Wrapping up YEE, US Postal Going EV, & Twitter May Soon Have New Boss

December 22, 2022
We have only a few short days until Christmas and then the biggest week of the year is upon us! Today we will recap all things Year End Extravaganza, check out a new deal the US Postal Service has made, and hear from Elon…again.
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Re-watch the Year End Extravaganza here: https://www.asotu.com/yee

  • By the year 2026, the US Postal service has committed to buying only electric trucks
  • Now through 2026, 75% will be electric
  • 66,000 battery electric delivery vehicles from defense contractor Oshkosh as part of its 106,000 vehicle acquisition plan for deliveries between now and 2028.
  • An additional 21k commercial ‘off the shelf’ vehicles will also be acquired
  • The current Grumman LLV doesn’t have a/c, airbags, and only gets 8.2 MPG
  • $3B in IRAct Funding Approx $1.3B for vehicles and $1.7B for infrastructure
  • It will take ‘someone foolish’ to do the job, but Musk is preparing to step down as the Twitter boss
  • There have been calls for Musk to step down from Twitter, with some investors and analysts expressing concerns that his involvement with the platform may be distracting him from running Tesla, the electric vehicle company he also runs.
  • “Musk projected that Twitter's cash flow will break even in 2023, a Bloomberg reporter tweeted on Wednesday, citing comments made in a Twitter Spaces session.”
  • “I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job! After that, I will just run the software & servers teams," Musk wrote on Twitter.

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:18

Yo, it is Wednesday, December 21. You're not seeing double. Kyle and I are both in Nashville in his studio. We wrapped up here in extravaganza yesterday. But today we're talking about US postal going Evie and Elon doing his thing again. This guy is guy,

Kyle Mountsier  00:38

we promise we do our best to not fill every single day with Elon, Twitter, Tesla, the whole nine yards, but it's just sometimes just two times. It's

Paul Daly  00:46

just everywhere too much. And this, we'll talk about it today in a minute, but it's just it's too funny. It's too funny. Yeah, we're in Nashville right now, because we had the urine extravaganza yesterday. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it. We're actually going to be uploading the super high res version today on YouTube. So you can see but it lives on LinkedIn right now, on our LinkedIn page. It lives on our YouTube page, which is a so tube as Oh, T u dot B E, and you can go check it out. I don't think it could have gone any better.

Kyle Mountsier  01:15

Yeah, it was it was absolutely amazing. And I think like even for us, it was just a whole new, like, set a whole new vibe. And even like all of the participants that people that came to speak and be involved in that were just like this was it was fun. It was exciting things move. There wasn't a segment longer than seven minutes. So if you're like, hey, I don't have a lot of time, we're going to upload all the segments to YouTube individually. So if you're like, I just want to hear Alex feta. I want to hear Scott Simon's like, we'll just have those in bite sized chunks. But it moved really quickly. We had some fun. We played a game, we had a

Paul Daly  01:46

little game show. So if you want to see Alex better go against lies and porches and Pictionary. We're not even kidding. Not a joke. And it's a really good thing. They're great at running companies. Let me just put it there. Yes. And it has nothing to do with dry. Yeah. So yeah, go check it out. We'll be posting it. It'll be there. We're probably going to run it again and Premiere while we hang out in the chat and hang out with everybody

Kyle Mountsier  02:08

you know, and just say my probably my the thing that struck me the most yesterday and I said this kind of like midway through the show, we were talking with Michael Cirillo on the show. And it it always blows my mind is that as auto dealers, we kind of run against what is kind of the typical, like mode of business verticals, the way that people are kind of gloom and despair, right, everything. Yeah, bad is gonna happen. And the energy is just alright. It's gonna be good. It's gonna be a good 2023. We're going to figure things out. There's going to be a lot of grid, you say?

Paul Daly  02:39

I think you call it a chin up. Yeah, it's a chin up approach. Right. Yeah, let's go. And, you know, the bottom line is, is there any reason for us to believe that automotive won't come out of it? Well, right. What else has happened over the last 100 years? That automotive hasn't come out of? Well,

Kyle Mountsier  02:53

right. Yeah. mycosphaerella was like, Yeah, we just went through a pandemic. Come on, and yeah, like,

Paul Daly  02:58

what are we worried about? Like the worst thing that could possibly happen happen? And we did it. We're through it. And we actually did. Okay. Yes. Let's talk about a little news today, shall we? Yeah. Okay, so this is a fun one by the year 2026. We have by the way, we have the best 2030 segment, and urine extravaganza, that'd be a great it's just after the monologue. But in the year by the year 2026, US Postal Service has committed to buying only electric trucks. So now through 2026, they've committed to 75% EVs by 2026 100% of their vehicle purchases will be EVs. This includes 66,000 Be EVs, by defense contractor, Oshkosh, I've actually seen their headquarters it's in, it's in Wisconsin, it's right near the Berkshire Motor Group, okay, and they make all these custom Humvees and stuff like that, really take a lot of pride in what they build. So a lot of confidence that these will probably be really cool vehicles. And they're buying another 21,000 vehicles off the shelf. So other commercial vehicles, it kind of is a little rough. I hate the fact that like the the auto industry couldn't deliver. Ah, you know what I mean? Like and we're having a hard enough time right already getting out the oil demand. And when you're building

Kyle Mountsier  04:08

a custom, I mean, these are like real custom like you think about a pose, you know, click through you can kind of see the custom, do

Paul Daly  04:15

they I mean, it's a weird looking vehicle, they think that

Kyle Mountsier  04:19

they make them look great on purpose. They wouldn't have to have that right. They used to you know, there's a lot of postal service that run in Jeeps like

