Twosday ASOTU Style, Cirillo Goes Shopping, & Stick Shift EVs

February 22, 2022
We are hoping to contribute to the fact that everywhere you look today, someone will be reminding you it is Twosday, 2/2/22 for the last time in 200 years. With Paul on a plane to TX, Kyle is joined by Michael Cirillo, host of The Dealer Playbook podcast and CEO at FlexDealer.
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Charmin is sending poop-mojis down a river and turning snapchat into a #2 free for all

Michael Cirillo, guest host of the pod, has been shopping for a vehicle

  • Lead handling notes
  • Human capacity for interaction
  • The bots are taking over

Toyota brings old features to new EVs

  • Miss that old ‘stall’ when you miss your shift?
  • Shifters with torque adjustment