Tesla’s EV Hold Slips, Nissan Loses ¾ of a Billion, Real Life Asteroids

October 12, 2022
Welcome to Wednesday as we are talking about the recent delivery numbers in the EV game. We also talk about Nissan’s sale of their Russian business at a substantial loss, as well as the results of a real-life asteroids game.
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  • Tesla’s share of the EV market is still dominant but is showing signs of slipping as figures show their 79% ownership of the market in 2020 slipped almost 10 points to 69.95% in 2021. As of August of this year, Tesla appears to hold 67% of the market despite many new offerings.
  • Tesla Model Y: 134,978 units
  • Tesla Model 3: 123,634 units
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E: 25,596 units
  • Tesla Model S: 20,032 units
  • Tesla Model X: 19,739 units
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5: 16,929 units
  • Kia EV6: 15,612 units
  • Chevy Bolt EUV: 11,788 units
  • VW ID.4: 9,127 units
  • Nissan Leaf: 8,740 units
  • Ford and Hyundai have taken big strides forward in the last year and GM is also poised to continue their growth as they recently announced an increase in Bolt EV deliveries in Q4

  • Nissan will sell its entire stake in its Russian business to a state owned entity for 1 Euro (.97) taking a loss over over $685m.  
  • According to Reuters: The Japanese automaker transfer its shares in Nissan Manufacturing Russia LLC to state-owned NAMI, it said. The deal will give Nissan the right to buy back the business within six years, Russia's industry and trade ministry said.
  • The Nissan deal was "of great significance for the industry," Russia's Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said in a statement.
  • Nissan is revisiting their alliance with Renault who owns 43% of Nissan as sources close to the matter say they are considering a new electric vehicle venture

  • 32 minutes is a BIG deal when talking about outer space asteroid bumper cars.
  • NASA sees this as a way to protect against additional threats “the universe may throw at us”
  • NASA was hoping for a 10 minute difference, but the asteroid slowed its orbit by about 32 minutes
  • “All of us have a responsibility to protect our home planet. After all, it’s the only one we have,” Nelson said. “This mission shows that NASA is trying to be ready for whatever the universe throws at us.”

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:26

Yo, it's hump day, Wednesday, October 12. Man, today's stuff, it just seems like What world are we living in? Tesla's slipping in evey sales Nissan lost a ton of money and real life asteroids game. The people all I can think of, and we'll get to that story, I want to talk about that story first, because I just flashing back to my childhood, and that little triangle spaceship that at all costs, you don't hit the jet and start moving that thing forward. Because once you do that, it's on for Oh, it's over France.

Kyle Mountsier  01:00

Like move the joystick it's not going quick enough.

Paul Daly  01:04

Once you hit the thrust button, it's done because you can't really turn right you turn it but you keep sliding because it's you never you're done because it's space. Oh, man. Oh, so we talked about this yesterday. One more time. We are going to be at the modern retail conference in November at Bryan passions event running a creative track for all the people that are creative in the automotive industry that have always said there's nothing for me. I can't say that anymore. We hope you will join us a soda.com forward slash MRC come hang out with me and Kyle and Darren don't and Ally pinion and Nathaniel Greg Glick, because we're going to bring creative forces and juicers all into the auto industry and send some creatives home ready to make some stuff. No, I'm saying that right. Got all pent up got it ready to go. All right, we haven't we have three.

Kyle Mountsier  01:52

I'm ready for. I'm ready. I'm ready to I'm gonna I'm ready to donate. I'm ready to get low. I'm ready to shoot wide ready to all of the things

Paul Daly  02:02

this brand builds

Kyle Mountsier  02:05

who knows maybe we'll even get called to do a tic tac dance. Probably

Paul Daly  02:11

a challenge that's going to be a challenge. It's all good. You never know you never know you know you shouldn't you should get my daughter's will be there you can get them to convince me today sometimes they can. Sometimes they will get get it going. Get it going. Oh man. All right. We got three stories today. We're gonna get right into because it's Wednesday. People got things to do. It's the middle of the week you got you got like really? We're not even halfway there actually. Okay, here we go. Tesla share of the Evie market is still dominant, but showing signs of slipping is figures show that they're 79% ownership in 2020 slip 10 points to 69.95 and 2021. And now factoring in all of the August numbers through August of this year. It looks like they're holding about two thirds so 66 67% of the market say

Kyle Mountsier  02:55

something now look first of all that's a massive part of the market but let me say this you know what we've been talking about for a hot minute as we talk about recession or the pandemic or inventory shortages. We've been talking about a big word when it comes to sales volume. It's actually two words market share and how important market share is and gaining market share and finding market share and and scooping up your portion of the market share. And so I think that OEMs are starting to play ball when it comes to market share in the Eevee space so I'm excited it's yeah, they definitely are like so the top 10 list of vehicles so the top three you have Tesla number one you afford it number two,

Paul Daly  03:37

you have Hyundai at number three you know we have a list of the top 10 vehicles in the show notes so for those 10 are the Tesla four vehicles the why number one the three number two, the Mustang Mach II came in the third best selling Evie

Kyle Mountsier  03:52

it's pretty strong. That is not a surprise to me. How does it I was surprised early ish you know in that but yeah,

Paul Daly  03:59

yeah, like Yeah, like the bolt is coming on strong right? We know that Ford lightning it's like really those are constrained by production Ford and Hyundai. They they both taking massive strides as the year has gone on. So we'll see I mean q4 could be a little bit of a position.

