Pricey Lightning, Honda Goes Over The Air, & Metaverse Gets Another Go

December 16, 2022
The landing gear on YEE presented by Orbee is coming down this Friday as the pieces move in place for our annual end-of-year livestream event. But first some news about Ford’s F150 Lighting price hike, Honda’s announcement of their first car running on a Google OS, and some automakers are pressing into the metaverse.
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If you were once excited about that $41k base F150 Lighting when the truck was originally announced, you’re in for more pain as Ford announced this week the vehicles 3rd price hike in several months.

  • According to the company’s website, the price has increase another 9% now ringing in at $55,974
  • Rising supply cost continue to push several automakers to make price adjustments
  • Ford seems to be selling every Lighting they can make, however, and just this week announced the addition of a third shift at the assembly plant near Detroit that produces the Lighting.

Honda announced this week that their 2023 Accord Touring model will be their first integrating a Google operating system built in

  • In addition to the standard controls of the OS, this will allow Honda to step into over the air updating of the vehicles
  • This announcement comes amidst an OS arms race including Amazon Alexa and Apple
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for an investigation into Big Tech's expansion into the automotive industry, expressing concern that companies like Google may stifle competition through bundled services and a lack of support for third-party apps.

Nvidia predicts that many automotive companies will begin integrating their operations with the metaverse in 2023, using it to monitor production processes and improve design processes through the use of "digital twins" in factories and virtual collaboration space.

  • Design processes will also benefit from virtual collaboration spaces in the metaverse.
  • The metaverse can also be used to enhance customer experiences with full-fidelity real-time car configurators, 3D simulations, augmented reality demonstrations, and virtual test drives.
  • Some automotive brands, such as Fiat and Ford, have already begun using the metaverse to showcase their products to potential customers

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:00

Oh yo is dry day. My voice is gone from a week of talk and today we're talking about pricey lightning Honda over the air and the metaverse is coming back I sound like somebody totally different. Everyone everybody's gonna be like to the show they haven't like I like haven't really talked to them yet. Right so this is the first time I've asserted

Kyle Mountsier  00:45

experimental, right? It's all experimental. It's

Paul Daly  00:48

like I'm really glad. So like a pro wrestler. I'm really come on coil what you're gonna do give me a sideways now Oh, man. Well, I'm glad I have four days until the urine extravaganza cuz I think I have it all polished up and nice. It's just my voice is just gone. I feel great. It's a voice is gone. What you got to do. You got a nice background today. They listen fancy. It's like a flag with a little Christmas tree.

Kyle Mountsier  01:17

Just as a note, if you've never been to Beaver Toyota, you still have to go to Beaver Toyota, but I'm sitting in this like little tufted lounge. It's got a little air, you know, a little like old airport vibe. And they got a Christmas tree here for me. So I figured it'd be a nice spot to hang out for a morning. Most of

Paul Daly  01:33

them are so thoughtful. They're just so fun. Hey, if you're if you haven't heard by now, we're just a few days away from our annual year and extravaganza in Nashville. I'm getting on a plane in like an hour from now. Headed into Kyle bringing the whole family. We're going to warm the whole place up gets a man on the street interviews and Tuesday December 28. Between two and 4pm. Eastern we're throwing it down to our live stream show Jimmy Fallon style Michael Cirillo is the host, we got our coutry in the troublemakers live band, live studio audience live guests. Crazy camera crew, like you got to be at the live stream. The best way to do it, I mean, what's the best way to like not forget

Kyle Mountsier  02:14

a forward slash ye and figure out if you're a YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever you are, click there, boom, save it down. And that's the easiest way to find it. So

Paul Daly  02:23

that's why in life for a year and extravaganza, and a really easy way is right now like pick up your phone or open your scheduler and just put it in there. Like put

Kyle Mountsier  02:33

it in, and then you'll get it from somewhere if you follow us. Yeah.

