Stellantis Says Goodbye To CES, NADA Chooses Next Vice Chair, World’s First EVTOL Approval for Passengers

October 18, 2023
Welcome to Wednesday as we talk about Stellantis not-so-subtle exit from CES. We also cover NADA’s next Vice Chair, as well as the world's first EVTOL approved to carry passengers.
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Show Notes with links:

Stellantis has withdrawn from the 2024 CES tech expo, citing the ongoing UAW strike and the need for cost-saving measures.

  • The company issued a statement saying it is "executing comprehensive countermeasures to mitigate financial impacts and preserve capital, and will continue to demonstrate its transformation into a mobility tech company through other means."
  • The automaker has used the world's largest technology show to unveil electric vehicle concepts such as the Ram 1500 Revolution pickup and Chrysler Airflow crossover.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has elected Tom Castriota, the owner of Castriota Chevrolet in Hudson, Fla., as its vice chairman for 2024, positioning him as the probable chairman for 2025.

  • Castriota was grateful for the opportunity, saying “I have a sincere desire to do the hard work and serve as the voice of the dealer… Working hand-in-hand towards a shared vision is as important as the outcomes we want to achieve."
  • This year’s vice chairman, Gary Gilchrist, president of Gilchrist Chevrolet-Buick-GMC in Tacoma, Wash, was elected as the 2024 Chairman, and is looking forward, saying "We will remain committed in our quest to embrace change. Remember, it is a force for positive transformation."
  • The NADA board also elected Robert Vail, president of Vail Buick-GMC, as secretary and Kirt Frye, president of Sunnyside Automotive Group, as treasurer.
  • Castriota is 69 years old, Gilchrist is 70 and this year’s chairman Geoffrey Pohanka is 65.

China's EHang has received a "Type Certificate" from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, greenlighting its commercial passenger services. This landmark approval positions the EH216-S as the world's inaugural fully certified electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi to carry actual passengers. 

  • Certification required assessments of over 500 parameters, such as material performance, flame resistance, software simulation, flight performance, and more.
  • The EH216-S was subjected to over 40,000 test flights, ensuring its safety, performance, functionality, and reliability across 65 major categories and 450 individual tests.

Paul Daly: 0:00Hi What's up it is Wednesday, October 8 teeth. It's a big day because we're releasing episode two of the more than cars series. But we're also going to talk about the Lantis and nada in the world's first Evie tall vehicle. We'll explain really why No, not the first vehicle. But they stopped this table in the first vehicle people are getting

Kyle Mountsier: 0:49

people are getting in as passengers jumping in cars that live crazy.

Paul Daly: 0:54

I got some comments on that. But we'll we'll save that for later. We're so excited. Because today is the day we get to launch the live stream of Episode Two more than cars, we're going to make it a whole thing. So you can go to more than and register for the LinkedIn event. You can also see it on YouTube live stream and attend the event share the event, the more people we have seen this, the better. And we're going to come on we're going to talk a little bit about why we did chose this store for Episode Two, we're going to show the episode, have a little bit of fun. Kyle and I are going to be in the chat the whole time. So look forward to interacting with you there and having some fun. And again, I know we say it a lot. But the more people that watch it and are on the live stream, the better it is for the movement we're trying to raise up in the industry to get people thinking about it.

Kyle Mountsier: 1:42

Yeah, right. Yeah, we let me just say this, we get a ton of people saying, We're so glad you're doing what you're doing. More people need to see this. This is exactly what our industry needs. So if you've ever thought that said that, engage with us in that way set it to somewhere else like today is for us. There's like two major things that we believe can be the crux of that one is so to con people being there and engaging in that way in that community. And the other one is more than cars. Yeah. Right, coming around and saying this is what our industry is about. Whether it's aspirational for your store or true of your store, like that's where we're headed. That's

