Tim Cook and Linebackers, BMW Trolls Tesla, Maskless Flights to Tampa?

April 19, 2022
On today’s show we preview our upcoming live event in Tampa on May 9th, The ASOTU Family Reunion : Remix. We also talk about Apples likely NFL deal, how BMW plans on retaking its luxury segment title, and could this be the end of masked flights?
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Apple may have already closed on a deal to own the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket according to sources close to the matter

  1. Could be 2.5B per year (recent MLB deal was 85M)
  2. May include Sunday Ticket, streaming rights, 49% stake in NFL Media
  3. Intended to drive Apple + subs
  4. NFL also contemplating its own $5/ mo streaming service to watch out of market games
  5. WWDC scheduled for June

BMW tells Tesla that their EV reign is over

  1. “top executives said last week they are ready to bring out a fleet of electric vehicles, aiming to sell 200,000 of them globally this year — doubling the number it delivered last year.
  2. Tesla took BMW’s top spot in the luxury segment 
  3. Jan / Feb 2022, Tesla - 71,250 new-vehicle registrations in the U.S. to BMW’ s 54,210 registrations
  4. The focus will be "on a very strong and fast ramp-up of electric vehicles," BMW Group sales chief Pieter Nota told journalists last week at a press event here. Tesla "had a unique selling point for quite some time. That's over," Nota said.
  5. BMW Group said it expects at least one out of every two vehicles sold to be fully electric by 2030
  6. Unlike competitors, BMW isn’t abandoning its ICE vehicles and will move forward with a blended approach to stay flexible and resilient

CDC Mask Mandate for Travel Struck down by Federal Judge

  1. An administration official said Monday afternoon that the ruling “means CDC’s public transportation masking order is not in effect at this time,” and that the TSA would cease enforcing it. 
  2. Does this mean that no masks on the trip to Digital Dealer?

Paul Daly  0:23  

Okay, okay, it is Tuesday April 19 We're talking about the remix event that's coming up Tim Cook and some linebackers BMW trolling Tesla and maskless flights to Tampa what the people really want to know I don't know Tuesday just stacking up to be a really good day. What's gonna happen to me what's brought to you? Yeah, so I mean Syracuse New York if you're here you realize like we got I sent Kyle a picture like it's straight up snowing here

Kyle Mountsier  0:54  

Nah see, this is everybody asked me like, are you ever gonna move back to Cincinnati? I'm like, no, because once you hit Cincinnati everywhere north of there does weird things like try and snow in mid to late April.

Paul Daly  1:06  

I don't I don't mind it this morning. For some there's something about it. Like this morning, the snow was falling and I had my little pellet stove on and kind of was like, this is kind of

Kyle Mountsier  1:16  

you also you had a bright sunny day yesterday. So you kind of get the balance in there.

Paul Daly  1:21  

Yeah, it's just the thing. But But uh, you know, I don't want to talk about the news in reverse order. But we just yesterday, just let actually just this morning, we launched tickets for our family reunion remix event in Tampa on Monday, May 9. And we just launched the email this morning. It went out and email we already got like, a bunch of dealers who signed up to be there. kyles like, we already got tickets, tickets. Tickets are out. I was like, oh, yeah, who bought him? He's like, all dealers.

Kyle Mountsier  1:50  

I love it. I love it. Let's go. Yeah. And here's the thing, man, I'm just so excited about the fact that we're at we have the opportunity to get like to let dealers into an event free, right? Yes.

Paul Daly  2:02  

Yeah, no difference. It's never happened. Over the last any live event we've ever done over the last year and a half. dealers have always had to pay vendors had to pay right. And not to mention it like we were the only paid event you got to pay to get in to an event. And this is the first time dealers figured out a way. It's always been the desire. But we finally figured out a way to do it. Let's give some props, actually, thank you to our premier sponsor, autoffi for comping and covering every dealer ticket. Every so cool.

Kyle Mountsier  2:30  

Yeah, it's a really neat thing. And I love that we had a partner step up and say, Yeah, we're gonna put, we're gonna put our name on the line to do that. And also, I think it's just really good for our industry. You know, I think you think about this, and it's like, there's some level of you know, when you go to learning events, like actually paying the money and saying, I'm gonna, I'm gonna output dollars, so that there's some intentionality behind this, right. And I know that there's free events for, you know, dealers and vendors all over the place. And, you know, you know, industry partners are shelling out money for that type of stuff. But when you think about a small event that's closed, and especially for asotu, that historically has been something that people have paid to get into, like, we wanted to make that opportunity to connect and partner and be together and, you know, rub elbows and do that for dealers on on a free basis when they're already paying so much to get to digital dealer to be a part of the event. You know, this is just something that we wanted to do and, and I'm really excited about it.

