Stellantis Poised for Growth, Porsche May Go IPO, Oil Prices Climbing

February 23, 2022
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Stellantis goes 3x in 2021

  • Shares gained 6% pre-market
  • CFO Richard Palmer states ties to Russia are limited
  • Net profit up to $15.2 billion

Porsche may be headed to its IPO

  • Porsche is currently a major driver of VW profits
  • The IPO could provide the cash flow to succeed in EV
  • VW shares jumped amidst the news

Oil prices rising amidst Russia/Ukraine tension

  • Prices are at a 7 year high
  • Potential impact on auto sales in low gas mileage vehicles

The risk of QR codes

  • One of the benefits of Google Search or direct URL is the security
  • Understand where you are redirected