Tesla vs Rogue: Guess which one is implementing deep discounts?!

March 13, 2024
Hump day has arrived yet again and Nissan is again attempting to get over the hump of overproduction. On the EV side of things, Tesla is beginning to crack down on resellers and a couple companies are bringing supercar power to their EV lineup.
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Nissan battles a surplus of 2023 Rogue models, turning to dealer incentives to clear inventory as new 2024 Rogues arrive.some text

  • Nissan currently has over 24,000 unsold 2023 Rogues, and has seen the longest turn (55 days) in comparison to other compact crossovers.
  • Nissan is deploying sales incentive strategies not seen since before the pandemic where dealers can get a $1,000 bonus per 2023 Rogue sold if March sales targets are met.
  • Nissan admits to overestimating demand, now implementing strategies, including long-term financing offers, to mitigate surplus. "We probably were uber-aggressive on what we took in production," says U.S. sales chief Judy Wheeler.
  • As Nissan's days' supply surged to 112 days at the end of January — 40 percent higher than the national average of 80 days, according to Cox Automotive — the automaker has turned on the money spigot. According to data from Motor Intelligence, Nissan spent $3,210 per vehicle on incentives in February, the second-highest among full-line brands.

Tesla has begun enforcing its no-resale clause on early Cybertruck owners, canceling additional reservations for those attempting to sell their pickups for profit. some text

  • Tesla has issued a statement and begun canceling reservations for owners selling their Cybertrucks, enforcing a "no resell" clause to prevent flipping for profit.
  • Some Cybertrucks have sold at auction for over $200,000; even Ford purchased one, likely for reverse-engineering.
  • Tesla refunded $100 deposits for canceled reservations but warned it won't do business with sellers in the future.
  • Questions arise on why Tesla allowed multiple reservations per customer, suggesting a limit could prevent such issues.

Porsche has set a new lap record at the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway. The Taycan Turbo GT, Porsche's latest electric marvel, eclipsing the previous best time set by a Tesla Model S Plaid.some text

  • The Turbo GT model’s starting price is $231,995 and is capable of hitting 60 mph in 2.1 seconds with a top speed of 190mph.
  • Porsche CEO Oliver Blume was unable to make it in person for the lap, but watched it on Porsche’s Apple Vision Pro race app.
  • Several days later, the EV also set the top lap at the Nürburgring race course, once again beating the previous best time by a Tesla Model S Plaid.
  • Meanwhile, BYD has unveiled the Yangwang U9, an all-electric supercar that packs a punch with 1,300 horsepower. Priced at $230,000, this marks BYD's bold entry into the high-performance automotive arena.
  • The U9 does 0 to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds, thanks to its quad-motor setup, and hits a top speed of 192 mph, and also features an DiSus suspension system which allows it to perform a brief vertical jump

Kyle Mountsier: 0:21Getting into it Wednesday morning, March 13. Ready to go?

Unknown: 0:25

We're talking about tow rogues, supercar EVs, and you know this. The people really want to know who is and who I need they stopped.

Kyle Mountsier: 0:38

Discounts. Like I feel like you know that old. Who was it? Allen Iverson Island. Like practice talking about practice, practice. Yeah, we talked about this which is speaking of discounts we've only got a couple more days on the discounts on soda con tickets. The early bird pricing ends real soon. ticket purchasing sponsorship. Well, that was smooth by the way. It's running. Yeah. Yeah.

Ben Hadley: 1:08

I love the mix that was really smooth going from discounted, discounted, discounted discount.

Kyle Mountsier: 1:12

You do this every day, you say and things just all they all run together. Like all those words, end up running together, you know? So that's how we do it around here. Speaking of

Ben Hadley: 1:25

discounts, stop.

