Microsoft’s New Investment

We’ve written about a lot of these investments and acquisitions lately, but this one could mean Clippy is coming back to ride in our cars with us, and that is pretty good news.
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Microsoft’s New Investment

Microsoft is also looking to invest in autonomous driving.

Gatik is a California-based startup valued at around $700M. Microsoft will invest $10M in the company in a deal requiring Gatik to use Azure in development.

Azure is Microsoft's cloud and edge computing platform, which, according to recent reports leaked by Google, is factoring in some share value slips for the company.

While Google says Azure had an operating loss of $3B in 2022, other analysts show the business with a 30% operating profit.

Either way, it seems getting more adoption of Azure is on Microsoft's mind, in addition to getting their hats in the autonomous semi-truck business.

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