Ram’s Revolution, Cheaper Teslas, Delta’s Free Wi-Fi

January 6, 2023
We’re burning around the corner on Thursday as we review Ram’s entry into the EV Truck market. We also cover dramatic pricing changes for Tesla, as well as Delta’s plan to (finally) give free wi-fi to all passengers.
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As Ford continues to make as many Lightnings as they can, and GM is getting ready to start making pumping out Silverado EVs, Ram has finally called their shot at CES yesterday with the reveal of their EV pickup, the Revolution 1500

  • Features include electric motors on front and rear axles, barn door tailgate extender, midgate options that allow you to add jumpseats, 4” more cabin length that the existing model, a steering wheel that retracts into the dash when in autonomous mode, suicide doors removing the b pillar, powered frunk, 360 cameras instead of side mirrors, tons of interior tech and…
  • …the truck will follow its owner around like a loyal dog and will charge itself with a roomba like device once parked in the garage
  • “Brutiful” is the word Ralph Gilles,  Stellantis design chief used as he credited designer Mark Trostle with combining the words brutal and beautiful.

It their first major move by Tesla since appointing Tom Zhu, to oversee global output and deliveries, Tesla has cut prices for its Model Y and Model 3 cars in China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia in an effort to boost demand for output from its Shanghai factory, which is the company's single largest production hub.

  • A Model 3 costs almost 30% less in China than it is in the US market with a starting price around $33k
  • Last month, Elon Musk said interest rates had impacted the affordability of all types of cars and that Tesla may lower its prices in order to maintain growth in sales volume.
  • The cuts also come days after Beijing ended a subsidy program
  • After the price cut the Model 3 is now the same price as competitor BYD's best-selling Han EV

Delta Airlines is leaning into their CX by offering FREE wi-fi to all passengers starting on Feb 1st.

  • About 80% of Delta’s domestic fleet will offer the service next month, but it will become available on more each week, CEO Ed Bastian said during a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Thursday.”
  • The company has invested over $1B in the program and has partnered with T Mobile
  • They are also installing new entertainment systems that will track passenger preferences across flights and even remember where you were in a movie
  • Other integrations with will through their AmEx credit card and booking platform Resy which will coordinate other things like food and ground transportation seamlessly
  • WE SEE YOU: John Frazier, Service Director at Paulding CDJR in

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:27

yeah oh that's a new intro to the show that Kyle and I didn't even see they just broke that one on us. I guess we want to we're talking about rams new, Evie cheaper. Tesla's and Delta's free Wi Fi. It's a fun show today, we also have a special little wink a little we see you to someone in the soda community in the automotive community actually gonna flip to the end of the show, and do that one first who

Kyle Mountsier  00:55

would do it? So so our producer Isaac, we're like getting ready to show he's like you got your weekends, Bob. Does the typical rundown. Alright, he goes. And I was like, There's something about to come and then he just hits it. And I was like,

Paul Daly  01:09

ah, yeah, it was time for a new show. If

Kyle Mountsier  01:12

you listen to the podcast only and you don't get to see the like Countdown Show. Grab it on YouTube or LinkedIn or something like that. It's a cool little like vibe, a little bit of our, you know, history in podcasting and tomfoolery around the country. So

Paul Daly  01:25

tom, tom foolery, more pot time for you then then podcasting for sure. We're sure got a lot of great things going on nada plan is going to be released very, very soon, like where we'll be where you can come hang out with us. And if you're not going to be at nada, we're going to be the place to follow during nada, we have a full production team going. So you can you get reports on what's going on, check some live streams, follow our Instagram story, and just kind of see what it is on the ground. We're going to try to bring the show to you. So if you're not following us on LinkedIn, follow us searches. So to if you're not following us on Instagram, that's also a great place to be. And also we've been leaning into Facebook a little bit too. So just give me some prep. We're doing the work to bring the show to you. If you can't be there. If you can't be there. You better come say hi, because we need to keep the community together. Speaking of keeping the community together. Now it's time for a full segue there. We had a new you don't watch the show. We just had a new segway graphic that they just pulled off the screen before you saw Kyle. But hey, John Fraser. Moving to the last story for the production team John Fraser, Service Director at Paulding cdjr in Dallas, Georgia, Dallas, Georgia. He made a post and it said it had a picture of subway on a service counter and it said when your wife is a Service Advisor with 60 Open Oros and staying late to catch up you surprise her with romantic subway dinner date at work with a side of Excedrin migraine, which is right in the middle of the two Subway sandwiches. John Fraser that's a boss move that is quintessential of the auto industry. I love the family business. I are your boss. How does that work out? That's it. Yeah, I have no clue. Like he's got the mentality but we just want to say for all the fixed ops people out there, John Fraser specifically, we see you. We see you we see the work you're doing thank you for being an encouragement to us. Alright, let's get into some news because because of CES this week, Consumer Electronics Show news dropping everywhere and as Ford continues to make as many lightnings as they can, and GM is getting ready to start pumping out Silverado EVs, Ram has finally called their shot at CES perfect reveal with the reveal of their Eevee pickup the revolution 1500 I got to say, it just got my vote for the coolest pickup Evie. Even like I've been like the cybertruck seems really cool. This is like I will say