Kyle Mountsier: 1:27

I mean. Today, we're just getting into it. Okay, that's just that was my first I think that was my first first segway. Segway done this pod like four times five times. Yeah, we've got a lot to say about the stories today. And we want to get to the last story because there's some ridiculous stuff. So speaking of discounts, Nissan is battling a massive surplus of 2023 Rogue models turning the dealer incentives to clear to new inventory as the 2020 fours arrive. They currently have over 24,000 unsold 2023 roads. The road has also, over the last year seen the longest days of turn of any of its competitors in the compact crossover at 55 days. So pretty popular vehicle and something that historically has not stayed on lots a long time. Seems like they've overproduced a bit. They have deployed this strategy, which if you remember today's of old and Nissan, and how they incentivize dealers on on stairstep programs, this will be maybe a little bit of like whiplash from Nissan dealers. But there's $1,000 bonus on these roads, if dealers hit their tiered programs. So it's kind of like an all or nothing if you if you miss it by one, you get none of the money. But we were just like, the quick calculations is there's $24 million of incentives that Nissan is having to deploy in order to get rid of these vehicles that are just hanging out there. The US sales chief Judy Wheeler said we probably were Uber aggressive on what we took in production yet think. Here's here's a quote from the actual article and the end of this quote is the crazy one. We'll get to it but Nissan's day supply has surged to an average of 112 days at the end of January 40%. higher than the national average. 80 days according to Cox automotive, according to data from motor intelligence, Nissan spent get this an average of $3,210 per vehicle on incentives in February the second highest among full line brands, so the money's out there.

Ben Hadley: 3:55

He's insane. I don't know if that's also like a really interesting, I mean, Bitcoin, all time highs, you know, Nissan stairstep programs like nostalgia, it's like rewind, like the last six years are just like, erased. And, you know, we just back it kind of feels that way. I also I'm like, super surprised that a mid size SUV in America is having a struggle like that particular. Right? Yeah, if they if they were talking about what was the other one that was super, super small.

Kyle Mountsier: 4:35

The Juke deck because if you

Ben Hadley: 4:37

were like, We got way too many jokes. I'd be like, I'm okay, fair. That makes sense. Right? Rose? I don't know, just just being that particular model. You

Kyle Mountsier: 4:47

just feel like I feel like I see them everywhere. So it's it's clearly a production and demand issue that they ran into. And I mean, we you know, we've been saying this for the past year, like the minute rant ins are able to wholesale more vehicles, they will do. So. Now what that means for the, you know, 24,000 with 1000 bucks, you know, in the trunk of the car, the way they say it, not on the hood is, you know, yet to be determined, you know how much of an impact over the next few years this will have on the residual values or the trading values of these cars. The biggest difficulty here is the 2024 model year is only a brand refresh. It's there's not actually anything new. Yeah, sales pace on those is going to be much slower because you're not going to sell those at the same time and these as these 2020 threes, when dealers are discounting these things 1000 Already 1000 below invoice plus the the opportunity for for the kickback.

Ben Hadley: 5:50

Am I making this up? Do you remember? We were doing I think we will see you and I do in this pod? Like COVID ish times. Right? Yeah. And the the news was all OEMs are kinda like, we should stop over producing this whole we're never

Kyle Mountsier: 6:08

going back. It was.

Ben Hadley: 6:12

Yeah, that's been cracked. It's back.

Kyle Mountsier: 6:15

It's back. Speaking of cracks, segue. There's a little crack in the ship over at Tesla, as the cyber truck owners have taken to online forums to sell their vehicles but Tesla is enforcing now, a bit of its no resale clause. And they no resale clause originally said that they were going to find these vehicle owners up to $50,000. But right now, what they're doing is just canceling any additional reservations or future reservations. blacklisting those that have purchased a cyber truck and are attempting to resell their vehicles for profit. They issued a statement that they began canceling reservations for owner selling of cyber trucks and forcing this no resale clause. As we know, some of the cyber trucks have sold at auctions of over$200,000 or up to and around that looks like Ford has even purchased one is is what the stories are telling them. Tesla right now is just canceling the$100 deposits, and not refunding the $250 purchase reservation. And some of the questions on like the threads and the forums and stuff like that, or well, why did Tesla allow for multiple reservations when this potentially could have been avoided? I don't know. I mean, from a free market, like people are always going to try to do what they do. But it looks like Tesla's actually coming coming down on the thing, which is a total opposite thesis then, hey, just sell all these things and get them out the door. Like when cybertruck is just trying to get resold everywhere. I do you

Ben Hadley: 8:00

wonder I do wonder if if there's like a clever a$50,000 fine on selling one. You know, you would think yes, you can interpret as a as a deterrent. Right? But likely, if everybody if it's publicly announced, right, everybody knows that. Yep. Then it probably just added $50,000 to the price tag. Right? Like anybody that sells it just added 50,000 and then a little bit more for for themselves, which actually just makes the car have that. This is luxury, but it's not really luxury because we figured out a cheap way to make it Tesla vibe that they've mastered Right? Like I have a model it like doesn't even do right there's things that are like not super tight on that. But I'm still like this is you know, this luxury. Like yeah, I don't know kinda you know, it is it's like it's a really good brand play to elevate everything that I absolutely

Kyle Mountsier: 9:00

was speaking of luxury EVs segway Boston through this thing, and as these are as well, so Porsche has set a new lap record at the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway. The tight end Turbo GT just a little over a week ago is Porsches, Evie supercar and has beat speaking of your Tesla Model S the Model S plaids previous record at the raceway at the track. Right now the Turbo GT model is priced at about $231,000. It's capable of hitting 60 miles per hour in 2.1 seconds with a top speed of 190. This is this is the fun. The fun part for me is the CEO, of course, Oliver bloom, didn't make it to the lab to see to see it. Do the track but he did watch it on an Apple vision pro in there, which is like so many All right.