Kyle Mountsier  04:14

I'm mad I'm still I'm just gonna call this out. I'm still mad they call it a Mustang because that is the ugliest Mustang I've ever seen.

Paul Daly  04:22

Right? If that's a Mustang, they should just call it a Maki that's all they should have just called it easier. Because I guarantee you that no Mustang enthusiast. got excited that you just did that.

Kyle Mountsier  04:34

That's well hey look, gained some Mustang market share. You know what I'm saying? Like that's a whole new crowd. Oh,

Paul Daly  04:42

wow. That is that is a special thing right there. It's cool car though. I've heard that one before. Cool. Cardo. GM did recently announced that they are predicting a sizable increase in bolt Evie, deliveries in q4. So we'll see if Chevy's got it. Right now, they're in a 11,788. And so if they really like busted, they can probably make the top five, we'll see. We'll see. They don't have to really bust it,

Kyle Mountsier  05:11

they would really have to I mean, I'm speaking of busting it. Segway.

Paul Daly  05:21

The article, you're going to hear what I said. So you might want to just jump, jump to the last article, we'll circle back around if it works for

Kyle Mountsier  05:29

both of them.

Paul Daly  05:31

works for both of them. It kind of does.

Kyle Mountsier  05:34

We gotta go for the second article at this point, because it's like I'm hanging on the thread at this point. So Nissan is going to sell its entire stake in its Russian business to a state owned entity. For one. No BS no EMS. No, nothing's next to this euro. One. Euro never been of a Euro taking a loss of

Paul Daly  05:59

one euro that's 97 cents 99 Even a whole dollar. How to Break that a break some three pennies back,

Kyle Mountsier  06:13

they're gonna take a loss of over $685 million to exit their Russian business interests. According to Reuters, the Japanese automaker transfers its share in Nissan manufacturing Russia LLC to state owned Nami and a mi it said the deal will give Nissan's the right to buy back the business within six years versus Industry and Trade Ministry said so you can sell it for now for nothing and good news is you can buy it back for a whole lot within

Paul Daly  06:42

sure it will be full value plus,

Kyle Mountsier  06:44

if they're gonna get all the money's worth on that one. If

Paul Daly  06:47

they're if they're coming back for it. For sure. This is definitely one of those stories where it's like the What world are we living in? What world are we living in strike is just it's like there was really no easy out there been a whole lot of like large scale, major loss loss, you know, major losses coming out of business sales or abandoning businesses in Russia because of the conflict because of you know, the political situation. And what I think about is a digital dealer. Last year, we were at our, at the troublemaker conference. So the after party that we had that was attached to digital dealer, and several of our our fellow auto dealers from Russia, who made the trip to digital dealer came up and said hi. And there was one guy who they called him the Russian Paul J. Daley. And he was like, he was a good foot and a half taller than me, but he had a hat. And he had the beard. And and I just I just think about like the millions of good people that are just like think of our automotive brothers and sisters that are over there just trying to be in the car business. They love the car business are passionate about the car business. So everyone can this has opened people get gain freedom, right? This is from the same playbook, the right things sitting in the same keynotes in the workshops and reading the automotive manifesto and thinking like, oh, how can we think brand first? How can we take in website demos

Kyle Mountsier  08:11

and working on Pay Per Click ads and all of the day to day basis? Right? Yeah.

Paul Daly  08:17

Yeah. And that's and that's kind of, you know, it's the way this business deal came around is, is I mean, not to make light of a bad situation. But it's comical, right? 97 cents, and we'll let you buy it back. But the truth is, man, there's so much about this situation, especially like the retail out of family just breaks my heart. Like that's going on over there. And now just think about it, like Nissan is selling Nissan is no longer in charge. So I think of the conditions and what's going to happen a owned Yeah, it's the statements. Like it's probably know if you heard car, but state state run anything usually does pretty good. I'm just kidding. That even in the US, right? Pull state on state run. I mean that I mean, that changed my mind. That's one of those where you sit at the table, changed my mind. Nissan deal was of great significance for the industry said Russia's Industry and Trade Minister Denis mon montrer have in a statement, Nissan is revisiting their alliance with Renault who owns 43% of Nissan as a result of this, right, everybody's kind of repositioning, and, you know, saying okay, what's the plan now? And there's, there's rumors that Nissan is going to invest in an Eevee an Eevee venture that Renault is kind of spearheading, so, even though Nissan is taking this one on the chin, they're definitely not out of the game. Nissan is saying okay, like, given the cards that were dealt, right, like any good entrepreneur, any good business as your the cards,

Kyle Mountsier  09:46

why are they doing this really cool thing with, you know, with optional mileage leasing in the US, so like, they're staying innovative? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It's

Paul Daly  09:57

just, it's just one of those things that comes up and you gotta Yeah, you got to play the hand you were dealt, no matter how big the blow is. Speaking, speaking of being a really, really big collisions segue I was just trying to remember what the segue went, What did you say? What was your first segue into this?