Kyle Mountsier  03:42

that thing is good. It's a good looking truck.

Paul Daly  03:47

So check this out. They also use that extra time where they weren't making like Ford. Basically that truck looks like an F 150 except it's got some they RAM use the extra time to really lean in and like come hard features include. They put electric motors on the axles instead of the wheels, which is interesting. I don't know why it did that. They have a barn door tailgate that extends the tailgate goes down, the barn doors go out and extends the bed which is kind of cool. Or they have a steering wheel that retracts into the dash when you're in autonomous mode. They were able to get four inches more of length out of the cabin space. Look at that thing. suicide doors to get rid of the B pillar. They don't know if that's going to be production mode, but it looks amazing. A powered frunk so you put stuff in the front can charge it and all that stuff cameras instead of side mirrors, tons of Materia tech and get this the truck will follow you like a loyal dog. You're on a job site and you're you're walking around and you're picking up tools or you're talking to people that I mean it's kind of creepy, like you know, like the truck like you turn around and it stops and you can start walking it it follows you and you turn around it stops.

Kyle Mountsier  04:52

I think that's less creepy than the Roomba like device that it charges once it's in the car. It's like

Paul Daly  04:59

I don't think that's Because the Roomba is something so you pull it in the garage, and they have this little thing. I mean, I guess it's like a Roomba. And it makes its way under like a charging port under the vehicle, right, it can just charge the car so you don't have to remember to plug in your vehicle. So they're really pushing, pushing the whole experience. So here's a quote from Ralph, Jill's gills. He calls it beautiful, just combination of brutal and beautiful. I'll take that. So I don't know, Ram coming hard and expected to start releasing trucks in I think 2024 I don't how do I not have that the show notes

Kyle Mountsier  05:34

I didn't I didn't even see in the article. But I'm sure it's around that time. So you know, I here's the thing, like, this is a beautiful truck, I think they've done a great job, I think they've done a great job with the design, it follows a lot of the trend of like interiors of trucks, not looking like trucks anyways. And so they've like taken that to the nth degree. And then it's similar to like, for me, whoever's kind of like, not maybe last in this race, but a little bit later in this race is going to have the advantage of all the learnings of the of the ones that have come before. It's I mean, now Apple is ahead of everyone, but really in smartphone technology, Apple was significantly behind everyone back in 2000 14,005. Right. And so you think about that, like a little bit longer learning timeline, is gonna give some of these automakers a little bit more capacity to add more features and to create more experience around their trucks. So

Paul Daly  06:25

hey, what's the s Tod computer? What do you thinks about it? Because when we were showing him more reveals of cars yesterday on the show, he literally called one but ugly. I was like, I haven't heard that turbine forever. But what which one it was, but I'll tell you what, it is hard to hard to impress that man. But Ram has definitely impressed me. I'm kind of hard to impress when it comes to trucks, but I would definitely consider if I was looking at the three offerings right now. That was out. I mean, granted, it's a concept. Yeah, little advantage when you're releasing the concept model, like Yeah, I want that futuristic spaceship looking things got 24 inch rims.

Kyle Mountsier  07:01

Hey, just real real quick before we get to the next story. Yeah, if you had to guess. At some point in the revolution, you think the EV might be bolted? Or like stand out at some point and IBV Oh,

Paul Daly  07:16

they were like they were like give me a list of words catchy PT. Give me a list of words or two letters EV in them right next. There speaking of EVs next to one another. Check this out. In their first major move. Since appointing Tom Zhu to oversee global output and deliveries reported on that earlier this week, Tesla has cut prices again, on its model Y and model three cars in China don't call it an incentive. Japan, South Korea and Australia are all getting the price cut in an effort to boost demand for output from Tesla's Shanghai factory, which is their largest production hub. Guess this a model three now costs 30% less in China than it does in the US market, which would be the equivalent of a starting price for Tesla Model three at $33,000. Yeah. And

Kyle Mountsier  08:05

see in China, there's a lot more competition with BYD and vinfast already having a big foothold there. So I can see why. You know, there's there's a fear of loss of market share, there's a fear of drive down of of, you know, people purchasing those vehicles and, but I wouldn't be surprised to start to see some of that incentive discount ish stuff ahead to the US market, especially as inflation continues to rise. You know, Elon Musk has as consistently said interest rates are affecting the affordability of all types of cars, and especially Tesla, you know, a higher price vehicle in the market, and lowering prices is going to have to come if they want the volume and not just the profit margin.