Ben Hadley: 10:00

Welcome to 2024

Kyle Mountsier: 10:04

Yeah, that's a week. Just a few days later it also set the top lap lap at the Nuremberg Nurburgring I can never say that racecourse also beating the Tesla Model S plot. The weird thing for me here is that the Model S plaid. Now I think at one point, it was like 105. You can get one without like FSD and without the autonomy or the whatever the other upgrade the $6,000 upgrade for, like around $90,000.

Ben Hadley: 10:39

Autopilot. Yeah, autopilot, autopilot and FSD on top. Yeah, adds like

Kyle Mountsier: 10:44

another 18 grand, which still puts you just over 100 grand, so less than half the price of the Porsche? Yeah,

Ben Hadley: 10:54

I mean, what is a Porsche? I mean, I don't know. Like, it is a Porsche.

Kyle Mountsier: 11:02

Well, you know, it's not a Porsche. Here. We'll get to this. So just like, right now, BYD has been known for taking the market by storm with these cheap, or maybe we won't come cheap. We'll call them inexpensive EVs having a value added or 20 grand a PHE V under 15 grand. And now they've gone completely the other way to the same price point at 230. Grand that it's called a ying Wang you nine. It is an all electric supercar made by BYD with 1300 horsepower, zero to 60 in 2.3 seconds and a top speed of 192 miles an hour. Full on supercar vibes from BYD total departure from their inexpensive good to look like

Ben Hadley: 11:53

it's still like what is it Sudan style or is it like real? No, it's

Kyle Mountsier: 11:57

like it is super car. Oh, it's super cars, their wing, you know, basically a Corvette with a little less back end, you know? So a complete departure from their little, you know, stubby looking dolphin. I

Ben Hadley: 12:14

honestly haven't even seen any BYD cars haven't Oh my goodness.

Kyle Mountsier: 12:18

Yeah. I mean, it's just like, it's like a it's like a it's like a puffy smart car. I'll call it that it is the way that like the they're the thing that's selling the fastest in like Asian markets right now. Yeah, no, no, I

Ben Hadley: 12:31

heard of it. I just was like, you know, I've just never because it doesn't sound like they're coming to America. Right?

Kyle Mountsier: 12:37

They're not. Yeah, mainly because of like tariffs and stuff like that. There's they they had a desire to come to America but they're running into a whole bunch of issues with lawmakers and they're they're going to be producing stuff in Mexico but maybe not able to get into the US so but they're like the top Evie automaker in the world. Right now they overtook Tesla. So yeah, this is this is the fun one. I think we've got a video for this. i We didn't show this to you on purpose, Ben beforehand, but this is a video of the reveal. The car actually can dance due to what's called the dissects suspension system. And then there's there's a little there's a fun thing at the end of it. So we're gonna watch the video real quick. We've got it pulled up. So here comes the if you can see, it's like actually dancing like it. What every piece of the suspension system can kind of move into individually. So it's actually dancing and then here Oh, it jumps slomo It's got about three to four inches of full on all four wheel air time off the ground. Due to how it suspension system works.

Ben Hadley: 13:59

I mean, good thing.

Kyle Mountsier: 14:02

Yeah, cuz you always need a car that jumps right.

Ben Hadley: 14:05

Yeah, the thing that's why I always say about like, you know, McLaren Bugatti was like, Guys, I get it, but it doesn't jump, you know.

Kyle Mountsier: 14:16

Comment on the YouTube video was. Now it looks like the Transformers movie doesn't need to do any CGI in order to in order to have a supercar do what it needs to do.

Ben Hadley: 14:27

That's so true. In we're getting close. We got

Kyle Mountsier: 14:31

you know here, robes sitting on lots and cars doing vertical jumps. What is this world? What is this world? It's all we got time for today. A little bit of a fun show today. Hey, have some fun in the showroom, serving customers taking care of people like us about so much wanting to see the mark

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