The Day Has Finally Arrived As Where Live On Set In Nashville

December 20, 2022
We’re on the set where the 2022 Year End Extravaganza is about to go down this afternoon and we’re on set with one of our event co-hosts, Michael Cirillo as we talk about what’s coming in 2023 and how to stay connected to those who will help you keep the wheel steady in 2023.
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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly, Michael Cirillo

Paul Daly  00:00

We finally did it.

Kyle Mountsier  00:01

We're here Tuesday, December

Paul Daly  00:02

20. We are sitting in Nashville right in front of the set where we will be having the urine extravaganza and just several hours from now, two to 4pm Eastern. If you haven't signed up yet, by the way, go to or go to the event and LinkedIn search year and extravaganza you can watch on YouTube, LinkedIn, all the things and so the crew setting up the band is about to start setting up and this is about the turn into the tonight show.

Kyle Mountsier  00:26

It's gonna be full tonight show I'm really excited about it. We've got some really interesting guests, Patrick a bad Scott Simon's Liza porches tool. Patel Daymond Alex Alex Vetter.

Paul Daly  00:36

I mean just Kramer live appraisals, live appraisal man on the street interviews.

Kyle Mountsier  00:40

It sounds like we're just we're just trying to pack it all tight into two hours. We promise we won't keep you longer than the two hours. A lot of stores are like, it's an hour and then an hour and 15 You're still hanging out.

Paul Daly  00:49

Two hours. You wish it was two and a half.

Kyle Mountsier  00:51

There you go. Exactly.

Paul Daly  00:53

We're gonna have a really special emcee. Actually, all the way from well, Texas used to be from Canada. We got him here. He's sitting here right now. He's prepping his show. No,

Kyle Mountsier  01:02

he's acting like he's not paying attention. That's the way it works. Michael, why don't you come sit? Come on in the middle. Mr. Cirilo. Hey, guys. Hey, guys. So

Paul Daly  01:11

why did you say yes to doing this? Do you really even know what you're doing?

Michael Cirillo  01:15

Because I'm addicted to saying yes to things.

Paul Daly  01:21

Well, honestly, that's how you know, you really have someone who's a writer died when you're like, hey, we're doing this thing. It's never been done before. Well, you play a critical role in it. And so we can blame you. If it doesn't go well.

Michael Cirillo  01:30

Right. Well, and you guys don't put together crap. So I like being Yeah, good to be a part of,

Kyle Mountsier  01:37

that's a big deal. Yeah, I appreciate that. You know, when when I think about today, I think there's gonna be a lot of like, joking around, obviously, us three onstage hanging out, there's gonna be laughs we've got some fun little things to pop in. And, you know, we probably won't be able to handle ourselves. But I think there's also going to be a lot of insights, but we won't be able to ask you the questions that we're probably going to be asking a lot of our guests. So I'd kind of like to hear from you right now. That that, like, what are you looking forward to in 2023? You know, you you have a tech business, you you are you are in media with a podcast. You've been in auto for a long time. What's kind of the look forward for you.

Michael Cirillo  02:17

But look forward for me is that opportunities abound. I've always found that when the market seems like it's gonna zag, you have to zag right. And and whatever it is that we're anticipating whether opportunistic or maybe perhaps pessimistic and tone, it's periods of what we're going to experience moving into 2023 that provide the biggest opportunities for growth. And I think that's the message that I just really hope our industry understands is that this is the opportunity for you to go so much further faster than you probably ever anticipated before.

Paul Daly  02:54

been seeing a lot of people posted on LinkedIn over the last just several days in the auto industry, saying things like, you know, like 2023 is going to be annihilation mode. Right? And it's this element of not that we're going to annihilate it. It's just that the people who are prepared to be flexible or nimble are going to get annihilated. And I think when I read those things, I think there are definitely two types of people that are reading those. And the one One type is like, yeah, we're prepared, we're gonna go get it, they feel good about the changes they've been made. Um, they've been investing in the right places. And then there are people that are probably a little bit nervous about that, because the general rhetoric, the general economy, the problems that, you know, repossessions going up being back at 2019 levels, all the indicators are telling us that it's going to be a bumpy ride. And what would you say? Because you've definitely seen some ups and downs. You're an old man now, right? You've seen

Kyle Mountsier  03:49

we know, he had to, he had to get a straight back chair for the show. And I

Paul Daly  03:55

need special mints as Ryder was unbelievable. It's unreal. The point of that being like you've you've definitely seen some up and down cycles throughout your career. What would you say to the people that are feeling like maybe a little nervous or uneasy?

