Artificial Intelligence, Real Progress

The current state of AI.
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Artificial Intelligence, Real Progress

Recent advancements in AI by Apple, Yahoo, and Google are revolutionizing user experiences and making interactions more personalized, efficient, and intuitive. These developments are not just about technology. They are about enhancing the way we live and work.

  • Apple:
    • Apple is integrating ChatGPT with Siri and iPhone apps, offering advanced conversational AI. This partnership democratizes AI technology, making it accessible to a broader audience. Users benefit from improved interaction and productivity, shifting their reliance from traditional search methods to voice-activated AI.
  • Yahoo:
    • Yahoo's new AI-powered news app personalizes content based on user interests, providing tailored news feeds and article summaries. Features like content filtering and flagging enhance user control over their news consumption, reducing information overload and improving engagement by delivering relevant and concise information.
  • Google:
    • Google is overhauling its search engine with AI Overviews and AI-powered Lens search. These features offer summarized answers and multimedia search capabilities, enhancing precision and usability. Automated planning tools simplify complex queries, making information retrieval more efficient and personalized for users.

Despite the wary words of many a science sort, AI marches on. Eventually, the AI-makers may make AI so legit that it helps the science folks calm down. What do you think? Will AI make or break us in the end?

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