Some Quick Jabs and Predicting the Future...the Year is 2030!

December 22, 2022
It's throwback Thursday! Even though it was only two days ago, we are throwing it back to YEE 2022's opening monologue! Enjoy!
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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly, Michael Cirillo

Paul Daly  00:30

Yo, it is Thursday, December 22, two days of Christmas Eve. Today, we're gonna have a little bit of fun. We're gonna run for you the monologue from the year end extravaganza, you'll see the people really just say we were like, we have to include at least something. And it's kind of the first time we've ever written a group monologue. Right? So it was you and me and Chris Reeves, our head writer Michael Cirillo jumped in. And so it's kind of like this combination of, like, let's, let's think together on what we can deliver a value in a monologue style, which was a lot of fun. And I want to do it again, I think we need a second crack at this. It was Yeah,

Kyle Mountsier  01:06

I think and also, like we're not, you know, we're not the typical jokester. So like, we had a little loosening up. Well, with our time, we

Paul Daly  01:13

are the typical jokesters if you're ever when the mic isn't on, it's kind of all we do, right? That's all we do. So

Kyle Mountsier  01:18

but it was interesting, like reading the, like, set

Paul Daly  01:20

it up, and like flipped the mic. And you know, so we have a little fun with the, with the industry, we poke a little fun and a few people we know can take it. We talk a little bit about the real industry in the heart behind the industry. And then you know, we land the plane into the band that comes in. So here, we're gonna play it for you. And of course, you can watch the whole year and extravaganza on our YouTube channel. You know, we'll link it up somewhere. So here you go. All right, you can't talk about the last 12 months without acknowledging one thing. It's been a year we'll call it that's been a year. Of course, for every little bad we got a little good. The pandemic continues to show us that despite the physical distance, we can continue to find strength within our community, specifically, because Brian benstock is in our community and his biceps make us all feels safe. Biceps,

Kyle Mountsier  02:08

biceps aside, that really is what the automotive industry is a community of innovators from OEM leaders like Jim Farley and Mary Barra to necessary disruptors like Carvana and Tesla to the dealer network, looking for new ways to sell the same 14 used cars we circulated all year. And speaking of chip shortages, some of these dealership amenities are getting out of hand. If it goes down with Russia, or more likely still if it gets any worse with Conway. You know what you find us right there beaver Toyota pitching a tent because they got enough chips and snacks to host five Superbowl parties a day for at least the rest of

Paul Daly  02:45

our life, at least the rest of our lives. We had to spend those record profits on something right? And with all the legacy OEMs bringing their electric dreams to life, like their names should be Mary Frankenstein, or Thor Farley. You know, they forgot to do one thing. Anybody want to guess? I forgot to build enough cars for us to sell. But let's be fair, let's be fair, there seemed to be a whole lot more optimism without really knowing what was going to happen at the beginning of this year.

Kyle Mountsier  03:12

It's easy to forget. There was Metaverse chatter and crypto craze when I remember the pitch. I mean, goodness, Brian Kramer was out here sleeping in an Oculus every night. And Bob Lanham was only two signatures away from changing his name to metta Bob, believe it or not, you know, there were even crypto exchange founders that weren't in handcuffs at the beginning of the year. Really? Yeah.

Paul Daly  03:34

But that's hard to find these days. But did you know who didn't legally didn't change their name in 2022? Who's that? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went all in on his first idea since launching MySpace, part two, he launched the metaverse, but even great ideas like digital beach parties can't make every quarter a good one. Facebook had its first ever user drop in q1. But they weren't alone. Netflix, who had our backs in the worst of lockdowns pulled the password sharing rug out from under us calm and share my password anymore. I guess when the going gets tough the tough put ads on the reruns of the

Kyle Mountsier  04:09

office and guess we can't get to the end of this without talking about Elon Musk. He's He's also had a bit of a year. I mean, here you have a man we can all thank for making digital payments mainstream babies out here launching rockets headed for Mars bringing the world high speed. Satellite Internet sets the bar for electrification production selling a ridiculous amount of Tesla's out of margins. Let's be honest, dealers would love to get their hands on eight times the average. Turns out nobody can disrupt the disrupter like this ruptor himself.