Kyle Mountsier  10:18

Bust? All right, that's what it was.

Paul Daly  10:25

You asked me if we started the show. You said, I'm gonna ask this question you said, How far is how far is too far? Well, we talked about us trying to control the natural world.

Kyle Mountsier  10:39

Like, I, I have you ever seen the the, the video? I think I've showed it to you before, where it's like, the it's it's all about the world. And, and there's this part where it's like, everything's crashing into us. What is the dang video? It's a goofy video from like, it had millions of views back in the 2000s. But that's the only thing I can think about me. There's caching into us, you know, right, like, right.

Paul Daly  11:08

What the heck was that? I don't remember. But basically, if you don't remember this, from a few weeks, when we talked about NASA flew a craft a spaceship into a big rock into an asteroid that was actually orbiting another asteroid. Is that correct?

Kyle Mountsier  11:23

Oh, it's called. Wait, wait, wait. It's called Z ends up Z world.

Paul Daly  11:28

Right, right. Yep, Z world. Did you just remember that and someone feed that to you? No, no, no, I found it. I found? Well, apparently 32 minutes is a really big deal when talking about our space asteroid bumper cars.

Kyle Mountsier  11:45

Because when NASA flew this ship into this rock, it actually altered the orbit by 30 minutes on what was it a 12 hour cycle? Yeah, it was like 1155. And it's down to what 11 To whatever that is 23 or something like that? Is the orbital cycle of this asteroid around? Whatever. I don't know exactly what it's what it's orbiting around. But that's a pretty big deal. Like you're talking 32 minutes in a 12 hour time span. If you had that back in in your time a day, like that asteroid. He's got some time for lunch. Now. You know,

Paul Daly  12:21

I wish I had time for lunch, NASA. NASA was planning on only gaining about 10 minutes. They're like, hey, if we could alter this thing by 10 minutes, we'll be in really great shape came back at 32 minutes. You imagine that? Like you're like, watching it? Right? It's coming back around 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Like we load this thing up? What happened here? 32 comes back around. And this is a great Oh, it's you know, it's

Kyle Mountsier  12:43

crazy is is this? I mean, this is a massive asteroid. Basically the size, the ship that crashed into it was the size of a refrigerator. Now, it was traveling it like 14,000 miles per hour. So that thing that sucker was terminal velocity, right, right. Yeah. But like for something the size of a refrigerator to take a massive asteroid, like, I don't know the size of it. But if you look at the pictures, you know, that thing was way bigger than no refrigerator. For it to move. 32 minutes.

Paul Daly  13:13

I love our scientific approach to measure frigerator it was real big and committed to that old refrigerator was bigger than a refrigerator.

Kyle Mountsier  13:22

It wasn't really enough 250 It was more like an F 150. If you know what I'm saying. Right? With those

Paul Daly  13:29

tires. With the tires on it, right? Yeah.

Kyle Mountsier  13:33

Well, here's the thing. This is this is I'm gonna tie this down real quick. You ready

Paul Daly  13:37

for this? Paul, please, because I'm flying around in the universe, like that asteroid ship in the video.

Kyle Mountsier  13:42

So here's the thing is when I think about like major organizations, taking big plays, and taking stabs at things like the, you know, what, what, what right now, and this is what we heard. Gentlemen, last time, and Nelson basically said, it's our it's our duty as NASA to protect the home planet. And so we know, sometime down the future, this may be a thing that happens. And so we're going to take steps right now to change the trajectory of what we can do in the universe. Right? So as business planning goes, like NASA is a business. Now, it's a it's a, it's a public business. But you know, as NASA is in that that public sector, like they're doing things right now to plan for a very broad future. And so I think we can take this and go, Okay, look, whatever's in the future, whatever big thing whatever asteroid is coming at us as the automotive industry, like what minor shifts are we taking right now? What 32 minute things that maybe not might not seem like a big thing? What are we sweeping out? What are we? What are we figuring out right now, today on Wednesday, October 12. To go what? How are we preparing not just for now, the battle that we're going to be in today, the customers that we're going to serve, but what are we preparing for for the future? Because hey, that's that's what everybody's doing is to two hands in the dirt, two eyes on the sky. Let's go

Paul Daly  14:59

like that too. hands in the dirt, two eyes on the sky clouds in the dirt that hey luck. If NASA can hit an asteroid that far out, you can at least review your Google Analytics and I'll make some progress.