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Building Building Robots

Over the weekend, my daughter and I watched a time-lapse video of two bald eagles building a nest (how do they make the first stick stay in the tree?!).

So, I'm no stranger to watching building content on YouTube, but this is a first: A totally autonomous excavator built stacked stone walls on its own.  

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed HEAP, an autonomous excavator capable of constructing complex retaining walls without human assistance. Featuring advanced AI, electric hydraulics, and a precision "wrist," HEAP assembles dry stone walls efficiently, albeit slower than human operators.

This innovation could revolutionize construction by reducing labor needs and enhancing accuracy.

I could comment on how AI was supposed to bridge gaps between people and needs in order to point out the poetic interpretation of making walls, but instead, we will wish HEAP a great and productive career (so he doesn't build a rock wall around my house).

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