Paul Daly  3:31  

So here's the deal. If you're going to digital dealer, you need to check out the event. When can we get there on the website?

Kyle Mountsier  3:38  

Right now, nowhere but by later today, we'll have it right on the homepage, we'll link it right up to you. It's linked in the show notes I think. And you know, we just wanted to give those faithful people those loyalists a little bit of first dibs in the email list first dibs just because last year we sold out and last year we

Paul Daly  3:57  

sold out opened up more tickets sold them out again. So this year, we tried to accommodate a little bit more space out front, but it's still probably going to sell out especially now that you know the email list is bigger people are going if you're going to be a digital dealer, you have to be there. What you can expect if you're paying for a ticket vendor, we wanted to give you all the value back so you're going to have great food great drinks, we're going to have an absolute all carries on the stream this morning Let's Kerry this Kerry Wiseis actually going to be co hosting the event with us so it's a new thing for us. So I hope you're ready for this Kerry's always ready for it. And so food drink we're also going to have a pop a retail pop up swag experience where you're actually going to get ASOTU bucks and like be able to shop for the swag that you want. So trying something new we think it's gonna be a lot of fun but we our goal is like we want to give you every dollar that you spend back and then some there are already going to be some amazing dealers and innovators that you see all over the internet. You get to meet them in person at the event and like you all know personally I would rather spend five I've minutes with somebody like that in an informal environment to talk a little business to hear what they're actually thinking. Right, then I would an hour on a zoom call somewhere. So for me, I think that's some of the best value you're gonna get. And of course, kind of I would love to meet you.

Kyle Mountsier  5:15  

Absolutely, I can't wait to meet you, and shake hands and hug and all that type of stuff. This is I'm gonna segue to our last thing. Kerry wise is on a plane and I'm guessing segway. Looks like looks like Paul. I mean, we I think the automotive industry. I think business travelers. I think people everywhere have been waiting for this day, for two whole years. Yesterday, the Federal mask mandate has been by a federal judge, right? And so no more masks needed on planes. And then immediately, all the trains, the Ubers the list, everyone just started following suit. And we're gonna get to Well, for us, I think our next trip is digital dealer, which means

Paul Daly  6:08  

unless something pops up this morning, he texted me, he's like, Yo, do you want to fly to Atlanta today, just so we can fly somewhere without masks like, fly to Atlanta, do some work in the airport, and then just come home? I literally if it wasn't so late, I almost consider that. Because we've made some good content out of it. Like yeah, no, that'd be it's fun to hear your stories like mid flight of the pilot coming on, announcing it and saying we at Delta no longer require masks on this plane. You know, I've we've kind of a picture like this graduation moment. Right? Where, where people throw masks in the air. There's cheering and dancing. What is Kerry saying? Oh, yeah, Kerry's going,

Kyle Mountsier  6:46  

Hey, look, you know, and here's the thing, like, we're not saying that everybody has to take their masks off. Like that's not. But I think it's just exciting to have that kind of like, it's like a it's a it's a moment that says like, Hey, we're still moving past moving past

Paul Daly  7:00  

it. And I think for me, that's one of the most exciting things. Hey, want to give some love to all of our friends who are on their way to Kentucky for the David Kane Family friends and family event? I hear that it's an amazing event. If you know David canid all you can probably assume that people just love being together. Love being with him. So our hearts are with you. We wish you could be there just couldn't do it. But I know you all are gonna like have a great time learning from one another and spending some time together even heard like there's going to be like a horse. A horse race visit while they're in Kentucky.

Kyle Mountsier  7:30  

I saw I saw a photo of Mr. Device who's a friend from across the pond of him all buttoned up with his little cap and his weather. Oh, yeah. Like, is this right? Is this right? Did I do it? Right? The horse race.

