Tesla Loses EV Market Share, The 10 Cars Holding Their Value Best, USMNT Defeats Iran

November 30, 2022
It’s the last day of November and we’re ready to flip into the final month of the year as we talk about new S&P data that shows Tesla’s shrinking market share. We also talk about the used cars that are holding their value best. Of course, we have to talk about US Soccer for a moment or Kyle might explode.
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Data from S&P Global Mobility shows that Tesla continues to lose market share to lower priced alternatives Like the Ford Mustang Mach E and Hyundai Ioniq 5

  • Tesla owned 79% in 2020, 69% in 2021, and is down to 65% so far this year
  • Out of the more than 525,000 EVs registered over the first nine months of 2022 in the US, nearly 340,000 were Tesla vehicles as compared to the 46 other nameplates
  • S&P predicts the 46 nameplates will grow to over 150 by 2025
  • In the over $50k price point, Tesla still commands 85% of the market
  • The report notes that the overall EV market is growing rapidly putting Tesla in the best position to capitalize:
  • "Tesla today is the brand best equipped for taking advantage of the immediate surge in EV demand, though manufacturing investments from other automakers will erode this advantage sooner than later."

NADA released an article of the The 10 Used Cars That Hold Their Value Best After 5 Years

  • The vehicle search engine iseecars analyzed over 3M 5 yr old used cars sold in 2022, found the average five-year-old car depreciated by only an average of 33.3 (17% less than the depreciation in 2021
  • Fuel efficient smaller cars held their value best
  • Jeep Wrangler with an average 7.3 percent depreciation and $2,361 difference  
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with an average 8.7 percent depreciation and $3,344 down
  • Porsche 911 with an average 14.6 percent depreciation and $20,6234 difference  
  • Toyota Tacoma with an average 14.9 percent depreciation and $5,926 difference  
  • Honda Civic with an average 16.3 percent depreciation and $4,237 difference  
  • Subaru BRZ with an average 18.2 percent depreciation and $5,985 difference  
  • Ford Mustang with an average 19.4 percent depreciation and $7,528 difference  
  • Toyota Corolla with an average 19.8 percent depreciation and $4,617 difference  
  • Nissan Versa with an average 19.9 percent depreciation and $3,183 difference  
  • Chevrolet Camaro with an average 20.2 percent depreciation and $7,981 difference

US Men's Soccer team defeated Iran 1-0 to advance to the knockout round

  • Kyle…go

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:19

Yo, I've been waiting for this day since yesterday. It is officially the last day of November, flipping out of November into December talking about Tesla losing evey share the top 10 cars do you want to hold your value and the US Soccer Team? The people really want to know. When they see me to the end,

Kyle Mountsier  00:39

I'm just gonna be quiet. You take care of the first to

Paul Daly  00:43

save all those words. The third story, gotta say, well, for the third story, hey, so yesterday, I was at work. My wife called me and she was like, hey, like, Let's go Christmas shopping. And I was like, man that's so early for the dailies to be Christmas shopping. And then like, you know, we've been talking about we're going to be in Nashville, the last week, the Christmas week basically for the year and extravaganza which we're having, by the way, yep. And a walk into a walk into. So she's like spending like, looking at every item in Nordstrom Rack, which is like how my wife shop, she looks at every item like picks it up. If yours racks a great place to do that. It is so she's like grabbing stuff for the kids and especially within that little area grabbing all these little stocking stuff and lotions and stuff for the girls. So I'm just wondering them all by myself, I wander into a Gamestop and I'm like, oh, maybe I'll see something I think miles would like are you like a little little Chatzky or something like that? And the kid behind the counter says like me, first of all, it's first time I've been in a Gamestop where it didn't smell like feet. I was I was excited about that. Secondly, I went in and he was like, Hey, can I help you find anything? I was like, No, I'm just looking. And he says in the market for a PS five. At first I thought he was gonna like Like, he owned one. I thought he owned one. He was gonna, like try to flip it to me on the black market. He's like, we actually I was like, maybe he's like, we actually have some I was like, really? To me. And he's like, yeah, and then so you know, I don't know if I was gonna get one. But then I texted you. I was like, you know, we're having this little year and extravaganza week in December. Let's go. We gotta be a PS bio sitting in my office blocking the light. It's so it's so magnificent. And so we're going to be giving the whip PS five away just in time for Christmas at the ear and extravaganza on December 20 live in Nashville. You can still win this PS five and we promise we will expedite ship it to you. So you have it in time for Christmas. But you have to sign up for the year and extravaganza check out the live stream and check it out. I don't know how do they do that Kyle, they go to

