Stellantis’ Big Game Plans, Redefining “SUV”, Just Use Your Phone

February 7, 2023
We’re poolside in a Texas hotel for this Tuesday morning as we talk about the Treasury Department changing the definition of an SUV, Super Bowl ads from OEMs and how to cut down on those pesky Zoom calls.
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The US Treasury is reversing a previous stance and changing its definition of "SUV."

  • The adjustment will make more EVs fall under the SUV category.
  • Electric SUVs retailed at, or below, $80K are eligible for up to $7,500 in tax credits, whereas smaller vehicles cap at $55K.
  • GM also thanked the Treasury and hailed the changes: “The alignment on classification will provide the needed clarity to consumers and dealers, as well as regulators and manufacturers.”

    Stellantis confirmed that the company will be
    running two Superbowl ads this year after taking last year off which will include a 60 second ad in the second quarter for Jeep as well as a 60 second ad in the fourth quarter for Ram
  • Ads this year cost $7M for each 30 seconds
  • Other confirmed auto advertisers are GM and Kia running a 30 second spot each
  • Last year there were ads by GM, KIA, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, and Polestar

According to one phone trainer, sometimes the Zoom call should probably just be a phone call.

  • “In a videoconference, on some level you’re always performing. But when you’re just talking on the phone, you can stretch your back, doodle, take a brisk walk, or simply gaze out the window—providing a boost to your mental or physical health.”
  • Cites many people are keeping chats in text or email longer than they need to
  • Then Covid-19 got everyone addicted to video conferencing tools such as Zoom, and Slack grew into a vital forum for workplace chatter—leaving the good ol’ curly-corded handset to gather dust.
  • A survey conducted before the pandemic found that four in five younger Americans had to mentally prepare themselves before making a call.

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:34

Yo, it is Tuesday, February seventh, the hats backwards. That means we got work to do today. Let's go. Today we're talking about US Treasury reversing previous stances about the definition of SUVs. We are also talking about us the Lantis is reentry into Superbowl advertising. And the last story that you put in and I can't remember about zoom calls, Zoom calls it training and better and personnel that so here we go. All right, so we're actually in Texas for a couple days again, again, which is surprising the last two weeks.

Kyle Mountsier  01:08

When was the last time I've been in town even like, go to Texas,

Paul Daly  01:12

you do now do three cities within two weeks? Look, we're Soto is for the people, you gotta bring it to the people. And I heard there are a lot of people in Texas, and where we are right now we can see right over the border into Mexico. So maybe Mexico is that

Kyle Mountsier  01:27

let's go, man, we were

Paul Daly  01:28

we were at the border with throwing stickers over the wall sticker. There's actually a row as they got tagged it up, tagged up, they're gonna realize who put those there? Oh, man, we

Kyle Mountsier  01:42

were with some really cool people. Yesterday, these young creatives in our industry don't even talk about this again, I know. But they are. So these like young 20 Somethings creatives that have come into the industry or working for an auto group. And like, it's the story that always happens with creatives, kind of like it surprised me every time they walk into a store. And all of a sudden, they they're like, Oh, let me leave my creative self over here. And then we're gonna come over here and make auto stuff, right?

Paul Daly  02:11

Well, we're looking at the content, the auto content. And I will say a lot of the auto content is group is making us buttoned up and tight. It's good. So we're trying to help them unlock some of that stuff. And then you're like, let's check out the Instagram accounts. We looked at the Instagram accounts of these young people who are on this line, right? And we were like, they checked that part of their creativity at the door when they came in to make car commercial. So we said that straight a little bit. So here's the thing,

Kyle Mountsier  02:36

if like, here's our like, just quick Tuesday morning, if you've gotten creative somewhere on staff, make sure you're helping them unlock things, not just asking them for whatever you think is the best thing, because

Paul Daly  02:50

it's gonna be hard to hear for a lot of people because chances are, you're not asking for the right things. Because not because you're bad intentions, but you just don't know what to ask for. Right? So like,