Paul Daly  02:36

And you'll just remember like, hey, that thing's going on. And if you drop on LinkedIn, you'll see it there and our profile on

Kyle Mountsier  02:43

Accenture Central 12 Mountain low here we go. Whatever it is 11 1111 out in the out in the western side of the country. So yeah, it's all around lunchtime. I

Paul Daly  02:54

guess it'd be one my guess is if you live in one of those other time zones, not the eastern time zone. You're used to doing the math at

Kyle Mountsier  03:00

this point. Yeah, you just get angry every time someone says Eastern. Let me tell you how it really is.

Paul Daly  03:06

I don't know everyone can't live on the West Coast.

Kyle Mountsier  03:09

Oh my goodness.

Paul Daly  03:12

What else we got? I needed TrueCar. We have a post going out today. If you didn't go out already. The hashtag I need a true car campaigns in full swing. Hey, look, I don't know any dealer that doesn't want $5,000 of true cars money into their next car. Dear Kyle, I know you're in the bucket for a car. You should have made a video dude, I should have made a video. So basically all you do, you make a video highlighting why you want why you need the five grand why you need a new car. And then you use their little music search up I need a true car they made like this catchy little jingle that always gets stuck in my head every time I talk about it. Use the hashtag I need a true car and follow the directions on their on their social media platforms. And they're gonna pick 10 people to get five grand each frame so that's a great, very great little holiday deal. Very fancy. I like it. I like it. Alright,

Kyle Mountsier  03:57

fancy. Ah, segue. Thank you. One manufacturer really feels like their cars are super fancy. If you were wondering excited about a $41,000 base f150 lightnings and presto. Hey, you are you are in for a treat because Ford has announced this week. The upper third price in several months has increased in price another 9% for the lightning ringing in at $55,974.08. Almost $17,000 increase from

Paul Daly  04:38

a hole that's like a hole like what does any cost costs car cost 17,000 anymore?

Kyle Mountsier  04:45

Huh? Kia Rio? Maybe?

Paul Daly  04:47

I wasn't like, Yeah, that's right. Maybe maybe even lucky. If you're lucky. But you know, everybody's supply costs are rising. And I don't think Ford's too worried about it though. I mean, they sell every tracking

Kyle Mountsier  05:00

they just sell them all. Yeah, they're making more and they're selling them also

Paul Daly  05:03

added a third shift, right? They added a third shift at the plant.

Kyle Mountsier  05:06

So yeah, it kind of blows my mind. Because, you know, I mean, you typical like year over year price increase was like anywhere between three and $900. For for for vehicle, and now just because of this new Eevee ecosystem and because Tesla can do it, it's like, hey, manufacturers going, Hey, we're just gonna raise prices on these things. It's a it's a wild, different thing. But, you know, I, you know, they see what dealers have been making on on new vehicles, and they're like, hey, look, if customers are willing to pay the price that's raised, and it's kind

Paul Daly  05:37

of retail, right? You raise it until it affects ya. Yep. I know. I know. I don't have I don't have a fancy segue. But also segue, Oh, fancy, say, well, but Honda announced this week, we talked about this coming a week or two ago, that Honda was going to have Google built in OS and one of its vehicles, we didn't know which one. Well, they announced this week, it's going to be their 2023 Honda Accord Touring model. So only the Touring model is going to be there first, integrating the Google operating system, which, you know, it gets all the features where it can mess, you know, you can adjust your climate control. And you can log into your Google and have all your stuff at your fingertips. But this is also the thing that allows Honda to step in to the over the air update era, which is I think, probably a bigger deal.

Kyle Mountsier  06:23

Yeah, no, that's a huge deal. And to be able to do it in line with someone's logged in experience, I think is that's the holy grail of like, the connected car to the the like the connected ecosystem. And so the people that lean into the Google ecosystem, are gonna be extremely happy with this, you know, and I think I'm sure, you know, Amazon and Apple are both trying to find a place to get their operating system into a vehicle. Because it is it's like, hey, if that's another place where you're at that's like home, phone, computer, car, those are the places where you got to be found if you're an operating system these days to have all the data and have the logged in experiences. So there's, I'm sure there's a whole segment of about 13% of people that, you know, are Google ecosystem, people that all of our

