Can "Smart Charging" Solve Power Grid Concerns

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Can "Smart Charging" Solve Power Grid Concerns

With EV sales increasing across the world, concerns of straining the existing power infrastructure have companies and municipalities considering options. Estimates say by 2030 Europe will have 65 Million EVs and without billions of dollars in upgrades, the existing power grid will not be able to keep up with the additional demand. In the face of this reality, some companies have introduced app-controlled "Smart Charging." Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of British EV charger company Connected Kerb, says the shift to electric will be "nigh on impossible without smart charging."

But how does it work? Using Connected Kerb's app allows you to set your charging speed, time, and the exact price at which your car will start and stop charging based on the current price per kilowatt. The solution will allow users to connect their car without immediately charging, but instead offset the strain on the power grid (and their wallet) by letting the car wait until a lower demand time in the day.

Other options are being explored, but most are currently available only as public charging station options. With time we may see Smart Charging or "bidirectional charging" (Your car selling power back to the grid during peak times) as at-home options for EV owners.

Telling it like it is - We are currently seeking investors for our top secret “Windmill Hood Ornament” project.

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