Stop being so complicated, Android Gets Private, Packing Small Biz Owners in a Showroom

February 17, 2022
Today we learn a lesson or two from a record-breaking Swedish speedskater. We also talk about new privacy initiatives from Google and how they might affect advertising efforts, as well as why a Georgia Auto Dealer has a showroom packed with small business owners.
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“The Great Resignation” on Women Inspiring Auto in Clubhouse

Stop being so complicated. This gold medal speed skater from Sweden released a 65 page training manual that teaches that the simplest insights likely deliver the highest ROI

  • “After recently dominating the 5,000 event -- and breaking a world record in the 10,000 meters -- van der Poel released his 62-page training program. Not just training splits, intervals, exercises, etc., but also his philosophy on training and success. “
  • Larry Feldman a recruiter in Automotive recently won Pitch Tank
  • Old school simplicity, unusually great results
  • He responds fast, he always answers his phone, he is disarmingly honest

Android users getting more privacy

Beaver Toyota having 400 small business leaders in its showroom last night

Meta employees now called ‘Metamates’