It’s Getting Hot, Will the Grid Hold Up?

How will the power grid hold up to EVs in peak Summer?
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It’s Getting Hot, Will the Grid Hold Up?

Contrary to popular belief, EVs won't overload the U.S. electric grid, even during peak summer demand. That's a bold claim, so let's look at the data (somebody more sciency than us collected) to back it up.

Upgrades are Outpacing Increases
Projections suggest power consumption will only increase by about 15-20%. So, some utilities are investing heavily in grid upgrades, with $168 billion spent in 2023 alone.

Wind, Solar, Battery
Renewable Energy is becoming more affordable, efficient, and common by the day. Coupled with Bidirectional charging, EVs may actually benefit the grid during peak hours.

Yeah, it is Hot, but it’s the Cold that Gets Ya.
Future grid demand is expected to peak in winter due to increased electric heating, shifting pressure away from the summer months.

Tech Solves Tech Problems
The answer seems to be more mindful consumption or technology to mitigate the issue. So luckily, businesses, scientists, and government entities are working on technology to mitigate the issue as we speak.

Hey, if the need for power increases, somebody will develop a way to sell it. Even AC DC got in on the high-voltage business for a bit.

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