Bye-Bye Phones? 🤨

A new AI-powered, wearable device claims it could replace smartphones. We’ll see. 📵
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Bye-Bye Phones? 🤨

The Humane AI Pin, priced at $699 and launching in early 2024, is a cutting-edge wearable AI assistant. Distinctively operating independently from smartphones, it uses voice commands and projects a virtual screen onto the user's hand. It's equipped with a camera, microphone, and sensors. Notably, it lacks a traditional screen, focusing instead on gesture recognition and a touchpad.

Running on the proprietary Cosmos OS, the AI Pin prioritizes privacy, activating only with user interaction and equipped with a privacy chip and Trust Light. Its features include real-time translation, fitness tracking, and an AI-driven music experience with Tidal.

Representing a move towards ambient computing, the AI Pin aims to integrate technology unobtrusively into daily life. In the rising interest in generative AI, the AI Pin stands out as a pioneer in wearable AI, challenging the current smartphone-centric paradigm with a focus on seamless and non-intrusive tech integration.

What do you think? Are smartphones' days numbered?

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