Paul Daly  04:26

left hand shows away for a reason if you got to see it's got like a fishbowl size windshield, right? I mean, that thing is huge. Get this the existing vans that were built out Who were they built by? We have a note here by grooming llv Yeah, like so. They no airbags, of course, look at that thing. It's like if you ever see it's just like sheet metal. Yeah, it's no airbags, no air conditioning, but get this 8.2 miles a gallon. Oh my goodness. Yeah, that was probably when they were new. This might make the Postal Service profitable. And that's probably the reason that they're probably saving money by not replacing the road. If it's 8.2 Brand new, it's got to be like six and a half. Now

Kyle Mountsier  05:03

it has to be and so yeah, and because it's just stop and go, right. It's like bop, bop, bop bop. Right. And so it's actually the perfect, Evie. Yes, it is. That's a great point and incredible Evie implementation because that's where EVs shine. They get that

Paul Daly  05:18

great. It's probably going to drive a lot better to Yeah,

Kyle Mountsier  05:21

he's thinking that in the weather, put the battery on the bottom. I'm happy about it. If I'm a postal service driver. Oh, yeah. It's like what the recruiting everybody's out here trying to work for Domino's and the Postal Service.

Paul Daly  05:32

Pretty soon, you won't even need the driver's license. Just sitting. The little eject thing just chuck the mail out. All over the front lawn? Yeah, well, that's common. So yeah. And so they got 3 billion in funding from the inflation Reduction Act. And 1.3 billion of that is for the vehicles. 1.7 is for the infrastructure.

Kyle Mountsier  05:54

Wow. Just to be able to charge it just to be able to set them up and get them there and

Paul Daly  05:58

think about what that's going to look like now. All of a sudden, like the electric transformer infrastructure needed at the post stuff.

Kyle Mountsier  06:03

Yeah, it's while she was speaking, charging stations speaking of changing infrastructure. Segway

Paul Daly  06:14

Okay, back to Elon, here it is.

Kyle Mountsier  06:16

So if you don't know Elon did did it. Elon, he did. What should we call it doing an Elon or doing a musk or whatever it is? A couple of days ago, he put up a poll on Twitter asking whether or not he should step down as the CEO of Twitter,

Paul Daly  06:31

and 50% said yes, yeah. 58%

Kyle Mountsier  06:35

out of 17 point 5 million votes

Paul Daly  06:40

said yeah, get out. And he did say I will abide by the results of this right. So then they counted the paper ballots.

Kyle Mountsier  06:48

State still lost. But a couple days later, now he has after the poll is concluded he has come out saying hey, look, he is going to abide by this. However, he has to find someone. In his words, I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job. After that, I will just run the software and servers team. There have been multiple calls from Tesla investors and board asking him to step down from twitter saying that his involvement in Twitter is making it harder to run Tesla. We've seen massive, massive shifts in that stocks yesterday, I believe Down Down 5% on Tesla shares. So I think that this will probably over the next couple of days let Tesla kind of breathe a little bit more as an automaker.

Paul Daly  07:33

I think it's coming. I mean, it's been a part of the conversation for a long time, but it's hard to like get any real momentum toward it when everything's going so well. Yeah, right. Tesla is producing a lot of vehicles. They're very profitable. And you know, but this I mean, he's just doing what he's doing. And I think one of our lines in our model, like no one can disrupt the disrupter like the disrupter himself, right? Elon has just disrupted himself in his own ecosystem. I think maybe subconsciously did it on purpose.

Kyle Mountsier  08:00

I look, you got 17 point 5 million people paying attention to a poll. So on Twitter, there's there's a little bit of a marketing thing actually want to they Bloomberg reported. This is crazy. A Twitter spaces, which is if you don't know what Twitter spaces is, it's kind of like clubhouse or LinkedIn audio only audio only version of just kind of conversations must projected that Twitter's cashflow will actually break even in 2023. So he's actually pretty positive. And the Bloomberg reporter cited comments in a Twitter spaces session. So you know, like, just the world is still flipping and turning upside down, because you've got Elon Musk on Twitter spaces, and people are reporting off of it. And it's, you know, it's telling a company, a publicly traded company, while now private, what its gonna do based on these types of conversations,

Paul Daly  08:50

just fleeting Twitter spaces, which becomes part of the archive, it's all recordable. You can't go back and listen to it. I think that that's part of like the growing shift. We didn't put a story in there. But you know, Apple backed out of an up, tie them together for a second Apple backed out of the NFL. Surely rights. They were in the race for that. And it's looking like it's probably going to be Google to do it on YouTube. And you think about what that does just for the changing landscape of traditional anything, right? So Twitter spaces, Bloomberg is now citing Twitter spaces as a formal source, right? And then, like, the formality of what used to be is going away you think of if YouTube gets NFL streaming, and all of a sudden, you can buy ads against what's on YouTube. Now. You think of like the old way of doing things where you had to, like make massive commercials, or, you know, some other companies are going to make commercials that are for TV and not for YouTube. And you just think of the establishment that is happening again, just continuing to flip on its head and it's coming fast and furious. And Elon, Love him or hate him. He's He's charging it forward, man. No pun intended. Exactly.

Kyle Mountsier  09:53

Exactly. Well, we are we're going to be charging it forward here in the next year. Just so you know what's kind of coming up. We just kind of ran the year next year. again. So that was a big push for us. We're headed to NAD in a little while. Yeah, we got the holidays coming before that, but 2023 is going to be exciting for us keep. Stay tuned for a bunch of announcements. We're going to run a few different podcasts over the next few days that I think will be fun for the crew. So look forward to that. But hey, look, we've only got a couple of days left until the biggest week of the year for the automotive industry. Get prepared third getting ready take care of your people love on someone. Let's go.

Paul Daly  10:46

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