Subaru Tops Consumer Reports, Auto CEO on Reddit AMA, Zuck Gives Data Back

February 18, 2022
It’s been an amazing week of troublemaking with you all so far! Today we lean a bit more in OEM news, but not at the expense of how it connects with culture. From Consumer Reports to Reddit to Meta, everything is on the table for a great Friday discussion.
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Subaru gets #1 Brand Ranking spot on Consumer Reports 2022 List

  • Moved up 2 places to claim the title
  • Tesla fell 7 spots to 23rd mentioning the “difficult to use steering wheel”

VW Automotive CEO, Herber Diess, hosts an AMA on Reddit

Zuck is giving back 10 year old info

  • The lawsuit will require Meta to delete all data the suit argues was wrongfully collected.

Time travel is back. Well, sort of