Google’s Vibe Check

You know what they say - Vibes don’t lie, but AI is responsible for some of the funniest mistakes on the internet. It’s us, we are “they.”
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Google’s Vibe Check

We all love Google. Where else can you find out the best place to watch a movie near you, the price of the popcorn you'll spend too much on, and what every single person who has seen the movie hated about it?

Now, you'll also be able to get an instant "vibe check" about the neighborhood the theater is in too - meaning people can continue trying to know everything about an outing before even putting on their shoes!

A less cynical take. The new "vibe check" feature is designed to help users get an idea of the area's safety and character to add confidence when selecting things like Airbnbs, nightclubs, parking, and tourist attractions. The vibe is determined by an AI that  combines local reviews and news.

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