Women’s Day Video Recap, Nissan’s New Power, Getting Healthy w the Geeks

March 9, 2023
Engines are fired (or charged) up this Thursday as we give a recap of our favorite Women’s Day videos. We also talk about Nissans new power plant plans as well as Best Buy’s plans to deploy the Geek Squad to take better care of your parents.
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  • Women’s Day Video Recap
  • ASOTU Video
  • Ford Video : Men’s Only Edition Explorer

  • Nissan gave a preview of its new EV powertrain technology at their global HQ yesterday, where the name of the game is reducing complexity. The primary target is to reach parity between the cost of its electric and gasoline powered vehicles
  • One of the cost cutting strategies is to use solid state batteries with cheaper materials such as nickel or cobalt
  • "For new electric vehicles, we would like to reduce diversity," said Senior Vice President Toshihiro Hirai, head of Nissan's powertrain and EV engineering division.
  • Overall weight reductions will also increase performance, such as driving in snow
  • Nissan was one of the first players in the EV space with the Leaf and is expected to release a new version of the vehicle in 2026
  • The company has a stated goal of releasing  27 electrified models, including 19 all-electric vehicles, by fiscal year 2030

  • The retail industry is continuing its push into the multi-trillion dollar health care industry as electronics retailer Best Buy announced a partnership with Atrium Health to provide and install devices enabling patients to get hospital care while staying home
  • Atrium recently completed a merger with Advocate Health, the fifth largest healthcare system in the U.S. with 67 hospitals and more than 1,000 healthcare offices across six states.
  • Atrium will buy devices from BB and Geek Squad will install them
  • “We knew Atrium Health was the right partner to help tackle the unique challenges within the care at home experience,” said Deborah Di Sanzo, president of Best Buy Health
  • “Our partnership with Best Buy Health will help change the lives of our patients and consumers, giving them access to the tools and experiences they need to receive care in the comfort of their own home,” said Dr. Rasu Shrestha, chief innovation and commercialization officer at Advocate Health
  • Best Buy Health s Lively brand already provides remote monitoring services where “Urgent Response Agents are available 24/7 at the touch of a button to offer help in emergencies big and small. Plus, you can speak with a nurse using Lively’s Nurse On-Call, and keep loved ones updated using Lively Link™.”
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Paul Daly  00:30

Yeah, we're bracket in Thursday. I feel like we already got a day's work in before even starting this

Kyle Mountsier  00:35


Paul Daly  00:36

We're gonna talk give a little Women's Day video recap, talking about Nissan's new power plants and getting healthy with the geeks.

Kyle Mountsier  00:47

That's a strong article title right there something

Paul Daly  00:51

getting healthy with the you're not interested in.

Kyle Mountsier  00:52

That's a new podcast. It's got a whole bunch of things.

Paul Daly  00:57

The geeks

Kyle Mountsier  00:58

subscribe to that. Smash the sub buttons. It

Paul Daly  01:03

sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit. It really oh. Oh man,

Kyle Mountsier  01:11

if you ever heard a new live tonight segment in Arlington getting healthy with

Paul Daly  01:15

pigs. So we're gonna do that. Well speaking of can we do that that early in the show. Speaking of Arlington, April 5, circle your calendars we're coming bringing us so to live tonight to the Arlington Music Hall. It's going to be an awesome night with dealers and industry partners and people in the audio live studio audience and some amazing guests. Some amazing production, we're bringing the amazing band from Nashville to be live in Arlington. So circular calendar, we're gonna have information about your how you can get tickets, we want to make it super accessible for everybody. It's very Catholic, we're very close.

Kyle Mountsier  01:49

So close.

Paul Daly  01:50

So close, so close. So just you know, mark that on your calendar, and all the information if you don't want to miss anything to things, you can just follow us on LinkedIn and hit the little bell. So you get notifications. Or you can just subscribe to the email list, which is going to bring you loads of value aside from just notifications. So to.com

Kyle Mountsier  02:07

Hey, Joe, we added a little new section to the email this morning, just we did. But we got a little section we got a little markets, you know, because hey, everybody's moving real fast throughout the day and keeping track of the way that the market shifted and moved, we'll give you a little insight on a couple of auto movers, maybe a little retail segment, a couple, a couple of things that have happened in the major exchanges. So it'll mix up, it'll keep you it'll keep you a little bit in the know. So whether or not you're a day trader or just kind of wanting to know where the market is going, we'll keep that little hint right at the top. And

