Air, Water, Soil

TL: DR- Uganda is addressing motorcycle emissions, South Korea is addressing plastic in the water, and NY is addressing limited cemetery space.
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Air, Water, Soil

Free bikes. Uganda is giving all motorcycle owners a free electric motorcycle. They just need to trade in their ICE bike. Investors will foot most of the bill and be given exclusive rights to operate charging and battery swap stations in the country. The bikes are valued at around $1,350 and should save owners around 50% on operating costs.

Hydration Station. A new water purification system addresses people's growing concerns with microplastic in our drinking water. A new design by a South Korean firm uses a covalent triazene framework, similar to technology used to remove dye from water, to remove 99.9% of plastic from water within 10 seconds. An additional layer to the design uses sunlight to remove over 98% of volatile organic compounds- which in my house, we call germs.

Final Arrangements. New York has become the 6th state in the US to legalize natural organic reduction, AKA human composting. The process involves being placed in a reusable vessel with plant material that allows naturally occurring microbes to quickly break down a body in a month or so. The result is about 36 bags of rich soil that can be safely used like any nutrient-dense gardening dirt.

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