Self-Fired By A Twitter Poll, Robos Racking Up Rides, The Best Final Ever?

December 19, 2022
Welcome to the week before Christmas, where Amazon shipping is everyone’s best friend! Today we welcome the ASOTU crew to Nashville, but we have to talk about some news. Elon may be stepping down as head honcho at Twitter, driverless cars are getting more popular in China, and we recap one of the greatest World Cup finals of all time.
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  • At least 58% of Elon Musk’s Twitter tribe want him to step down from his current role as CEO according to the poll he, himself posted yesterday with the caption, “Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll.”
  • Over 17.5 M vote split 58/42
  • Tesla shares are up 5% on the news although are at a 52 week low and half of what they were a year ago
  • This move could have big implications for Tesla as many large investors and strategists say the company has effectively been operating without a working CEO since Musk finalized the deal with Twitter and took over as active CEO
  • Baidu Inc.’s Apollo program, which allows customers to hail and ride a fully autonomous robotaxi, has racked up more than 1.4 million public journeys
  • Rides on the promotional program start at about 65 cents for a 10 mile drive.
  • Currently vehicles with steering wheels are being used in combination with a LIDAR technology bolted on, giving drivers a somewhat unnerving feeling as the wheel moves.
  • The passenger also sees a rendering of the camera views from the car with animated pedestrians and road elements
  • Some saying the World Cup final yesterday was the best of the last century
  • 3-3 Final saw Mbappe and Messi battling it out through extra time when Argentina won on penalties
  • Messi, one of the top players of all time, cements his legacy by leading Argentina to the World Cup win
  • After much controversy leading up to the cup, Qatar has proven to be a powerful holding ground for this year’s competition

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Thu, Dec 22, 2022 11:53AM • 9:49


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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:00

It's Monday, December 19. As you can see, we're not in the office. We're together. And we're in Nashville in

Kyle Mountsier  00:05

beautiful, freezing cold Nashville.

Paul Daly  00:09

I feel like I'm in Syracuse. I'm like, You guys are full of crap.

Kyle Mountsier  00:12

You got the you got the Syracuse. We're good to go.

Paul Daly  00:16

We were so funny story. We're walking around yesterday doing interviews. And like I'm trying to stop people as they're walking. And I was like, people don't want to be stopped and cars like, no, just No, you're from the North. They caught him. They saw I was like, that's a bunch of crap, dude, because I thought people from the South are supposed to be nice. No, it's a whole thing. And people from the northeast. Yeah. And I was stopped. I

Kyle Mountsier  00:36

was just coming up to me. They were like, can I talk? No. I don't know, man. I don't know. It's

Paul Daly  00:42

all a ruse, but it is the week before Christmas. We are one day away from the year end extravaganza. Our whole team is converging on Nashville as we speak in airplanes and trains and boats. And they're actually what's happening. That's kind of not really but we're setting up tomorrow live stream Tuesday between two and four Eastern Standard Time. Make sure you join us for having a full Tonight Show style show. Jimmy Fallon might or may may or may not be there. We'll go with the Seelye may or may not may not be

Kyle Mountsier  01:12

there. Right, exactly. No, it's gonna be a ton of fun. And I just think like, between the fun and the information. I mean, we've got Steve Greenfield, Alex Vetter, a Tulpa. tell lies, lies. It's just gonna be a really packed couple hours of really good information and a lot of good laughs as well. All right,

Paul Daly  01:32

let's talk about a little bit of news. We got some stuff. If we got some stuff here today. We got some cold here today, we got a show to produce and get all that stuff. Ready. Look, we try not to talk about Elon Musk that much. But sometimes it's just unavoidable. today. So he posted a poll yesterday and at least 58% of the poll respondents, of which there were 17 and a half million. Good night. Yeah, you launch a poll in 17 and a half million people responded, you got some attention. The basic question is, Should I step down as CEO of Twitter? 57% or 58%? said, Yes, we should on the news. Tesla's stock jumped 5%

Kyle Mountsier  02:08

Wow. Unbelievable. Yeah. And

Paul Daly  02:11

the what is it? Exactly? It reads? Should I stepped down as head of Twitter? Question Mark, I will abide by the results of this poll. And when he said that in the past, yep. That's kind of why he owns

Kyle Mountsier  02:23

Twitter. This is what I think is really interesting about this, because one on the one hand, you see Tesla stock immediately jumped, there's already been investors in Tesla asking him to step down as the Tesla, CEO, CEO, and, and add someone else because of the loss of focus. But this actually puts more focus back on Tesla, and hey, here's the thing, like when brand drives attention, things happen. And you know, that I think that's a storyline through and through, like, he does keep his word, he does continue to do things his own way. But also, like, he's built this brand that drives 17 million people toward attention. And all of the sudden stock prices are impacted by it.

Paul Daly  03:06

Well, you know, Tesla's gone, some of these investors are saying without a working CEO, right, ever since the deal closed, and you have to think with all the challenges in the auto industry with all the challenges Tesla's facing all the headwinds, right, and we're not giving discounts, right, we're just reducing the price or whatever they right there's, there's a lot of things going on. And to to feel like in that turmoil, there's not a working CEO, because if you think of all the attention he's put on Twitter, was on Tesla, and probably Space X as well. It does have implications for Tesla, thereby implications on the entirety of the market, and then the entirety of the race. I think there are a lot of automotive CEOs, you know, like we're not calling traditional OEMs legacy automakers that are like no, no, no, stay over their borders. Awesome. Dude, they were all voting no. Right? They were the 42% of the no votes came from

Kyle Mountsier  03:54

the auto industry legacy auto box. Yeah.