Paul Daly: 2:24

Nuff said I'm wearing. If you're watching you can see I have the limited edition a Sony leather patch hat on that only can be had if you were a crowd fund contributor of more than cars. So if you see someone rockin this hat, you know they gave their actual money to making sure that more than cars is made. A lot of people say it should be made. Not as many people said, I believe with my checkbook. So if you see somebody wearing this hat, give them extra love because they helped make it all possible. We've talked about some news today. I don't know we're gonna play we're gonna play the trombone. W. This is a quasi UAW update. Still, Lantis announced that they have withdrawn from the 2024 ces Tech Expo. That's the Consumer Electronics Show, though Big Show in Las Vegas that Kyle and I desperately want to go to one year. So they cited the ongoing UAW strike and the need for cost saving measures as the reason the company issued a statement saying it is executing, quote executing comprehensive countermeasures to mitigate financial impacts, and preserve capital and will continue to demonstrate its transformation into a mobility tech company through other means the automaker is used versus largest show to unveil all kinds of electric vehicle concepts, including the Ram 1500 Last year, which was the big deal, and we're like, it's awesome to see these automakers making that Electronic Show, bringing tech and automotive to the forefront and see and still anuses like yo, we broke.

Kyle Mountsier: 3:58

There's a couple of things here. One, I think so. Chad GPT obviously wrote that press release, I was literally gonna say that I'm reading all those words. I'm like there's no human HR PR person that put those words in that sentence every second, the CES show is in January, the second week of January. So there's something that this tells me either they believe that they're either they have been so impacted by what has already gone on that they have this like they know that q4 is going to be dicey score their attention

Paul Daly: 4:42

or the products not going to be ready a new year. Yeah,

Kyle Mountsier: 4:50

yeah. Like if you're on a trade show

Paul Daly: 4:52

or two, we've seen a trade show, kind of like pricing matrix or two we've seen contracts, trade show contract or two and I don't know Have you read this like viewers? But usually when you drop out of a major show this late in the game? Yeah, kind of still have to pay. Oh, you're

Kyle Mountsier: 5:09

paying you're paying a lot of that right?

Paul Daly: 5:11

I guess there's some savings with people and shipping products and all that. I don't know. It's a weird one. It's a weird one and weird one. I don't know why the announcement had to come now if they're kind of like maybe like they'll get some sympathy votes.

Kyle Mountsier: 5:24

I mean, that's I think they're leveraging right like all of these are little plays that's why it is a UAW update. That's why they they brought in the UAW because they're gonna point to anything that they're doing as being impacted by what the UAW it's funny because

Paul Daly: 5:38

GM we didn't cover the story, but GM has got the opposite approach. They just said they're going to be delaying the Silverado electric Silverado and it has nothing to do with the the strike Yeah, they're

Kyle Mountsier: 5:48

like no we're not we're not even oh it's not like

Paul Daly: 5:51

them no This doesn't have anything to do with them beverage there put a beverage bill we got

Kyle Mountsier: 5:57

all every I think everyone on all sides needs to like have you ever seen the the guy what's the guy that's like the great negotiator? Yes. They all need to like go read is never

Paul Daly: 6:10

split the difference never split the difference. It's like that where you where they say something you ask the question like dropping out of the show. Because of the strike and you get them to tell you all the information and then you go Yeah, that's so great. Speaking of Yeah, the goat now it's not a negotiation. Stop it just stop. We're just gonna stop. Can't have on game segway game yesterday was so strong today. We got a little little Okay, so, nada has officially elected Tom castriota, the owner of castriota Chevrolet in Hudson, Florida as its vice chairman for 2024, which we all know positions him to be the chairman in 2025. He was grateful for the opportunity saying quote, I have a sincere desire to do the hard work and serve as the voice of the dealer. working hand in hand toward a shared vision isn't as important as the outcomes we want to achieve. We can't agree with that anymore.

Kyle Mountsier: 7:13

That's not cran state. I love it. I can't wait. He didn't write that telling you

Paul Daly: 7:17

right now. 100% true. 100% Sure. We don't know Tom. He's not on LinkedIn, so we can't wait to meet him. This year's Vice Chairman Gary Gilchrist president of Gilchrist Chevy Buick GMC in Tacoma, was elected to 2024 Chairman and is now looking forward saying quote we will remain committed in our quest to embrace change remember, is a force for positive transformation. So

Kyle Mountsier: 7:41

see these these guys? They got some good words.

