Vinfast and the Future of the Dealer Network

August 22, 2023
Will people need dealers in the future? Can’t they just do the whole process online? In this rowdy episode of the Wheelhouse, host Daniel Govaer and the ASOTU Wheelhouse crew tackle this topic, but before we get there, we’ve got rumors and stolen ideas.
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Here’s what to expect:

Matthew Haiken talks about VinFast’s Public IPO before Daniel introduces it as an actual topic, causing all sorts of chaos.

Kyle Mountsier reminds us that he can talk about tech for a long time.

Paul J Daly thinks the Mitsubishi Mirage will one day be a collectible.

Bob Lanham gives non-committal answers and spouts all kinds of rumors…correction…rumors he heard.

Today’s Topics:

-What our panel is watching

-Vinfast coming to a dealership near you?

-Are auto shows actually effective anymore?

-The end of the sub-$20K new car

-The future of car buying and the dealer’s place in it

-Rapid Fire with today’s winner

-Buy, Lease, Wholesale

It might go without saying, but the ASOTU legal team wanted us to remind everyone that the opinions and views expressed in this podcast are the views of the participants, and do not necessarily reflect the position of ASOTU or any entity the participants represent.

Thanks Legal… but we like the Wheelhouse the way it is, and we won’t back down from bold topics and conversation.

Got something we should talk about? Know a voice that could add to the conversation? Think we got it wrong? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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