The Whole Northwood University Booth at NADA

February 27, 2023
ASOTU was on the ground during the 2023 NADA Show and caught up with the Northwood University booth.
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Murray Kyte, VP of Advancement, Northwood University
Evan Young
Anthony Giacalone
Jacob Harpel
Jordan Barker
Dominic Nowling
Alexa Young
Grace Haynes
Cole Briggs

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Kyle Mountsier: 0:00This is In the Dirt with ASOTU.

Dominic Nowling: 0:02

Okay, we are here with literally the future of the retail auto industry. We're at the Northwood University booth at the NADA show. And we have the the leader, and the I don't know what I want to say the posse, we're gonna It's the posse. And so we love to see what's going to happen in the future, the industry, and there's so much riding on your shoulders not to put any pressure on you, but we have faith in you. And we just want to hear a little bit about what you're doing in Northwood, and then maybe what some of your individual stories are, where you're from. So let's let's kick it over to Murray.

Kyle Mountsier: 0:38

Can you give just a little bit of background if for people that don't know about Northwood? exactly kind of what the what the university is doing and how it exists within the ecosystem of the industry?

Murray Kyte: 0:48

Absolutely. So Northwood is located in Midland, Michigan, we've been offering post secondary University programming since 1959. Automotive has been a niche for almost 60 years and just training and helping students learn and develop what the Automotive Industry is all about. And it's all facets, marketing, management, accounting, finance, and you probably could not go to any large auto dealer in the country and not find a Northwood grad. That's how how we've been able to help support the the growth of the Automotive Industry and behind me is are the future leaders of the Automotive Industry.

Kyle Mountsier: 1:41

Awesome. I got one more question for me, then we're gonna we're gonna grill these future leaders. Okay. What are like currently right now, I know there's a sixty year history but as you all are thinking about the automotive ecosystem and training leaders, what's the most intense focus as you're talking to Dealers or talking to these leaders,

Murray Kyte: 1:59

Talent, they can't get enough good quality talent in terms of people who understand the industry, who want to work in the industry and help innovate and lead at working with their teams. So it's its talent and everyone's looking to Northwood to fill that talent gap.

Kyle Mountsier: 2:24

And how can Dealers partner with an integrate or build up the talent into your organization?

Murray Kyte: 2:30

Two ways. One is look at recruiting Northwood graduates and through internships, work placements, scholarships, bursaries, to help students come to Northwood. And then the other way is on the corporate training standpoint, many, many employer groups want to train their current employees, and they look to Northwood to come on in and help them develop their current talent. And so that corporate training opportunities there as well.

Kyle Mountsier: 3:11

That's awesome. Well, we're I'm gonna throw it back to Carl, and he's gonna snag some of these fine people.

Dominic Nowling: 3:15

All right, so you know what social media contents like no one wants to watch anything. That's five minutes. So we'll do some other interviews, but I'm gonna go right down the line. Ask your name, where you're from and what store you're with. Okay. All right, we're gonna do it.

Evan Young: 3:27

I'm Evan Young from Clarkston, Michigan and a student at Northwood.

Dominic Nowling: 3:31

That's right. I like that just doesn't know he's a free agent.

Anthony Giacalone: 3:35

I'm Anthony Giacalone from St. Louis, Missouri and I want to go work for an OEM after my MBA at Northwestern.

Jacob Harpel: 3:40

I'm Jacob Harpel. I'm from Minnesota, and in June I will be going to North Carolina to work for Flo and their general manager training program.

Paul Daly: 3:49

Very nice.

Jordan Barker: 3:50

My name is Jordan Barker. I'm from Michigan. Right now we're down here with the Northwood University International Auto Show looking to get some support and spread

Dominic Nowling: 3:57

I'm Dominic Nowling from Avon, Indiana. I'm our message. with the Rohrman Automotive Group.

Alexa Young: 4:02

I'm Alexa Young from Livonia, Michigan, and I'm here with Northwood.

Grace Haynes: 4:07

My name is Grace Haynes. I'm from Grosse Pointe, Michigan and I worked at General Motors last two summers I'm going to Dentsu marketing agency next time.

Cole Briggs: 4:14

My name is Cole Briggs. I'm here on behalf of the Northwood University International Auto Show. I'm the General Chair. So we're really trying to bring more awareness to what we got going on in Northwood.

Dominic Nowling: 4:25

And I heard you have a special outdoor auto show maybe the largest one in the country. Tell me a little about that

Cole Briggs: 4:30

We do so yeah, it is the largest new car outdoor Auto Show in North America. And it is 100% student run. One of the best things about Northwood University is the fact that we they really exemplify experimental learning. And what better way to learn how the automotive industry works than to give be given the opportunity to run an actual Auto Show. And so it's very, very exciting. We're really really excited this year. We actually just confirmed the dates yesterday. What are they? What are they so we got 2023 October 6, 7 and 8. So Friday, Saturday and Sundays, our cars and coffee. So we're really, really fun.

Dominic Nowling: 5:08

I'm about to put a call Briggs for President shirt

Kyle Mountsier: 5:12

Hey, so you're all going to have to come to a soda con, which will be in September 25 26th 27 Then we'll just like take a tour bus and go down to your' alls things. Okay. All right, I'm gonna go like just two people grace. Tell me a little bit about why you chose Northwood and why you've kind of chosen the Auto Industry as a path for you.

Grace Haynes: 5:30

Yeah, so ever since I was younger, I always kind of had a love for cars. And then going through high school, I kind of took every marketing business class I had the capability to. So when I was touring schools, I kind of was looking at their business programs. And then I checked out Northwood. And once I found out they had the automotive marketing and management program, and the auto show I kind of knew was exactly the place for me because it combined my love for automotive and marketing. So I know I couldn't have a better place to be

Kyle Mountsier: 5:56

awesome, Dominic as you're headed into the industry, when you look at the broad scope of the industry and what you know about it now, what are things that as you go in, you want to challenge the industry with

Dominic Nowling: 6:08

I want to challenge the industry with is there's a lot of a bigger older generation in the industry. So with these younger kids from Northwood coming in, I just want to prove to them that you know we can be leaders as well, with all the things that we've been taught at your club.

Kyle Mountsier: 6:21

That's awesome. Hey, thank you guys so much. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your stories with us and congrats kudos and crush it. All right. Thank you for listening to In the Dirt with ASOTU. We love the automotive industry and the people who make it run day in and day out. We would love to connect with you more through our daily dose of fun, a free email that you can sign up for at That's a s o t We put our heart and soul into it every day. Thanks again for listening. Join us next time for more Conversations in the dirt with ASOTU.

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