Paul Daly: 7:45

They do those very, very words. They also elected a Robert Vail as secretary and Kurt Frey president of Sunnyside Auto Group is treasurer. So castriota 69 years old Gilchrist is 70 and this year's Chairman Jeffrey Pohanka is 65. So we got some wisdom up in there

Kyle Mountsier: 8:02

a lot of wisdom up in there. I gotta tell you this around nada there is there starting to be like it's trickling down into younger ages across the organization still needing that wisdom at the top we see this in political organization as well as like, you know, nonprofit organization that the wisdom that that gets carried by having been in the industry for a long time is really good. I can't wait to meet Tom like I hope we meet him maybe at nada or before we'll probably reach out to him. We'll get him on the show just so you guys can meet him too. I think you know time

Paul Daly: 8:34

I think everybody should meet him. That's the thing like we need to bring we need to bring the chairman to the people right because the dealers No, I like we need to bring the down down funnel a little bit. Let's get him closer to the front lines. Because you know, their car guys are dealers, they they fit in the game. They know what it's like on the front line. So like I think more people right

Kyle Mountsier: 8:53

if you know Tom, if you know Gary, make the introduction. So we don't have to do the cold outreach, bring them on auto clubs we'll get we'll get a little bit into their history and what they're all about because I think that would be just a great thing for that's

Paul Daly: 9:06

got to happen. Very cool. Speaking of that's just got to happen.

Kyle Mountsier: 9:11

That's got to happen. China's EHang a vehicle manufacturer has received a type certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China greenlighting its commercial passenger services, this landmark approval and check out the photo. If you're if you're watching this landmark or approval positions, the eh 216 s very official as the world's inaugural fully certified electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi will carry nailed it. Real people I got all those words out

Paul Daly: 9:48

you did and you didn't even mumbled any of them together. But

Kyle Mountsier: 9:54

in order to get certification basically they had to pass over 500 parameters things like material performance flame Resistance software simulation, flight performance and more. It was subjected to over 40,000 test flights ensuring safety performance functionality and reliability across 65 major categories and 450 individual tests. So there is not a single passenger vehicle that that has undergone

Paul Daly: 10:21

that level of scrutiny of that. Okay, first of all, I can already my mind picture with the flame resistance test was like and I pictured like a guy in like a silver suit. Just toasted that thing. Right, and with some thermometers and test dummies inside, okay, 40,000 test flights. Kyle, are you getting in one of these? Again, it's just like a drone, right? You know, everybody knows what a drone is, is like a drone, real big drone with real big battery people, right? Takes off makes the noise goes up, you get into one of these. I don't think I am 40,000 test flights isn't enough for me. I'll tell you what, I'm really great. I'm glad that China was the first one to approve it. So they

Kyle Mountsier: 10:58

could do all the test. There's gonna be a lot of people testing that thing. A lot of people

Paul Daly: 11:02

tested it. I mean, granted, I always think about this when I'm in a commercial aircraft. And you sit and you see the engine and the engines big, but the plane is a whole lot bigger. Right? And I just marvel over the fact like those engines just always work. Well, yeah, they're just

Kyle Mountsier: 11:18

thing doesn't look like it should fly. I also you ever looked at a plane tires just really looked at him and thought and, and, and we land on that? How?

Paul Daly: 11:31

I don't know. It's not like a hard landing. It's not a hard landing.

Kyle Mountsier: 11:33

I mean, this is similar. This is it's early adopter technology. It's similar. Like I wasn't buying a Tesla in 2011. But there are people that are going

Paul Daly: 11:42

to do and it's a lot different though that'll just forward. It's a like in our producer types into the show notes. I'd do it. So yeah, he's trying to go to space too. I'm not thinking I'm going to space. I'm not going to space. I think at some point in our lives, Kyle, we will land at the Atlanta airport. And we will be like you know what the two hours of traffic to go like six miles just isn't worth it. It's not just just let's get it over with it's just

Kyle Mountsier: 12:10

vague. Like I'm that's what, that's what I'll be doing one day, one day. But today, Paul, we're doing more than cars.

Paul Daly: 12:16

Today more than cars. Hey, we hope you join us. Go over to LinkedIn or actually the best place more than more than Join the thing watch live stream. Check us out in the chat. We'll be there. See you soon.

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