Safe Questions To Ask Family On Thanksgiving

November 24, 2022
It's Thanksgiving Day and we're helping you be the savvy conversationalist around the family table with a list of fun questions you can ask to keep the gravy train rolling.
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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:26

Yo is Thursday. That's Thanksgiving Thursday, actually. We know you're home, we know you have some family that you're not used to being around. So we're gonna help you out with 50 questions to ask awkward family. The people really weren't

Kyle Mountsier  00:43

actually gonna we're not gonna do rapid fire, it's gonna take a half minutes. He's actually never heard him do this. Over the fall

Paul Daly  00:56

you boys ain't gonna leave you hanging on Thanksgiving because we know how it can be you have people over that you're not used to have an over or you took a trip to somebody's house that you don't usually go over and you're awkwardly sitting on the couch somewhere within your button listening to this podcast, because you're just trying to find an excuse to do something that you don't

Kyle Mountsier  01:13

want to do. Yeah, you still like the the parade hasn't started yet? frustrated about that? You can't talk about the balloon, right? Because that's like, that's like the favorite morning. And no football has started so you can't awkwardly act like you actually, you know, like, like football. And you haven't even eaten chips yet. So you can't talk about which chips you like you're not. So you gotta have errors ation. So we're here for you. We're here for you guys. I even wore my dress whites at if you're not watching the lifestyle

Paul Daly  01:43

has a white hat on. I didn't know what to do with that I immediately thought of like 2003 Backstreet Boys. Except they didn't have any bears. If you were clean shaven, you'd probably do a white hat blue eyes clean shaven. He's boyband material right now. So we went and we searched the Internet for the best questions to ask to break that awkward family silence. And thanks to our friends at apartment We have 50 questions linked up in the show notes, but we're gonna read some of the best ones for you. And some of these could be a little explosive. But it depends on your family. So you're definitely like, for instance, this one. Don't ask this one. Okay. If you became president, what's the first thing you would do to make the country a better place? That's off limits? Shut down the party. Everyone. Please. Okay, that's an example of what not to ask. I don't even know why this is on the list. Apartment Guide, you got that one wrong. Here's a fun one, which could turn into a fight. But it could just be really hilarious. What is something you got away with as a child that your family still doesn't know about?

Kyle Mountsier  02:50

Now, all you like, if we got like, 18 detail, you're

Paul Daly  02:54

gonna answer that question. Kyle. Will you answer that question right now?

Kyle Mountsier  02:59

See, I was one of these kids. That was like, told my parents everything. And I was so boring as a kid, like legitimately boring as a person that I just never got my hand.

Paul Daly  03:13

Okay, well, then I'll share one grace. And if my parents are listening, which I don't think they listen to this show, they listen to like declarative compressed ones. So I had just got my license, not maybe not just got my license. I probably had it for a year and we had like a 1984 caprice classic remember those gigantic vehicle, ours was like barbers was like, like doodoo brown color with no clear coat left on it. So like, you can get the picture but that sucker had this big V eight in it. And so we go down by the church parking lot that had something that looked a little bit like a drag strip. And I learned about something called neutral drops. Oh, there you go. And that's right, you put the car in neutral. It doesn't work on an Eevee. But you don't need to do it in an Eevee. Put the car in neutral. You hit the gas pedal, you wait till it revs up and then drop it in the drive. And boy, that thing would light those tires up. Yep. So never told my parents about that. There you go. My family doesn't know about that. Alright, let's get some more questions. Just little little moment of transparency. I feel lighter of us. You feel

Kyle Mountsier  04:16

better? Yes. Yeah. This is like an opening up experience. It's really good. Yeah.

Paul Daly  04:22

Okay, here's here's one that's certain to spark debate, but hopefully in a friendly manner. Who is the best cook in the family? It might be a little sensitive for Thanksgiving.

Kyle Mountsier  04:30

Yes, he does get weird because normally when you go over like if you're at Grandma's house or mom's house, there's kind of like this unspoken word where it's like mom just is the best cook because she's mom. So like that could get sideways. If it's like, your dad is a way better cook like I love his grilling like mom would all of a sudden, you know what I get? It's a good question because it could spark healthy debate. You know, how can you

Paul Daly  04:54

fire healthy debate? In your opinion? What is the worst movie of all time? That's a fun one. That's certainly going to raise some opinions and some thoughts. This is an issue when if you could pick your own name, what would it be? You kind of can make your own name when you're an adult. I guess you could I don't know, at a restaurant, do you tip based on level of service or based on the bill itself? That's going to give you a little window into somebody's world? What's the craziest thing you've ever eaten? What's your earliest memory? That's a fun one. Unless

Kyle Mountsier  05:24

I hope everybody to

Paul Daly  05:27

see you know that. You have a relatively functional family and family history. My earliest memory is dad yelling us to get the car. Oh, yeah. Okay, okay. Okay. That's fair. That's fair. Let's see. I'm not even don't ask if you are invisible for a day. What would you want to observe? Let's not do that.

Kyle Mountsier  05:47

Apartment, guys. Come

Paul Daly  05:48

on that one? Yeah. If your family had a theme song, what would it be? That could be really, really fun. Oh, that

Kyle Mountsier  05:53

is amazing. Yes. The I feel like some of these. I feel like some of these. This should be like a party game where like, you have to write it on a piece of paper, hand it in and around, reads it off. And then everyone guesses whose that is? I think that'd be really good. Right now.

Paul Daly  06:06

That's that's would be maybe we're going to turn this into some rows. Okay. How much money would it take for you to bungee jump over the Grand Canyon? We'll leave you with that one day. How much money would it take you to bungee jump kind of answer that question?

Kyle Mountsier  06:22

I mean, honestly, not that much. Like you could probably get me for a couple 100 bucks. I feel like yeah, you'd pay for the trip. Probably a grand. You know, I'm not like a I'm not like a daredevil type person. But if you hung 100 grand up in my face, I'd been I do most things that are kind of like Daredevil ish. So yeah.

Paul Daly  06:43

For grant. Yeah. For grant. That's it. Okay. Okay, well, there you have your family to get back to now hopefully we've armed you with a bunch of questions to ask and not ask. Enjoy your day with your family. Have some Thanksgiving turkey and look, we have a lot to be thankful for. Especially you see you soon.

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