Paul Daly  02:39

even if you didn't want to know you're gonna see it, and then maybe you'll realize that you want to know and it's actually helpful. Hey, just trying to give you everything we do here is we try to give you context, the best thing we can do for you is help you have context and into what you're doing on the day to day on the floor in the office, what you're doing, how it's relevant to all the things in the world spinning around you. So if anything, it'll give you a little bit of context. Speaking of context, segue into the first, right it's not really store we're gonna do something we've never done before and start the show with a little asoto reacts because yesterday was National Women's Day and there was a barrage of amazing content featuring the women in industry, especially in the automotive industry, because it's the best so we're gonna get we're gonna roll and react to two videos. One is the one that asoto put together to honor the women that have been featured in our content over the last couple of years. There was so much to wade through I'm amazed that the team even was able to get 90 seconds out of it

Kyle Mountsier  03:34

right it was just Yeah, I mean the tantalizing for it on all these photos and videos and then when our one of our video editors Diana who you might have seen around the halls that like nada and stuff like that just did a great job kind of compiling it and figuring out how to put it out and and really say something that means something so let's say the first video and then we have a fun

Paul Daly  03:53

one from four to share good


young people and especially women like you can be in the car business like don't don't be scared


obviously only young woman with nine young man I knew in that moment in the service department, okay, this is my life and our culture is all around our people. And that's what we love the most. Somebody helped me be here. Can you do that same thing for somebody else.


We want women to be confident buyers and smart consumers and the sky is not the limit your minds the limits. I fell in love with it and I said listen, if I could change my own life from being in this industry, and I knew that other people needed that same change, then that was going to be the beginning of it.

Pamela Thomas  04:41

The passion comes with people that look like me, talk like me, love me and as I love myself


that what I bring to the table Not necessarily what I look like what I'm wearing on my feet.


who you are today, you don't need to change, you just need to be your authentic self


and lean in on your differences,


there is so much more than just oh, I'm driving on the road from point A to B, I just wish more young people and women, you know, knew that they could just do it.

Paul Daly  05:24

So, just watching that video brings so many memories back from the events that we've had are being on the show floor. And if you could, if you're just listening, you couldn't see it, whenever there was music, just music and not someone's talking. It was just blasting through images of women just doing a great job in automotive, and we just lots of smiles, and just lots of community around the women that are really propelling the industry forward. So I don't know how you're gonna work on the project, either you just got to see it.

Kyle Mountsier  05:56

I just got to see it. And and it is it's really encouraging because I remember, like, back when I started in the car business, I think there were two women that worked at the dealership outside of the accounting department. And now you see at the dealership or at, you know, industry partners just like a much more balanced approach to hiring and, and, and career growth. And I think it's kudos to so many of the women that have like called that out and said, Hey, we're gonna we're going to provide a path for this and you know it like you look at so so young lady named Morgan was the the lady that said, the opening statement clothes. And when we got the opportunity when we're in Palm Beach at MRC this year to interview her. We were like, y'all put like, let her just tell the whole industry went on a fire, right? Yeah, we were about to just be running around the room with excitement. It was great. So all right, the

Paul Daly  06:57

next video is actually from Ford. And this one had me rolling, where they featured a full product launch for a men's only edition of the Ford Explorer. So go ahead, Isaac roll this one.


For the first time ever, we've completely reimagined the automobile. Introducing the men's only Ford Explorer, with no windshield wipers, heater, no turn signals. Wait, no rearview mirror? No GPS, are you kidding? I will need it. It's missing all the parts created by women data. Whose great idea was that this Women's History Month Ford salutes the visionary automotive work by women past, present and future.

Paul Daly  07:51

They you go for it. I'm excited. I was so excited to see that because you know, Ford has been having a little rough gall. And it's great to be able to celebrate something that they just crushed. So

Kyle Mountsier  08:01

they did a great job with this. And what I love about it is it's like you see, you obviously see a Ford Explorer. So there's some brand recognition there. But it really just is a an out and out culture brand play. And I think that it tells a story that you kind of have to read between the lines on but it's it's so well done. And kudos to the to the marketing team over there, the agency that put that together,

Paul Daly  08:27

and the voiceover actor was finally like, Hey, I actually get to have fun with some I know, the pauses

Kyle Mountsier  08:31

and no, wait a second. He's like, I don't have to just do this boring. Read. This is great. So

Paul Daly  08:39

there you go. We just want to do a quick recap, saw some great stuff out there. And again, kudos to the women who just make this industry so much better, and are going to continue to do so. And I think in our post that we made when we featured our videos, we put the best part is they want you to be a part of it. So they kind of just open arms welcoming all of us in the industry to be a part of kind of this celebration not only the celebration, but the innovation and the propelling of the industry forward. So a lot of fun there. All right, we have a know how to segue into new thinking

Kyle Mountsier  09:11

or killing the industry forward a good segue.

Paul Daly  09:18

There show Nissan gave a preview, Nissan gave a preview of its new EV powertrain technology at their global HQ yesterday, where the name of the game was reducing complexity. Their primary target is to reach parity that's kind of like you know, an equality between the cost of its electric and gasoline powered vehicles. One of the cost cutting strategies is to use solid state batteries with cheaper materials such as nickel or cobalt. Sounds familiar Kyle, we've

Kyle Mountsier  09:43

been hearing that a couple of times.

