CNN Launches Streaming Service

ASOTU is launching a streaming service where you can watch the Crew office. S1E1 of “Paul’s Wall” is released and RIVETING!
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CNN Launches Streaming Service

Streaming services are following a similar trajectory to EVs. What started as a fringe movement offered by standalone companies has grown into a market that appeals to long-standing businesses. Major networks like NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC have made recent efforts to catch up to the "cable cutting" crowd, similar to Legacy OEMs seeking to hit the EV market hard after companies like Tesla proved consumers would respond. 

Just add a plus sign. CNN launched its $100M streaming service, CNN+. The launch marks the largest investment in new programming since its foundation. The service aims to head off a continual decline in cable subscribers. The platform will cost $5.99 a month and features a lifetime pricing option. 

Reactions to the launch are mixed, with concerns it may be too little too late or a service CNN's core audience does not want.

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