Kyle Mountsier  02:36

a sotu.com Scroll just a wee bit down and hit the little more info button. That's the easiest way to get to the year and extravaganza page. You can check out all of the different live streams on the different platforms you can come in person for a for a nice little event. We've got about 50 tickets set aside for that so if you want to come in person you're close to Nashville or just fancy a little flight to one of the greatest cities in the country in my opinion. You can come on

Paul Daly  03:01

but find that out. Want to thank our friends at Orby for being the presenting sponsor this year. We're going full Tonight Show mode we had a production meeting yesterday. Our show producer produces a couple little events like the New York Fashion Week for E Network and the Emmys for E Network and icon hour at the production of the video

Kyle Mountsier  03:16

production team has done like the Grammys and they've done like Qualcomm massive worldwide events you know nothing short. Up and little we've got people from like ESPN cruise.

Paul Daly  03:30

Yeah, it's just the whole deal. Because you deserve it. Kyle and I were in the production meeting. We're texting each other like Congress, I think I'll just see myself out. Because they're all like flipping, there's not been all the industry term room

Kyle Mountsier  03:42

and I don't even know any of the words anyway saying like, I'm like, oh, other industries have the acronym problem too. I see. I see.

Paul Daly  03:50

Yeah, right. Right. Right. And they all know what's going on. So please check it out. Put on your calendar right now. December 20. Tuesday December 20 We're gonna do a live show tonight show style of live guests and and all the fun. Also we released some new in the dirt episodes have a podcast called in the dirt. Charles Higgins is I agree with you Kyle greatest city although we may be partial Hey, I'm excited to visit Nashville and spend some time there. My family's going a little early so hopefully lives up to the hype ever feeling it will also in the dirt episodes we have a podcast called in the dirt with a so to today we have some fun episodes up. So check those out as well. Alright, let's talk about a little bit of news on the last day of the month. Yeah, so a new report. Data from s&p Global Mobility show that Tesla continues to lose market share to lower priced alternatives like the Ford Mustang Mach E or the Hyundai ionic five. So Tesla own 79% of the market share in 2020 69% 2021 this year so far first nine months, it is down to 65%. You know, however out of the show out of the 525,000 EVs registered over The first nine months 340,000 of them were Tesla's as opposed to the 46. Other nameplates,

Kyle Mountsier  05:07

you know, if I'm Tesla, I'm like, yes to be basically 100% Now we're down to Okay. 65 We're still doing all right. I mean, it's gonna be something that I think over the next especially seven, eight years, as we get to the year 2030, you know, it's just gonna completely change and the landscape is going to change. I think Tesla's probably going to settle down in those like, you know, how the Toyota market share kind of sits in the general market will probably kind of settle down and sit down Evie market in the Evie market. So it's, you know, it's I don't think it's out of the question that they knew that they that this was coming. But, but it is pretty rapid, and it's going to continue to be rapid. It's also interesting to note that in the over $50,000 price point, they still own 85% of the market, which a lot of the talk has been around, Tesla's still commanding the luxury brand new market, especially in the EVS and they're actually growing in the overall luxury brand market, not just the Evie market. So that, you know, they've got different things in different sides. And they're still talking about, you know, lower priced TVs. And so I, you know, I think that there's just market to be had, there's market share moves, when the leveling off of this is still is not going to happen, probably for another 10 to 12 years in the Evie landscape. But all the other makers can can certainly give, you know, give a little hype cheer, like, Yeah,