Michael Cirillo  04:08

I have, okay, so contrary to what I think is popular belief these days, or at least in certain circles, where it's like, hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle? I'm like, Hey, can we pause for a minute? We just lived through a pandemic. literally the worst thing that could happen to planet earth, sands an asteroid, you know, impact. We live through that. We lived through the furloughs. We lived through shortages, we lived through everything that is like can you think of it? Yeah, no doubt in the history.

Kyle Mountsier  04:43

We had it. Yeah, it's going in books. Right.

Michael Cirillo  04:46

What did we do guys like repair? Let's pause, bring it in. What did we do? We thrived. We found a way to thrive. So I really think but high interest

Paul Daly  04:57

rates. We have low interest We're

Michael Cirillo  05:02

talking about the 80s with 28 and a half percent right rates buying their first house, and people go, but it was only $58,200. And you're like, Yeah, but that's like $800,000 you see an inflation. So I really, I tend to think of things that way. Now, maybe that makes me, you know, I don't know, however, you would label that, but I just feel like, okay, pause for a minute. Take a deep breath, you're stronger and more resilient and powerful than you think you are, or maybe that you've ever given yourself credit for. That's, that's this is the opportunity in front of us. We just live through the worst thing any of us could all think of something that impacts global 8 billion people's health. We figured it out. We're gonna figure this out.

Kyle Mountsier  05:49

Yeah, I agree. I think I think that, like, and especially auto dealers are that the fact that we're talking about it, the fact that we're engaged with the fact that we're thinking we're having, you know, clubhouse rooms, and live streams and all and events, and we're, we're thinking like, what's next? What are we? What do we make the move? How do we pivot? How do we play the chess game? Right? In business, it's just a continual evolvement of those things every single day. And I think, like, if you're, if there's any level of worry, it's the fact that you're paying attention to it. And so turn that worry and activity good. And so if you're already paying attention to it, it means that you are you are thinking ahead, you're not just thinking about, like, what's happening today. And I think that the best business owners are going, we're looking at tomorrow we're looking at today, and we're taking both with a with a measured approach. I gotta get to like one fun thing. You call with that. So this one, just to say, just one just a second ago, we were talking about chat GPT. And if people haven't heard about it, we talked about it on the show a little bit. It's just really cool. Ai driven, conversational, you can ask any questions, I got to ask, what's the most interesting question thing that you've asked of the robot, the robots to date to spit back out?

Michael Cirillo  07:09

There have been a lot of I've been sick recently, and delirious. There have been a lot of health related questions, probably things I wouldn't talk about in public. Let me just take this. So I'm at church, okay. And I made these searches on my iPad, and I'm sitting in what we call it Sunday school, I think a lot of churches call Sunday. And a buddy next to mine says, Hey, do a quick search. I've, I'm a airline, or I'm a, you know, a flying instructor. And I know you want to learn to fly planes, he just put this URL in. So I open up my web browser, and of course, chat GPT with this whole chat thread on all these health things. And I'm like, Well, I don't know where we go from here.

Kyle Mountsier  08:00

Yes, that is great. That's great. Well, hey, look, I will say this, if you're looking into 2023, you're looking at content, you're looking at trying to figure out and learn new things about way to do business. And, and, and not just like personal search queries, I would say that's one thing to look at thinking about your business and how in the automotive industry, we can use technology like that, to just move quicker.

Paul Daly  08:21

That would also give one other piece of just practical wisdom, just spend some time listening and paying attention to other people who are moving forward and paying attention to those things as well. Because that is how you grow. It helps you I mean, it's the reason that we spent so much time together, because we're thinking about the same things, we're trying to get better at the same things. And when you find that group of people, funny thing happens is you all just kind of collectively get better. You find people who are willing to help you. It's one of the reasons we do all the stuff we do at asoto. Like if you don't know, and you just listen to the podcast, we have an email that goes out every day that features a lot of the people that we're talking about. We're having this live stream, the reason we're doing it, we're gonna have a lot of fun, and we went through all the work to get the set. And there's a really stupid sick drum kit set up back there too. So we're gonna have a full Nashville band tomorrow. And that's all fun. But the real reason is that we can be around other people that want to love people more than they love cars, but also be really, really great at selling and servicing cars, right?

Kyle Mountsier  09:18

Just be stellar. And so I think like if you're paying attention, and you're looking at that stuff, and in your listening, just keep plugging in and learning together. And hopefully we can provide a little bit of that, but thanks for hanging out with us for a guy with with with the hat forward and the hat backwards for Cirilo myself, Paul, have a great day.

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