Paul Daly  09:45

Here's a quote from Toshihiro Harare. He writes head of Nissan's powertrain and Evie engineering division for the new electric vehicles. We would like to reduce diversity to which the PR department was like I don't think we wanted to say it quite like that. Um, yesterday, they ordered like, FaceTime for the PR department. But what he actually meant was they wanted to reduce complexity and you know, all that stuff. Overall weight reductions also going to reduce increased performance such as driving in the snow. If you're in upstate New York, you realize the heavier your vehicle is, the harder it is to write. But Nissan remember, was one of the first players in the Evie space with the leaf and is expected to release a new version of that in 2026. And the company stated a goal of releasing 27 electrified models, including 19, all electric vehicles by

Kyle Mountsier  10:36

20. No way. Unbelievable. Yeah. So here's the thing is, I think that this proves the point, that we still have a lot to learn about Evie technology, you know, at this point, the leaf I think came out in 2011. So they've been at it for, what, 13 years, 12 years at this point, and still going, Okay, what's the battery technology that's going to have a long lasting future? There's OEMs definitely don't have the powertrain figured out, and are still trying to figure out exactly what is, you know, driving this vehicle, what's going to make the most sense for the widest amount of a buyer personas and and, you know, just lithium ion solid state batteries, what type of materials that we're going to be able to easily mined for and produce and, you know, reduce emissions across the ecosystem, not just at, you know, the point of driving. So, you know, kudos to Nissan for for continuing to seek innovation instead of just like digging their feet in.

Paul Daly  11:38

Yeah, I love that. All right, this last story,

Kyle Mountsier  11:41

speaking of continuing to seek innovation,

Paul Daly  11:44

that's true. It's so true.

Kyle Mountsier  11:49

Your industry is continuing this push into the multi trillion dollar healthcare industry as electronics retail Best Buy, yes, Best Buy, announced a partnership with atrium health to provide an install devices enabling patients to get hospital care while staying at home. So atrium recently completed the merger with advocate health, the fifth largest healthcare system in the US was 67 hospitals and more than 1000 healthcare offices across the state. So the way this will work is atrium will buy the devices from Best Buy, and Geek Squad will then install them. So the Deborah de Santo, the president of Best Buy House said, We know atrium health health was the right partner to help tackle the unique challenges within the care at home experience. So it but here's the thing, Paul, it makes a lot of sense. Because the care at home requires a lot of technology, to be able to engage that person at the right time in the right way, understand what's going on with their health. And so for a technology partner to be thinking, hey, we can help out with the healthcare side of things. I think he's really smart, smart move.

Paul Daly  12:55

This is a great example of I mean, Best Buy is a great example, in general of someone who survived a rapidly and sub slike just an up ending of the industry with retail electronics, right, they should not have survived because you know, think of all the other companies that have gone out when Amazon came to play and direct order, electronics prices dropped, the margins disappeared. And all of a sudden, Best Buy has still emerged as a strong company by leaning into the things that make them competitive, installed in home installs in the Geek Squad squad tech support, right for all the servers need that service, right. And even you go into Best Buy store now. And you realize there's a whole lifestyle department where you can buy e bikes, but you can buy bikes, like those super 73, electric bikes, you can buy all this wellness, and they're obviously leaning into more wellness. And now this is just a, I guess, a logical extension of that. But more than that, and for this industry, it's it's like a reminder that you can make it if you're innovative, and you're willing to think outside the box and look at what the consumer is doing and how you can contextualize what you're good at, to contribute their lives. And I will say they do have a health site. It's I don't know it's best buy health. I think it's health that bestbuy.com. And it's terrible. It's terrible. Because, like the two from a brand standpoint, the two don't match up. You see the Best Buy logo, like with the little discount ticket on it, right? It's like hell yeah. And the whole that it's like blues and black and white pictures. You're like, this isn't making me feel alive and well. But I think we'll figure that out. But figure that out. But the truth is, it's like I think it's just a good lesson for us. Right. So why are we talking about it?

Kyle Mountsier  14:38

Yeah, it's a great lesson. I think that, you know, I was talking to a couple of people yesterday on pitch tank and the way that automotive retailers are trying to figure out other verticals, to find revenue. And this is I mean, it's even though it's a service minded, acquisition or partnership, it's also Another revenue source for BestBuy recognizing that their technology meets people in multiple different places. So think about all the places where we touch the consumer from service to sales, to parts to delivery to pick up to all of the things that a retail consumer might need to do. Automotive touches a lot of it. So think about where you can lean in

Paul Daly  15:20

for does Thanks for the comment, Ron Roger, the consumer will always win in the end. That's true. And we believe that for us, we believe that for you and we believe that you have an ability to impact your future as a result.

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