Paul Daly  06:33

we're gonna see, I mean, the big, the big consideration, too, is just the growth of the volume of the market, right up high is just getting so much bigger, so much faster. And you know, according to the report, you know, it says Tesla is the brand best equipped for taking advantage of the immediate surge and EV demand, just because they have made the manufacturing investments. But you know, we've been thrown a lot, a lot of run a lot of billion dollar numbers of all the other manufacturers getting in the game, and trying to catch up. So it'll be fun to see how that plays out. But I mean, the pie is getting bigger. I remember my dad used to work for a company called Bell Telephone, which it was Bell Atlantic, and then it became Verizon. But back in the day, when you wanted a phone number, you didn't go to Google, you actually called 411 on your phone. You remember these days, Kyle? And then and then like a computer would like you'll say the number you want and then it'll spit you back then number eight, I want to call Dick's Sporting Goods after whatever Papa John's that's probably a popular one. Well, way back in the day when my dad was 18. His first job was sitting at a desk with a phone book and a headset. And people would call in and he would flip through, flip through the number find that Yeah, yeah. And you could call you could get people to I can be like, I want to call Kyle mounts here. And since there's only one right, they'd be like, Come on, sir. Here's his home phone number. And so they would sell advertising in the phone book. And then another competitor came that Donnelly directory, and everyone was freaking out. And actually what happened was the the Bell Atlantic phonebook. The sales went through the roof because you had other people now raising awareness that phonebook advertising works. And so kind of same things at play. The pie is just getting so much bigger. Yeah,

Kyle Mountsier  08:07

I would say right now market share isn't the biggest concern of any Evie manufacturer, oh,

Paul Daly  08:12

volume, overall volume, volume, volume, volume speaking?

Kyle Mountsier  08:18

No, we missed it.

Paul Daly  08:19

So good house trying sometimes it'll just come to me, but it won't. So we'll just go with a stop. There, you're just gonna stop. And ad released an article just today of the 10 US cars that hold their value best. After five years, and everybody right now is probably feeling like I think I know what it might be what it might not be. But they found the average five year old car depreciated by only an average of 33% or 33, and a third after five years. So a third value, which is actually 17% lower than the depreciation rate was in 2021. Which if you have to flip that around in your mind, so it's a lower depreciation rate, which means the car has more value, right? It's like one of those backwards things and

Kyle Mountsier  09:02

so everybody knows used car values. Bah bah, bah, bah, bah. Absolutely. Absolutely. So

Paul Daly  09:07

the vehicle search engine analyzed 3,000,005 year old cars sold in 2022. And, you know, obviously the fuel efficient cars held their value the best right? Gas prices are high. People want those cars. I was going to ask you, but the number the list is in the show notes and you can travel by car. But the number one car, which is no surprise for you, wranglers we gotten this Jeep Wrangler only depreciated 7.3% over five years. I still don't understand why they hold their value so much.

Kyle Mountsier  09:39

It's big. I know why. Now immunity. Ooh, ah, you see what I did there? They got them ducks and stuff. Yeah, it's a they build unity around a vehicle brand and that and honestly, if you look at the rest of the cars on here, there's two there's two reasons why things are holding their value in this top 10 No doubt I didn't even think of that. That's a clutch. It's either built on community around the brand or vehicle or low price low costs.

Paul Daly  10:14

I was gonna say, yeah, and the Nissan Versa community doesn't seem like it's like Corolla

Kyle Mountsier  10:18

Versa Civic, it's just a lower cost vehicle that has a lot of staying power. And it's

Paul Daly  10:25

got a little thing going though. It's got a little thing going community wise,

Kyle Mountsier  10:28

I had a little thing going back in like 2005 I don't know about current day.