Kyle Mountsier  02:58

release them free them up to make really cool stuff. And I bet you our industry will just see better creative overall. Because like there's some young energy that's going to bring some wild creative in

Paul Daly  03:08

one of the questions we asked, like, with what you have to shoot right now, in this store with these vehicles in this thing, what would you how would you approach if you had to make the post on your Instagram, right? And they were like, oh, let's do this, this,

Kyle Mountsier  03:22

this sun is coming down and I would take the aperture and the bump about this and it was like, okay, yes, just go do that.

Paul Daly  03:31

Alright, let's talk about a little bit of news. Today, the US Treasury is reversing a previous stance and changing the definition of SUV. This will make more as EVs fall in the SUV category. We talked about this before, I think Ford had some was the maki some of them were considered SUVs, and some of them were

Kyle Mountsier  03:47

the major manufacturers that we typically talk about and are in the major news kind of went to the Feds and were like, look, we need some a little bit looser guidelines, we need to open this up because all of these vehicles that were falling in the sedan category are making it hard for them to get under the smaller vehicle cap of $55,000. So now to get the credit, a lot more vehicles are now going to be eligible for the $7,500 tax credit, because they've kind of reclassified what makes an SUV and SUV which

Paul Daly  04:16

raises to 80,000. Right? So anything under 80,000 If it's an SUV is eligible.

Kyle Mountsier  04:21

Yep. So I mean, like GM said, you know, GM and Ford sent sent nice little love letters to the Fed box. GM said the alignment on classification will provide the needed clarity to customers, and dealers as well as regulators and manufacturers. So, like, at least they're saying they're thinking about the customer and the dealer. And hey, look, if you were thinking about that $56,000 vehicle that we were talking about a couple of weeks ago, I had the little machine gun and the brakes and all that type of stuff. Hey, now, now you're gonna get the

Paul Daly  04:57

little credit. How do you feel Oh yes for swimmers.

Kyle Mountsier  05:02

We got swimmers There we go. We'll be wrapping up here in just a second.

Paul Daly  05:07

We got family swimmers because we're wrapping up the show we're gonna talk about one more thing is the Lantis has confirmed they are going to be running a Super Bowl ad after taking off last year in the Superbowl ad, y'all don't worry about it. Just go ahead and do the thing. You got to refresh everything. There's the Lantis talk the getting back into the Superbowl ads they took last year off and they're running two ads, not just 2/32 ads 2/62 ads, one for Kia and the second quarter or sorry, one. Yes. And that's just running Nikki ad. That's how we're doing today. I wanted to say one for Jeep in the second quarter and one for RAM in the fourth quarter. By which point the Eagles will be handily defeating the Kansas they're gonna need that RAM little motivation to run it through right. Yeah, but a 32nd ad in the Super Bowl this year costs $7 million. You imagine? 30 seconds and they got for 30

Kyle Mountsier  05:59

seconds. 30 seconds. Yep. We should tell him what we run ads for.

Paul Daly  06:05

Son de Soto's not 7 million natural baby organic.

Kyle Mountsier  06:11

This podcast. Yeah, a couple of advertisers GM Kia run in 32nd spots. And last year we saw a ton Toyota BMW Nissan poster. So we'll see what comes out of the Superbowl this weekend coming up. I'm sure there'll be a lot to talk about on Monday about the best the worst. Maybe we'll do a little ranking series. Yeah.

Paul Daly  06:30

You know what we're gonna tell you another story, but there's a really nice family that wants to swim in the pool. We're in front of an eight. Those are the breaks when we're on the road and we're in Texas, right? We got to roll we got to roll with the punches.

Kyle Mountsier  06:40

Go, gotta go. So have a great day. serve somebody enjoy the car business because it's a fun one, and maybe go create something,

Paul Daly  06:48

you better go create something

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