Paul Daly  03:58

I don't think we could put the bots Oh, perfect.

Kyle Mountsier  04:02

We don't have the Segway button. We apologize. Hear it in your head though. Stop segway time. So Baidu Inc, which is a Chinese based technology company has this program called the Apollo program, which allows customers to hail a full ride a fully autonomous Robo taxi, and they have racked up over 1.4 million public journeys now, it's really interesting because right now, the way that it works as they're using like traditional vehicles with this like crazy LIDAR thing on top of retrofitting this thing, and so when you get in, it's almost like a ghost is driving. Right? So there's the you know, the whole Yeah, and then also they render these the, like a video of everything that the Lidar is, you know what

Paul Daly  04:50

it sees? So, you know, it's comforting, like, oh, it sees that person. Oh, it sees that car,

Kyle Mountsier  04:53

but it animates all of it. Right. So like they translate it into an animated kind of

Paul Daly  04:58

video if you could switch the style I also have the animation. Right? Like, I want to go like, original Nintendo eight.

Kyle Mountsier  05:09

Yeah, what's really crazy is and I think that this is just something that that because they can drive the price down because they don't have people in the vehicles. They're giving away this promotional program that essentially equates to driving 10 miles for 65 cents. So they're doing that just to get more right just to get more rides. Yeah. So, golly,

Paul Daly  05:30

I'm trying out for 65 cents. I know because you're cheap like, hey, look, you know, you know, the truth is the solving for this. This autonomous, autonomous thing is really just about racking up the miles and experience. Yep. Like build the software. So I mean, it seems like a great play. It seems like they're racking them up quick 1.4 million rides, which do put a multiple, multiple on that for miles. I don't know how many like Waymo and stuff has, right.

Kyle Mountsier  05:55

Yeah, they said that Waymo. And the crews are kind of like the biggest competitors that they're seeking kind of like global impact with because right now they're mainly in a few cities just in China. So

Paul Daly  06:06

retrofitting on top of like, is there a vehicle they're using? No clue would say that

Kyle Mountsier  06:10

I didn't it didn't even say that. Any vehicle you want. They do look wild. It is you got to click through the link because it's like a big hack.

Paul Daly  06:17

Everybody just sees it coming because it's so big. Right? Exactly. All right. Last story for the day, we have to talk about soccer. I don't follow soccer. I've been a little bit out of the out of loop over the last few days. So I was looking forward to seeing my first World Cup final I missed it. Yeah, but apparently it was one for like Legend.

Kyle Mountsier  06:34

So I ended up I missed it too. But I rewatched it late last night because everything all around the world. It was like this thing. So essentially, Argentina goes up to nothing. And then and then in three minutes at the end of the second half. One of the greatest players in the country are in the world MoBay scores to tie it up. Then they go into overtime, Argentina scores again. Then France scores again. So it's three three, they go to penalties. Argentina ends up winning, which is a big deal because Lionel Messi one of the greatest players of all times even I know who that is some consider him the actual goat. Right where it kind of cements his which

Paul Daly  07:15

is global. Right, right. We're not talking about like pro football. We're talking about global sport. Yeah, greatest of all time.

Kyle Mountsier  07:21

Exactly. Yeah. So So you know, the the kind of

Paul Daly  07:25

guy that never goes down. He doesn't see that's why he's my favorite player. He's he's really he just stays on his feet. It's incredible drama, like soccer and basketball. Those two things like there's just a lot of, there's just a lot of male drama, like a lot of complaining. A lot of arguing a lot of crying. But when I saw that commercial, that was messy. That's my favorite. Yeah, the guy that doesn't go down.

Kyle Mountsier  07:46

Exactly. And he loves his country. And you know, it's interesting because there was a lot of controversy surrounding the World Cup and being in Qatar but it didn't disappoint. We've i We had a guy yeah, they got laid down lucky on the fields and we and so here's here's here's my takeaway from this is like, if you're swimming in the river this week, people are talking about this, all of your all of your customers, everyone on social media, all of that type of stuff are going to continue to talk about this World Cup for at least another week or two. So it's just something like the wave. I think if you're in business, being a part of that wave is something that we should be doing. Yeah,

Paul Daly  08:20

so a little congratulatory thing maybe a little sign Yeah, that boat a little like better in your showroom a little you know, Instagram posts, just be in the mix in the in the mix well, we are in the mix as you can probably hear the traffic going by if you're just listening today. If you're watching you can see Nashville in the back I get little clouds rolling in little something going on. We have a show to produce will be online, follow our social medias will document a lot of the stuff. If you follow our Instagram account, or LinkedIn we'll be posting throughout the days. So you can see kind of how we're building things together. Come together and please join us tomorrow from two to four Eastern, just go to a or just follow our page on LinkedIn or Instagram and we'll be live streaming or YouTube. Yeah, all those places. I will see you soon. See you soon.

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