Paul Daly  08:49

Yeah, I mean, they had fortunately for them, they had the room to cut it with the margin, right? Like, I mean, they did have a lot of room like, do you look at a traditional OEM like, where are you gonna go? Right, right. Well, when Tesla is like 7x, the profit on their vehicle, they have space to go. But that's still I mean, by far affects the bottom line a ton, right? And their ability we know their market share has dropped from I think it was like 1.1 point 2 trillion, right? Way, way, way, way, way, way down to like a third of that maybe less than a third of that now. So things are changing in the Evie race and the Evie market. And I guess that's just the way it goes. Speaking of going

Kyle Mountsier  09:23

places. Super excited about this one,

Paul Daly  09:30

I knew you would be I knew. So Delta Airlines is leaning into their customer experience. Steve Greenfield. I don't think he's excited. Actually. He's a million miler with Delta. He's like, even the essence. Same benefits I have. Delta Airlines is leading in their CX by offering free Wi Fi to every single passenger starting on February 1, about 80% of their domestic fleet will offer the service next month but obviously it's going to be available on more and more and more the company announced at CES They've invested over a billion in the program and a partnership with T Mobile. But here's the cool part. So I like it when companies are thinking CX, because they're also revamping their whole entertainment system so that it follows the passenger view from seat to seat like it knows your preferences. It knows where you are, it knows what movies you like to watch, and it even solves the problem of not finishing the movie. Yo layovers?

Kyle Mountsier  10:22

Like here's get right back up without it out between layovers between flights, like I'm always worried about, Do I remember where I stopped on that movie? You know, because I got an hour 45 flight, it's a two hour movie, and I can't get the last day. And how crappy is it gonna be to try to scrub to that part on the movies interface? Well, and here's the thing, like, the other piece that they've said is that they're going to do it from the time you board the plane to the time you get off, which is a really big deal, because you got that 2025 minutes from boarding to take off that a lot of people are just like sitting around wondering what to do twiddling their thumbs. And so it's it's a genius play. And then I mean, shoot, when you connect the the data of the inflight experience to the person. Let's go zation of that is not just the travelers, it's actually the data connected to that data. Yeah.

Paul Daly  11:08

And the attention Oh, yeah, they are. And they're also talking about leaning into a very lucrative, you know, these airline credit cards, I just got my first airline credit card, by the way, you get that status. I can't, I can't be like Steve Greenfield and get all the miles. Like I got, I gotta cheat the system, I have to like get miles from buying like gas and like dog treats and stuff. Buy a lot of dog treats, I buy cat treats. But they're going to be connecting their Delta American Express credit card with the booking platform resi, which is owned by American Express, to really try to link up and coordinate things like food delivery when you land or when you get to your hotel, ground transportation. So they're trying to say like, Hey, when you fly Delta, we know it's a little bit of a premium and delta flights aren't the cheapest, but they're going to be like, you're really going to enjoy the trip. So we'd love to see more hospitality and transportation. Unfortunately, for all of us go into nada, no free Wi Fi. Because it's before February 1, let's just do Greenfield or a million miler, who else always bragged about that and more American

Kyle Mountsier  12:08

and southwestern Dallas delta delta is like we stay at a Texas. That's true. That's true. I

Paul Daly  12:15

don't know what it is. I don't either. I don't either. There's a thing there. I don't know what it is. But I'll speak to you, Steve Greenfield, we're gonna have him on the show on Monday, we're going to be talking through his 2023 predictions, and, you know, kind of the scoring he gave himself for his 2022 predictions. So that's gonna be a lot of fun. Meanwhile, we're gonna be posting a lot of stuff if you're not hanging out with us on the social platforms. Join us on the social platforms, because we put out a lot of other content, specifically LinkedIn, a lot of great conversation going there. But we're about to move into all things use cars on clubhouse, so if you're listening to the live stream, just go to clip boss all things used cars will be in there in just about 30 seconds, talking about, you know, this industry

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