Paul Daly  10:34

It may be me. Yeah, I remember Civics for the jam, Jeep Wranglers, right okay. Jeep Wrangler number one Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which is kind of the same thing as number two. Porsche 911 Toyota Tacoma big community their Honda Civic Subaru, BRC Ford Mustang, Corolla nissan versa and Chevy Camaro rounding out the last on the list, man. That's a great insight, dude, the community around them. Yep, I mean, do you think about like what you need to do to regulate that from a supply side? Right, like wranglers have already been hired. But like they just made enough of them. If you

Kyle Mountsier  11:07

over supply it, you could actually overnight you crush it. I mean, you think about that, like I know just from like finding a Wrangler, or finding even a rank a used Wrangler is not an easy thing. Like that's something that I remember in sales like, Oh, we got a Wrangler. Boom, boom, boom, all the sudden the phones are ringing. It's gone. Right. Right, right. Yeah, no doubt, especially like a lifted Wrangler, or things gone.

Paul Daly  11:30

Speaking of lifted. Us All you

Kyle Mountsier  11:38

national soccer team, the US Men's National Team defeated Iran, one to nothing on a Christian Pulisic goal. To advance to the knockout round four, here's some stats for you. Of the 22 World Cups held, the US has advanced to 11 of them. Interestingly enough, in the very first ever World Cup, the US made it to the semi finals now not a massive feat, because back then only 16 teams actually qualified. So they only had to win two games to get to the semifinals, they went completely dark in the Cold War era, because they apparently we just decided soccer was just not a thing. Back in 1990, we re re entered and got back in and we've only missed it once the World Cup since then, which was in 2018. So if you see all the stats of like, we haven't made it to the quarterfinals since 2014. It's only because we just completely missed a year and trashed the whole soccer, you know, community. But we're back this year. So this is this would be if we beat the Netherlands on Saturday, this would be only the third time that we would have ever made it out of the round of 16. So pretty big deal. The other ones Kyle, you know, actually there's there's a good chance here we've got we are definitely the underdogs. But playing as the underdogs in the knockout rounds actually gives you a pretty large advantage in the early in the, you know, in the round 16. And the quarterfinals just because you play all out, the Netherlands is going to leave their backline exposed to because they're not going to their backline meaning their defense that you know they're not going to expect a lot of a lot out of the US so and when playing on a Saturday should be like a lot of energy around just the way that the US is kind of geared up and encouraging the team and you know, should should be should be a pretty pretty rowdy day for US Soccer across sports bars. So that's I'm excited.

Paul Daly  13:35

Unbelievable. I'm excited that I get to watch it because it's on a Saturday and like I'll be home and what time is it on?

Kyle Mountsier  13:41

10 o'clock. 10. Eastern

Paul Daly  13:43

I am.

Kyle Mountsier  13:44

Yeah. Oh, that

Paul Daly  13:46

sounds amazing. It's perfect, right? Yeah, slow Saturday morning, turn some soccer on get going on the house. I'm excited a

Kyle Mountsier  13:53

couple of things to watch out for if you are kind of interested not really interested Christian polacek on his goal actually got a minor industry in injury, but he is expected to be back. And so if he's at full health, we're good to go. And then you know if some of the players that have been playing to their caliber, and then the real question is Can Walker Zimmerman and Tim ream our central defense kind of hold off the attack of the Netherlands because they've got some really strong attacking players. So we'll see how that goes. But man, we've we've not given up you know, we've given up one goal it so far. And so for that, like, hey, if we can, you know, put one across and get to penalties or extra time or something like that? It can have it's a big it's a big thing to talk about. I know we spent three minutes on an audit so good, man, hey, if people watch soccer when it comes to the World Cup, and so I

Paul Daly  14:47

believe in one I'm gonna watch it on Saturday for the first time from the very beginning of the game. You know why? Because I'm really into the coach Ted lasso is just a guy that understands the game now he's the coach right now I did last was the reason that I'm even paying attention to soccer Ted last year. I'm watching soccer. We're all paying attention to community because we all sell and service cars in the United States. So go do that.

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