Somebody's Going To Quit with Glenn Lundy

August 8, 2022
Energy. That is what Glenn Lundy brings to life, whether it’s consulting with the 800% Elite Automotive Club, hosting Breakfast with Champions or calling Michael Cirillo out of the blue to interview him. Michael, Paul J Daly and Kyle Mountsier were reminded by Glenn that doing great things requires change, and change means someone is going to quit or be fired. But taking steps today will make your business great down the road, and Glenn believes that’s achievable for everyone.
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What we discuss in this episode:

8:58 Glenn talked about his start in the industry and how he got promoted because of sales results, but not because he knew how to lead people. We talked about putting the right people in the right place to help you succeed.

11:21 Glenn believes that you should learn a new skill to pass it on, not just to be good at something yourself.

13:37 Leadership means getting in the trenches with your team and being involved.

“Just be involved. And when your people see that you're involved, they don't want to disappoint you, they don’t want to let you down and they'll ultimately shine in the different areas. And it helps you as a leader to be able to get people in the right seats when you're in the room learning the same things.”

28:04 We wrapped up by talking about how you need more than a 30 day plan. Glenn thinks that the biggest issue in the automotive industry is that you can’t reinvent the wheel or make big moves in 30 days. He encouraged us to have more vision.

“Give yourself some runway, have a three year plan, have a five year plan, have a 10 year plan and start deciding right now to invest today to get the results three years from now, five years from now, and 10 years from now.”

Listen to the full episode for more insights and context from our conversation with Glenn Lundy.

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