Paul Daly  04:39

Wow. Wow, I wish we could see the picture that everybody else can see that asoto but we do offer like to offer a light hearted take on the reality we share. And while maintaining awareness that in every piece we report on in every company we mentioned people's lives are affected by the change and we believe there is no industry better prepared to embrace the change challenges and make a meaningful difference than the automotive dealers we are proud to stand with every single day.

Kyle Mountsier  05:06

Because the reality is innovative dealers are always willing to disrupt, take apart what worked yesterday and put it all back together to serve people today and tomorrow, when the pandemic locked us down, local dealers kept us moving. As big corporations are laying people off. Dealers are creating and sustaining jobs. And with the uncertainty of things like inflation, interest rates and the supply chain. Dealers are driving their roots deeper by blessing their associates, caring for their communities and providing stability for people across this nation. Right.

Paul Daly  05:37

How can we not clap for that?

Kyle Mountsier  05:39

A scallion clap for that.

Paul Daly  05:42

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show planned for you. So let's hear it one more time brown coutry and the troublemakers let's go Cirillo

Michael Cirillo  06:14

Hey, what are you doing over this going on? I didn't even see you there. I love this place. He's too short. Literally. It feels like home. Literally everybody here is sitting on one of my grandmother's couches.

Kyle Mountsier  06:24

I can't see the audience. But we got a little bit of retro in us today. And, you know, we were talking actually that your grandma's couches. They used to have like plastic on

Paul Daly  06:33

at least a quarter inch plastic.

Michael Cirillo  06:34

So we didn't get asbestos poisoning.

Kyle Mountsier  06:41

Gosh, you know, we really have quite had quite a year we walked through some of that stuff just a second ago. And yes, we poke fun, but it has been quite a year record profits and crazy stuff with technology. And we've been up and down with Metaverse and crypto and like all that is ancient history at this feels like it feels like it really

Paul Daly  07:01

does feel like it's amazing. When you think we were looking at some of the the news headlines from back in 2017. And the headlines were literally reading that by 2022. No one will be owning their own vehicle anymore. That's why for those of you who have been in the industry a while remember those nada. Remember those instances where people were, you know, saying it's about cost per mile, not monthly payment. And everything seemed like autonomous vehicles, we're going to be whisking us around. Well, here we are in 2022. And there's not a single one to be found really not really, really Yeah. And so this year, there have been a lot of predictions around the year 2030. So what we decided is that we would make a list of the most popular predictions in 2030 and share them with you. dramatized Of course, here we go. Here we go. In the year 20. In the year 20. In a cage match between Tesla and all other OEMs for evey dominance, Jim Farley floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee

Kyle Mountsier  08:08

in the year 2030. With Hyundai and GM leading the way. All automakers replace seas and with cues and use bold font anytime the letters e v are found in a word 20.

Michael Cirillo  08:30

Customers plead with dealers to stop using pop ups on their website and nationwide protest, citing health care costs rising due to the pointer finger fatigue in the 20s.

Paul Daly  08:47

Coffee shops are on the brink of shutdown due to every dealership now having a coffee shop and 33 charging stations rest up confirmed

Kyle Mountsier  08:57

in the U 20. Jay Leno confirms, comes forward and says all his cars in his garage were actually EVs all the time site in the year 20.

Michael Cirillo  09:13

Asda and Toyota be like Nobre and they usually

Paul Daly  09:29

in the year 2035, thanks to California, gas will cease to exist in the universe.

Kyle Mountsier  09:54

Paul, that was fun. If you didn't get all the jokes, you just gotta go read all the news from the last Last year, and if for some reason we can find stocks Instagram, yes, exactly. Look at Brian but search Elon search to the year 2030. On what do you even do it if you don't get any of them? Exactly. So yeah, so there's a whole a whole bunch of fun there. Thanks for checking it out. And we promise we're gonna do something like that again. So

Paul Daly  10:20

you'll probably see it, we hope that you can come out because we're going to do a lot of shows around the country this year. And so really stay tuned. If you're not on our email list. Go to a sign up. It'll take you three seconds, and you'll get a real fun email every day. And you'll know like when we're bringing the show to your town and like how you can be a part of this.

Kyle Mountsier  10:38

Well, that's all that is. That's all we got for today. Hey, thanks for taking a listen. We hope you have a wonderful day. Only a few more days to Christmas. And hey, then it's the last week of the year. And that is a fun week for autumn.

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