Paul Daly  7:48  

I love it. Yeah. So wish it could be there. But have fun. send pictures. Okay. Tag us. If you're part of the asotu crew tag a asotu while you're in Kentucky. And we'll get a little thing going there. carries all over it. She's on the plane this morning. She got her dress her Derby hat. Carrie is ready to go. You need to send pictures. Okay. The first story that we actually had unlisted talk about today. Also not an automotive story. We're kind of like we're gonna big, big old culture community today. Yeah, yesterday, Nate was like your little heavy today we were a little heavy, because we've got some other serious things to talk about very soon. But I'm super excited about this. It is rumored that Apple has probably already closed the deal to own NFL Sunday Ticket for the next foreseeable future in a contract to which there's much rejoicing, like, Oh,

Kyle Mountsier  8:36  

it's so exciting for me. So exciting.

Paul Daly  8:39  

So if you're not if you're not a football fan, or you don't like you don't live away from your team, like usually when your team is in market, you can watch the games of your team. I you know, as an Eagles fan, I am not in market. I don't live in Philly. And the only way I can watch away games typically, is to like get NFL Sunday Ticket, which means I have to get satellite service, which means you have to sign up for a subscription that lasts like a year. And I'm just not going to do it. And so it's always it's always been a big pain in the butt. Oh, am I going to see the game? Am I not going to see the game? But no. Here comes apple.

Kyle Mountsier  9:11  

Yes. And I'm excited to live in a way from my team the Bengals right. I live in. I live in a city that has an NFL team. So literally, never ever will I see the Bengals play unless they're on Sunday night or Monday Night Football or playing. We all know that outside of just this last year like Bengals aren't getting on Sunday night. Not happening. So yeah, I'm really excited. I do think I do think that this is like you said it's a it's actually a brand play. It's apple going, Hey, look, we can do sports too. You know, they this is funny, but I just started watching TED last I know I'm late to the game. But that was kind of their first foray into like being a sports brand and although it's a very emotional series and So I think this just leads them into, you know, streaming content and content that is like real time and trying to make make an effort on that platform. Because it's, it's a little bit behind, you know what we see with like a Netflix or Hulu. But this will be I'm telling you what this will probably turn up subscriptions.

Paul Daly  10:19  

Oh, big deal. I'm like, Can I can I get to? It's like, we got Baseball, baseball, it was $85 million annual revenue to Major League Baseball last year. NFL is proposed to be $2.5 billion a year of revenue. I mean, the NFL is just massive, massive, massive when it comes to live viewing events. Yeah. It's says the NFL is front office sports article, we link it up in the comments, or in the show notes. It's rumored that NFL might be launching its own streaming service where you could have a $5 month subscription and stream games. Will that be real time? Will it be after the game? I don't know. But what I'm feeling is there gonna be a lot of options come football season to watch some NFL, I think Apple, you know, Apple and sports. Really, if you would have said it like 24 months ago, you'd be like, Nah, I don't think sports when I think Apple, but it's brilliant. Because like, frankly, like not a lot of people have an Apple TV subscription. Now, right? What do you have one? Are you in like a free period?

Kyle Mountsier  11:16  

No, I do I do the whole, like, Apple family have the cloud services. And that comes with the Apple TV subscription and the fitness thing and all of that,

Paul Daly  11:28  

okay. Okay. So it's like, it's like an ecosystem decision for you now exact, get some benefits. And it's great to see Apple coming up swinging with, with big time sports, big time fan. So

Kyle Mountsier  11:38  

it just blows my mind. We just continue to come back to this literally every day that subscription services are just how everybody's leaning in to finding revenue in new ways. And I just I have to think that that any business that's thinking forward is thinking how do I get into the subscription game, which is really funny for me, because, you know, eight or nine years ago, it was kind of, you know, you hit the first like subscription level stuff, and everyone was going, Hey, at some point, everyone's going to cut the cord. Well, now, I mean, I know people with literally, like 10 subscriptions that range between five and $15 per month. Yep. And they all have to do with

Paul Daly  12:22  

spending more money, right? They're spending more money, but they're picking the network's Exactly. You know, I just saw an article today, we didn't include it. But talking about how the the pressure that inflation is putting on just people and pocketbooks in general, people are starting to cancel subscriptions more than ever. So people are really starting to decide which one's right because now they're getting into it's like, oh, well, you know what, because I have 10 subscriptions. They're like, which ones don't I really need? Right? You know, which ones don't I really need? Or don't I really want her aren't a priority. I actually cancel my Netflix subscription like six months ago. You know, you know what made me mad? I get mad on subscriptions. That all of a sudden Disney plus came out and everything looks so beautiful. Ah, and I was like all of a sudden 1080 Much better. No, not even that. I'm just talking about general resolution. 1080 Yeah, all of a sudden, 1080 on Netflix just annoyed the crap out of me. Right? Because I have a nice TV. And when Disney plus came out streaming through the Apple TV, it looks insanely good. Right? And then I was like, I have to pay how much to get the 4k on Netflix. I was like, I have other shows to watch and I literally cancelled it never went back. Wow.