Paul Daly  07:11

green bubble friends, we're looking at you Glen Lundy, like do we even need them in the group chat? I don't know. Right, now we get some pictures. It's not all it's not all, a smooth ride. Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for an investigation into big Tex expansion into the auto industry, expressing concerns that companies like Google may stifle competition through bundled services, and lack of support for third party apps. So what that basically means is, you know, some people who's charging a subscription for it. It's hard to it's not yet but one of the automakers is, you know, you get like the first three years of the Google, you know, oh s all the features unlock, but then you have to pay to unlock and if not, then you're stuck with Google CarPlay. And so Elizabeth Warren is saying like, hey, if they have an app monopoly on that, and no, no third party apps always integrate. You know, she's, she's, she's going for it. Okay, go for it. Yeah, I'm gonna go in for it. Oh, god, you're gonna do it.

Kyle Mountsier  08:07

I gotta go in for it. No, go go. All right,

Paul Daly  08:09

we're gonna go for the segue. Segue. Well, it's been a little too long. Kyle, since we've talked about the metaverse.

Kyle Mountsier  08:19

You know, if it's been a little too long, it hasn't been a long time.

Paul Daly  08:23

But just think about the rug that got pulled out from under us. And several months ago, when when Brian Kramer all of a sudden, went vendor side so he's no longer selling cars in the metaverse and then met a bob Lanham became Bob now and now I just feel like I'm floating in the metaverse, but this article is going to bring us back Nvidia, the graphics processor maker. They predict that many automotive companies will begin integrating their operations with the metaverse this next year in 2023, using it to monitor get this production processes and improving design throughout the use of digital twins. They call them in factory. So basically, a Metaverse replica of was actually in the factory and also through virtual collaboration spaces. So you just think about it like you can troubleshoot production processes in real time in the metaverse walk around the shop, look up look down the ground. Under the design process, right can be a real collaborative thing. Some auto brands, such as Fiat and Ford have already begun using the metaverse to showcase products to potential customers, right. So that's the retail side. But I don't have a note here and I don't know why. But in in the article it talks about and it's linked up here in the show notes that one of the manufacturers already credits like hey, we saved like 300 grand designing a vehicle because collaborated in the metaverse to do it.

Kyle Mountsier  09:40

So I think that that's that's like one of the you know, I'm starting to try to think like where are the uses for the metaverse in a practical sense on a day to day basis. And that's like collaboration with physical items, I think is a massive piece where you can't have everybody in the room when you've got a global design team. And it's like Alright, let's get everyone in the room. them in the metaverse room. And let's talk about this design. Let's work on the way that it integrates. And the way that you know that it flows and things like that like that, that would save a ton of costs over time. And then even like pre product releases, instead of having to build a whole concept card just to see if it's the thing that everybody wants, right? You can do focus groups or anything like that on product presentations, way prior to launching anything even before, you know putting anything into it. And so I just think it saves a ton of time in both development and r&d. So that's right. That's right. So design them.

Paul Daly  10:32

Hey, there you go. A use for the metaverse, other than then my Roblox and Walmart land and all the other fun things. Look, we know what's gonna happen. It's just like everything is just like crypto just like all the excitement. Everybody all excited in early 2022 This year, right late 2021 22. We were Metaverse and cryptocurrency and we're doing all that. And now we're just like,

Kyle Mountsier  10:53

got ahead of ourselves are so expensive. Yes, exactly. Hey,

Paul Daly  11:00

we're going to revamp and we're going to revisit 2022 at the year end extravaganza just so you know, there may or may not be an opening monologue where Kyle and I do our best like Jimmy Fallon, or Saturday Night Live, you get to pick what it's going to be. We're going to review 2022 Gotta look ahead to 2023 Right now we hope that all of you go over to clubhouse for all things used cars with David Long, just go to the clubhouse, Hap search all things use cars. You'll find it there. I'm going to get the family together get on my way to Nashville, Kyle's gonna get back home from Georgia. I literally have MacBooks on right now. Look, I don't know

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