturer. They only have crossovers and cars. And so they were just way ahead, their engine technology had a higher MPG than anybody else. And so they kind of got behind on the Eevee race, because they were so far ahead. In the average EPA guidelines that were out, the other manufacturers had to like work against with hybrids and EVS because of their trucks. So it's kind of this interesting place that they're in. But if I know anything about Mazda and Toyota and technology, guessing they there's probably going to be a little bit of a leap frogging. You know, in that like late 20 2020s.

Paul Daly  07:09

So well, similar to Toyota, will similar to Toyota, they're taking a very measured approach to what they think the Evie market will actually be saying, like they expect 60% of the market to still be combustion engines, you know, and they say, We have to respond flexibly. But yeah, 60% still might be pretty generous. I mean, it still might be pretty generous. I like that the one thing that they're doing too, is they're, they're moving forward, other profit actually jumped from like 4% to seven and a half percent in the last quarter, and they're saying we're gonna do all this and maintain a 5% margin on everything, even with the big investments and the big development. So it's good to see I mean, mas is kind of like, the kind of like a classy mid market product in my mind, right? Yeah, they got like a class to him the way he

Kyle Mountsier  07:56

likes to call themselves the alternative luxury, so you know, oh, but the

Paul Daly  08:01

poor man's luxury himself. They don't want to call it the poor man's luxury. See alternative to luxury, for sure, for sure. I'm trying to think of a segue really hard for this next one.

Kyle Mountsier  08:12

Speaking of making a poor man

Paul Daly  08:19

really funny, you're gonna have to listen to this to get to that, but it's a good one. General Motors President Mark Reuss surprised some investors when he announced that a small number of GM dealers across the country had been providing maintenance to 1000s of Tesla's since 2000. Actually thinks 20 is 2001 I think I have the date wrong thing is 2021. Yes, since 2020, he announces that the recent investor day so since 2021, he reported over 11,000, Tesla's had been repaired by GM dealers citing that they have already have evey expertise from their experience with the Chevy Volt as one of the reasons they're familiar to and qualified on the tech. He kind of chuckled when he said it's a new business and it's great. Its customers seem to love it too, is they have a physical location to bring their Tesla to with an established system for scheduling and appointments and payments and probably pickup and delivery and they

Kyle Mountsier  09:14

don't have to wait forever. And you know, they don't care for the customer because it's a local consumer and they want them into a new Chevy, Evie at some point. And so there's there, ya know, all the things

Paul Daly  09:27

that dealers do, kind of once right, according to Bruce, Tesla is investing millions of dollars in facility to build service facilities near GM dealerships. And I don't know how substantiated that is if they're doing it because of that, but as we know, GM dealerships are I think what within like nine or 10 miles on average of every American, right, so Yeah, kinda kind of locally placed, you know, and then

Kyle Mountsier  09:52

GM dealers should put service centers close to Tesla shops.

Paul Daly  09:59

They probably are already have I'm pretty sure they already kind of already have him. And the further you look into this, and we put these links in the show notes today, there are several examples of Tesla owners being quoted, like absorb exorbitant prices to repair things that some local independent Evie shops have done. The example that we linked up, you know, somebody hid some debris and a model three Tesla quoted them $16,000. So you have to replace this or replace the whole battery pack tray and all this stuff. And then they took it to a local Evie specialized repair shop called electrified in Florida. And they did it for $700. And there's a cool YouTube video that documents the whole thing. So there might just be

Kyle Mountsier  10:37

apple and right to repair. I will say like, some people are willing to pay 14 grand for Tesla to do it. You know, and if there's a right yeah,

Paul Daly  10:44

but with Apple, there's not that much of a price break. You know what I mean? Like there used to be when he got like those cheap made screens and stuff, but now Apple made a big motion, right to make the basic repairs just a lot more affordable. Remember that like an apple screen? Well, because of all

Kyle Mountsier  11:01

the right to repair stuff, and right that they weren't gonna be able to own the audience anymore.

Paul Daly  11:05

So yeah, speaking of owning the audio why you can do that, oh, Eddie Vetter, the recently crowned most popular YouTuber in the world. Mr. Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson is growing up. And he's now teamed up with East Carolina University and actual college to offer a YouTube creator course that teaches the fundamentals of YouTube creation. And here's a hint, it just isn't running around with your phone, and just shooting whatever you want to there's a lot of strategy behind it. The more you look, the more you see. It won't require full enrollment, you can just take this course. And basically he's like just a few minutes down the road from this university. So he employs over 100 people currently to kind of keep the Mr. Beast ecosystem spinning and he's he's looking forward to you know, empowering people to do what he's done. But also, he's like, you know, when those kids he's like, I usually spend six months training someone after I hire them is like the fact that I can like do this course with you. And St. plug him in.

Kyle Mountsier  12:06

There you go. So smart. I think you know what, Paul, we should start, we should start a course. Let's do a course. Funny, Northwood University Northwood University, if you're paying attention if anyone's listening, phone us we'll do a content creators course.

Paul Daly  12:22

Will adult leave a voicemail right there. But if you call, don't leave a voicemail, because we'll never hear it, you have to send a text message, please. Now actually thinking think like reading. I just I should just put on my voicemail. If you leave a voicemail, it's been nice to hear from you. I'll never hear it, please send me a text message. Unfortunately, the spammers are figuring it out and they're all sending me text messages now. But um, this this really highlights this sophistication and growing up of like professional YouTube. I mean, Jamie Dimon, I think he's 23 Now, but he's been doing this since he was 13. And if you listen to like his interview with Joe Rogan, it just painstakingly obsesses over the details of these YouTube videos. And but he's tapped into something that is a viable, a viable living for people. And even in automotive cars. We just saw this Kyle. Automotive is starving for content creators. Well, I mean, everybody's kind of starving for content creators,

Kyle Mountsier  13:16

you you have to look at the time and dedication that Mr. beast and his team puts in to things like templates, graphics, cover, nails, photos, thumb, land, shoots, hashtagging, plan shots, all of the things that go in to creating content that wins it like we like to say all the time, like all you need is an iPhone, all you need is a lot and yes, it's hard to get started. That's to get started to like really become an expert to really push into move your market to gain market share via content creation. You have to be a student like the people are taking college courses for this stuff. Now, it's that important to be a content creator that is richly studied in the platform of your choice. And so thinking about that as an as any business right now. Like if you want to win the organic game, and the longtail game of of have a following of people that are attached to your brand. The only way is to have dedicated people that are students of their craft. And Mr. Beast is proving that theory with this type of course, genius. You

Paul Daly  14:29

know what else he proves? That there's not an immediate ROI. There's right he's been doing this for 10 years. And funny story he hit his mom really want him to go to college. And so he enrolled in college and literally got zeros. He showed up and he would sit in his car and edit videos. And he was like by the by the time my mom finds out I have zeros I have to be making enough money as a YouTuber to move out of the house. So he started making $1,000 a month then we moved out, but his mom's pretty cool. They have a great relationship. Now as you can imagine. So there you go. I hope that's a little dose for you Tuesday. Hi, I feel better. All right. I feel like oh man,

Kyle Mountsier  15:05

I just got it all lifted me up. It was ready.

Paul Daly  15:09

We're loose. We're loose. Gotta get a little drunk because you're getting some turkey just a couple of days.

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