Kyle Mountsier  13:32  

That's both you know what I do think that that's that's important though, is like when you think of any type of recurring revenue. It's not that churn is the is that the software as a service or recurring revenue? You know, metric and churn. You can't just like hope that churn doesn't happen because your product just is constantly has to iterate value, add new value to it. And so if you just like set it up and hope forget it and turn never happens, then it's not going to work. So this is where Apple TV's like we want increased subscriptions. Plus, we want to make sure everyone that's already there is sticky, right and I can't wait to watch I

Paul Daly  14:14  

can't wait to watch NFL Super high res quality coming through my Apple TV. And if any Netflix executives are listening, raising your prices is not what Kyle meant when he talked about increasing value and switching things up. Okay, next story. I feel like it's been like a whole episode we haven't talked about EVs. How does that even happen? The suite tried we

Kyle Mountsier  14:35  

went we went for really? We went really hard for it. But we just it just has to happen. So here we go.

Paul Daly  14:41  

I liked this one. You know, BMW came out like a little bit of gusto. I think telling Tesla like your reign is over. It's over for you. As you may know, Tesla unseated BMW last year for the luxury sales throne, more Tesla's than BMW sold so they were the top luxury car seller And, and so from the automotive news article from this morning, quoting top executives said last week, they're ready to bring out a fleet of electric vehicles aiming to sell 200,000 globally this year, doubling the number it delivered last year. So they're saying we're just doubling down on evey production. So and just January February this year to give you some context, Tesla had 71,250 new vehicle registrations to BMW 54,000. So, yeah, here's my question that with BMW. Well, I have a few I have a few questions.

Kyle Mountsier  15:37  

Just say this on Monday. In our BMW is like ya, internal combustion engines, they aren't going away on Tuesday. They're like, Tesla, you're out calling our shot.

Paul Daly  15:52  

There's a there's a what you know, I think that they are taking they are taking a hybrid approach right there because they don't need to be the top Evie seller to be the top luxury registration seller, right. And so they are taking a little bit of a different approach. And we see like Mercedes taking where they're saying, you know, they they are going to keep their internal combustion engine programs going. They basically said, if we need to stay flexible and nimble, we don't know what the future is gonna hold and they're actually taking a more cautious approach to saying like availability materials and infrastructure. We'll see I mean, that could end up being a really brilliant move. And I think one of the few people still like focusing somewhat

Kyle Mountsier  16:34  

on their internal thing was essentially if you go full Evie you're reliant on three major countries and that's it right all your eggs all your eggs in in a little tiny basket and you know, internal combustion engines and vehicle parts are sourced from a myriad of sources and so you do it's mitigating risk, I think at some level,

Paul Daly  16:56  

ya know, without a doubt. So one more quote, the focus will be on a very strong and fast ramp up of EVs and they said Tesla had a unique selling point for quite some time that's over that's that's those are fighting words in your shot. I love it. So I love I love the I love the energy behind the announcement. What did I include it in here? Oh, they did have oh, I didn't include it in the show notes. I have to go back to the article to find it. They expected I can't remember they expected like half of their fleet and the year they quoted was 2030

Kyle Mountsier  17:29  

BMW Group says it expects at least one out of every two vehicles sold to be fully electric by the magic year 2030 like we gotta start doing we gotta we gotta

Paul Daly  17:41  

show your button for that. Right we need a trigger button for 2030 Hold on. I might be able to find one. Maybe we can get oh here we go.

Kyle Mountsier  17:52  

I will record something over that will bring that

Paul Daly  17:55  

a little Gregorian. We're gonna do it as soon as this is over. You're gonna get Kyla valued in some beautiful harbor. I think we've outs overstayed our welcome to the show. On A Plane, don't have a basketball and if you don't want to and you can enjoy that but the signs are things are moving up. We're moving forward. It's Tuesday Tuesday's are good day to make some trouble

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